You know what’s more annoying than exams…

18 05 2009

Lame internet/windows vista. Right now I am on my brothers computer and to blog from it is very annoying so the post/commenting will have to be postponed until tom. afternoon. I will blog right after school (half day–woo woo–all week–just four more half days!!) and recap. I am SO sorry about this–I feel like  HORRID  blogger lately.

Thanks girls–you all ROCK!

❤ jess





6 responses

18 05 2009

ack, that sucks! be back soon please!

18 05 2009

Sorry about the crappy internet! HATE it too!

18 05 2009

No worries! I live in a dorm, and (until tomorrow when I move to summer dorms), the hub of all the internet is in my closet. Weird, I know. You would think I get great reception – not so much. Good luck!

18 05 2009

AWWHH, no worries! But I hope all goes well!!!

18 05 2009

you are an awesome bloger girl.. have a good day at school – half days are the best :).. okay, i lied – no school at all is the best.. 😉

18 05 2009

We luv you anyway! Don’t stress 🙂

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