I tried tofu!

17 05 2009

Hey girls! Wow, what a day I’ve had! It’s definitely been go, go, go today.

Sorry about not posting last night girls!

After a filling and yummy breakfast (more on that in a sec) I went to one of my mom’s friends house. Her daughter is a consultant for Mary Kay and we got our make up done and facials. I have always used Clinique but I am now a Mary Kay convert. My face has never looked better, haha. All the tips and products together make my skin so soft. I had a blast and came home with lots of buys (thanks mom!!). What better way to start the day, right? 100_3386







After the very fun start, I went to the gym. Here’s my workout:

  • 3 minutes stationary bike for warm up
  • 30 minutes elliptical
  • Leg Work
  • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (30 pounds)
  • Hip Adductor: 4 sets of 25 (50-something pounds I think…)
  • Hip Abduction: 4 sets of 25 (90 pounds)
  • Calves: 25, 20, 10 (70 pounds)
  • Stretching and Foam Roller

Upon arriving home I made my lunch. I decided on a delicious wrap. I took a harvest wheat flat out and spread some organic peanut butter on it. I then mashed some banana/sliced some banana and put it in the wrap as well. Then I panini-ed it. I was delicious. Best lunch in a while! YUM YUM YUM πŸ˜€ On the side I had some berries (straw & blue πŸ˜‰ )100_3372







100_3382Melty much???! DELISH!

I also had an apple πŸ™‚ 100_3383

Oh WAIT! Breakfast. For breakfast I had oatbran. I blended it in my magic bullet and it worked wonderfully. I then topped this delicious oatmeal with some brown sugar, butterscotch chips, and organic peanut butter. There was a surprise in the oatmeal. I took a piece of dark chocolate and put it into the oatmeal. You don’t see it, but you know it’s there. Hehe. It was a delicious surprise! 100_3362





On my way to my brothers soccer game, I snacked on an Apricot Cliff bar. It was delicious. One of my favorites! I feel like I say that about every bar I try. Ha, Cliff’s are just so good! I don’t know what I’m gonna do if my grocery store doesn’t restock the larabars. I desperately want to try more! Anyways, there’s no picture of the bar, but this one was so good that you’ll definitely be seeing it again for real. Patience πŸ™‚

We went out after the game to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place. It has subs, salads, and pizza. (at least this restaurant did) I order the Mega-Veggie pizza. I ate about half of the 10-inch pizza and saved the rest for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. It was incredibly delicious. Here’s how it’s described from the website:

Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Black
Olives,Tomatoes, Broccoli, Feta, Banana Peppers, Artichoke Hearts and Tofu.

Here’s where the tofu plays in. I actually really liiked it. It had a very neurtal tasted, but I know you can “dress it up” as I’ve seen so many blogs do. Gliding Calm Tofu anyone?

Upon arriving home I broke out a holey donut. I tried the Blueberry Crumb kind and it’s my favorite of them all. It was delicious! Such a blueberry-y filling and perfectly soft and moist. 45-50 seconds is the perfect time in my opinion. 100_3399



  • Taste: 5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Look: 5/5
  • Nutrition: 4.5/5 (218 cals, 3.8 grams of fat)
  • Suggested: Most definitely πŸ˜€




Well girls, I’m off to do some serious commenting. Night girlies!

An Apple a Day is having a fab giveaway! Here’s the post

❀ jess




10 responses

17 05 2009

I have never tried Mary Kay products before, but I like the packaging! Thanks for sharing, I am going to be on the lookout!

17 05 2009

Mmm delicious looking Holey Donut!! πŸ˜€

17 05 2009

what a fun mommy daughter date πŸ™‚ I love mary kay products.. almost as much as i love that holey donut – the blueberry one is my FAV! glad you enjoyed it!

17 05 2009

Ahhh Holey Donut porn!! Love it.. it looks sooo delicious!

17 05 2009
Run Sarah

Glad ya looked the tofu πŸ™‚ It can be flavoured in sooo many ways, thats the beauty of it!

17 05 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

I agree! 30 seconds isn’t long enough for that holey donut goodness, 50 seconds makes perfection!! I tried the apple caramel tonight and it was pretty good, but nothing compares to the blueberry graham that I tried last night!

Sounds like a great pizza, glad you had fun!

17 05 2009

I just realized that eventhough I have been following your blog for a while now, I dont think i have ever commented! Oops!

Well, let me start by saying that your lunch looked delicious! OMG yummm! I will definitely have to try that little mixture. And I LOVE your smiley oatmeal cup…it makes mornings so much happier!

Hope you had a great day with your mom…looks like you guys brought home so amazing finds!

17 05 2009

hi girlie,
all the eats look so good πŸ™‚ i always love how that bowl you usr breakfast is smiling at you, like its saying good morning haha!
ooo free products? thats always something that makes me (or any girl…) happy for sure πŸ™‚
im glad you had a nice day hun!

17 05 2009

Mary Kay hey? My mum used to use their products when I was growing up and we often had a Mary Kay lady at our house. I’ve never used their stuff though! I quite like Clinique – they have the best eye liner ever!

I love your oat bran. And the chocolate surprise! This ‘surprise’ concept is fabulous. I’m going to need to work out how I can incorporate this into my breakfast…

18 05 2009

Mary Kayyy! My Momma used to sell their shenanigans and I always got to play with the leftovers πŸ˜‰ as a 10-year old I looked pretty sexy with all that blue and purple eyeshadow…oh yeah! Hahaha just kidding about the sexy part, I probably looked like a 10-year old hooker, or clown. Either way, my parents didn’t let me go out of the house looking like that, so it’s okay…it was kept under control.

Bahah sorry about that. Anyways! I’m glad you had a good time with your Mom πŸ™‚

Love your eats! I’ve had tofu the past 2 days, and I LOVE it! It’s great. I’ve been using Jemima’s glaze and it’s pretty gosh darn tasty. I want to try Gliding Calm’s too though. I am still in absolute LOVE with your bowls, they just look all smiley and happy! What a good thing to wake up to, and oats of course. With lots of peanut buttaaa.

Love you! Have an awesome night!!


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