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9 07 2009

Heyyy! What’s happening with y’all? I am in a fantastic mood because my mom is home from the hospital! I’ve been designated as her personal nurse and I’m loving my little “job.” She’s doing well which is good, but probably won’t be fully back to normal for another three weeks I think. My mom’s sweet friends have been providing us with delicious dinners. Last night we had a chicken-ritz cracker-poppy seed bake (with green beans and rice) which was delightful and tonight we have baked ziti (with salad, fresh bread (home made I think!!), and chocolate chip cookies) along with chicken pot pie. Here are some pics I’ve snapped! 100_5370








100_5411 100_5425




100_5429 100_5430


Isn’t that so sweet? 🙂 There’s nothing like good friends!

I made my mom a little message for when she got home. “I ❤ U” 100_5391




Breakfast today was a bowl of Total Cereal—Blueberry Pomegranate! Mmm! I also had a banana with organic peanut butter. I took a pic of it, but it wasn’t nearly as pretty as yesterday’s. So I’ll show you the one I took yesterday 😀 100_5388



Lunch today was absolutely scrumptious! Man oh man was it good! With a lunch this good, you know there’s sweet potato involved. This time it was in fry form! These were cooked perfectly. I do not like my fries crunchy and they were just how I like them. Nice and soft 🙂 I also had a DELISH wrap. I took a flat-out wrap and spread it with 1/4 avocado and topped that with broc and provolone. Y’all have got to try this combo. Yum yum! 100_5398




I also had a granny smith apple!

Here’s some dark chocolate that I’ve eaten in the last day or so… 100_5386 100_5404


Oh yes! Yesterday’s raw banana ice cream! Oh goodness this was delicious. Especially topped with organic peanut butter. *Heaven*

Will it replace my froyo? No, they will work as a team 😀





SO GOOD. It did change my life. Haha!

After lunch settled, I did Yoga Fitness Plus on exercisetv.tv

I love this site! The videos are free to do (unless you download them to your mp3 player or ipod, etc) and are so good!

Yoga Fitness Plus was FANTASTIC. Very challenging! My glutes were a-burning. And I loved it 😀 After this I did K & C 10 minute Strength Routine. Loving this! Although today I did half the chair sits because I was literally shaking!

After sweating it out, I had a bowl of grapes and cherries. Along with some organic peanut butter. This is my favorite peanut butter 😀 I know, I know, sorry PB & C. But I just LOVE this stuff. If you see it, get a jar! 100_5415



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 100_5420

I’ve been wearing this cute, pink, polka-dotted scarf like all day! Thanks mom! 100_5422 100_5423

Cute right? I know you think so Jenny!

I’m currently eating the very last bit of froyo with organic peanut butter. Yummmm!

Verse of the Day: (http://www.verse-a-day.com/home/index.php) Philippians 1:3

I thank my God every time I remember you.

^ Aww! ^

I’m off to go do some reading! Happy Almost-Thursday!

❤ jess





22 responses

9 07 2009
Gena (Choosing Raw)

AMAZING! I am so glad it delivered on the promise 🙂

9 07 2009

Mmmm your mom does have super sweet friends, the spread looks delish!
Awww the chocolate message for your mom is so adorable, Jess. You are such a cutie!

That wrap does look yummy—I’ve never seen that combo before. Avocado is good with any type of sandwich/wrap.

Hehe good to know that the banana soft serve and froyo will work as a team 😉

That is a very awww/sweet verse indeed!

9 07 2009

you’re he sweetest daughter! and i really want to make some of that raw banana ice cream. but it looks like something i could eat WAY too muchh of…haha.


9 07 2009

I’m very happy to hear that your mom is doing well! And I’m sure that you are doing a wonderful job as caretaker – you are so sweet and loving, its no surprise.

9 07 2009

Awesome eats!

We’re in the same boat being nurses to our family members 🙂 But yay for your mom being home! The I love you is so cute!

9 07 2009

The dark chocolate message is so cute!

9 07 2009

Oh Jess! what a super -duper awesome daughter you are! your mom is SO blessed!

9 07 2009

glad your mom is home and doing well- and what a great daughter you are being 😀 that’s SO nice of your friends to cook for you guys… Love the scarf 🙂

9 07 2009

All your eats look amazing! I’m so jealous – especially of the raw banana ice cream! Wow! I can’t believe it turns out that good. I really want to try to make some now.

I bet you’re a great nurse for your mum. You’re such a sweetie – not doubt you are taking excellent care of her 🙂

Does the organic PB taste any different to regular PB? I’ve never seen an organic version!

9 07 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

YAY! Welcome home, Mom!

9 07 2009

Hi hun
aww yay welcome home mum 🙂 im so glad the surgery went well and shes a-ok!

that lunch looks delicious! and so does that banana ice cream! i gotta try it!

have a great thursday sweetheart,

9 07 2009

This post was so happy and made me smile the whole time! I am very glad your mom is doing well and you are being her nurse. I am sure she appreciates you and your kindness so much. When my mom used to get sick, when I lived with my parents, I was always the one who took care of her and “spoiled her.” I feel like moms deserve royal treatment more than anyone because they take care of everyone on a day-to-day basis!

9 07 2009

yay for your mom being back from the hospital and for awesome friends that bring over yummy food. You seem like you are the best helper too…that chocolate love trial was so sweet!

9 07 2009

Glad your mom’s home! Have fun playing nurse 🙂

LOVE that scarf – I’m a big scarf girl as well! It’s very cute!!

9 07 2009

You’re so sweet to take care of your mom like that! And it’s really nice of her friends to make you all that yummy food too.

Yum, that lunch does look scrum. Glad you liked the raw banana ice cream!

I’ll get around to FB messaging you soon. Love!

9 07 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

I’m so glad to hear that your mom is doing well. And sounds like you are doing a great job of spoiling her! 😉 It’s always nice to have such wonderful friends to rely on to help you out in times like that.

That banana ice cream look perfect! Loving the dollop of PB on top… I think it’s required! 🙂


9 07 2009

I LOVED dove’s dark chocolate. It is seriously the best. Now my mouth is watering..I want a piece!

The ‘I love you’ was cute 🙂

9 07 2009

haha i love you in chocolate is way too cute 🙂
mmm the baked pasta dish looks scrumptious.
adorable scarf to girlie!!

9 07 2009

Look at all that awesome food! I hope your mom feels better soon.
Oh, and I can’t wait to actually make that ice cream. It looks wonderful.
Take care!

9 07 2009
Learning To Relove :)

hi sweets! I am so thrilled to hear that your mommy is home and doing so well. She is one lucky duck to have you there to take care of her 🙂 And that was so wonderful of all your neighbhors and friends to bring food over like that! We always do that too when our friends get hurt or are dealing with difficult times!

And omg that wrap looks absolutely amazing! Broccoli and avocado…you are brilliant! MMmm that fro yo…it seems to be the popular thing in blogland and I wish I had the write mixer to make it ;(

Yayy for exercise tv…isn’t it fun?! THey have some great stuff!

xoxo love you

9 07 2009

whoa — major foodie overload!! love it all 🙂

you are such a sweetheart for being your momma’s nurse .. she is one lucky lady!

love ya, Jess!

13 07 2009

This blog is friggin awsome!!!

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