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9 07 2009

Hey girls! I’ve got to get in the shower soon and then eat a FAST dinner followed by some babysitting. I’m babysitting for a bible study so it’s not very long and I’ll be home in no time. I’m looking forward to it! So, this post won’t be incredibly long!

To start things out, I found this cool and interesting article on yoga and quads. Here’s the link!

In giveaway news,

Emily at The Health Nut is giving away coconut oil! Check it out here

Nikes and Ponytails is having a HUGE July giveaway! Check it out here and be sure to mention me! THANKS!

Mommy Update: she’s doing well, although she’s in more pain than she was yesterday. I hope she feels better tomorrow! I made her some oatmeal this morning 🙂 I feel like a mom! Taking care of her (which I am loving!), folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen…But I’m enjoying it 🙂 Thank you SO much for all the thoughts and prayers!

Breakfast this morning, after taking my doggie for a quick walk, was a bowl of oatmeal cooked with banana and a chopped date. Topped with some organic peanut butter and all natural almond butter. Yum! Kept me full for around 4 hours! 100_5435 100_5437


100_5439 After cleaning the kitchen and doing some blog commenting, I did some pilates from exercisetv.tv. DANNGG! Now I know why Miss GC has a six pack. It kicked my butt abs! Loved it though. Followed by 20 minutes yoga for buns on yogadownload.com and 10 minutes C & K strength routine. Wonderful workout 🙂

Lunch was absolutely delicious! I took a slice of the bread from last night, which was phenomenal (my guess is it’s from a fresh bakery, has lots of seeds, and smells like herbs) and topped it with 1/4 avocado, mashed, chopped BROC, and provolone. Oh wow, this was out of this world delish. Y’all have gotta try this broc-avocado combo. I had this with some sweet potato fries and an un-pictured apple. 100_5443





Oh and these were consumed pre-workout to make sure I had enough fuel. I’ve been eating them like all day so…times 3?100_5440

100_5442 I’m currently eating grapes and plan on dipping my spoon in the PB jar before I grab a shower. Grapes never photograph well for me haha, so no pic!

Verse of the Day: (running out of battery, so used http://www.verse-a-day.com/home/index.php) Jeremiah 23:24

“Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him?” says the LORD; “Do I not fill heaven and earth?”

Happy Thursday loves! Sorry this post was so brief. I’ve gotta go! Be back later for commenting 🙂

❤ jess





26 responses

9 07 2009

Praying for your Momma! Hope she feels better soon! I’m sure she appreciates all you’re doing for her, what a wonderful daughter you areee 🙂

I basically had the same breakfast as you today! Haha! oats, nanner, dates, almond & peanut butter. Definitely the best ever 😉

Enjoy your evening!


9 07 2009

everything looks amazing! especially the oatmeal!

wishing the mama a quick recovery,



9 07 2009

WOW – fantastic eats all the way around. First I was drooling over the ice cream looking oatmeal…but, then, I saw your lunch – YUM!

9 07 2009

thanks for the giveaway info, mommy update, and gorgeous eats (obviously!) glad to hear mommabear is going well :)!


9 07 2009

It’s so awesome of you, Jess, to take care of your mom. Haha, I feel like the mom in my family all the time so I totally understand ;). I hope your mom feels better–pain is not fun!

Love the globs of nut butter in your oatmeal. yay for its staying power!

Oooh melty cheese on bro-avocado sounds fabulous. You’ve convinced me to try this combo!

Happy Thursday to you too!

9 07 2009

What a fabulous morning!!! 🙂 Im loving that lunch!!

thanks for all the link love and most of all the verse 🙂

9 07 2009

I’m keeping your mom in my prayers! Have fun babysitting tonight. 🙂

10 07 2009

hey just wanted to let you know i love your blog and your lunch looks amazing. thanks for the giveaway links and have fun with your mom- hope shes feeling betterxx

10 07 2009

That lunch looks perfect!! Fresh bakery bread is soooooooo good – yours sounds yummy 🙂

10 07 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Aww, sorry to hear that your mom’s not feeling so well. I know that with surgeries, the first few days can be really hard, so just tell her to hang in there a little longer… she’ll be up and going in no time! 🙂

LOVING that lunch! Seriously, you should come over and make it for me sometime. 😉

Hope you get a good group of kids for babysitting tonight. Sounds like it should be fun!


10 07 2009
April (Foods of April)

Which pilates video was it? I love ab workouts!

I hope your mama’s pain goes away!

That lunch looks so good!

11 07 2009

It was less is more pilates. Here’s the link 🙂


10 07 2009

I’ve never heard of mashed broc! It loooks absolutely brilliant, though!
I hope the pain goes away for your mom! But isn’t it so nice that you get the chance to repay all her mothering to you by mothering HER instead? I’m sure your mom is touched by your love and care!

10 07 2009

I’m sorry your mom is in more pain today! At least she has you to take care of her!
Those are some yummy looking eats, especially that bread with the broc and avocado combo! I may have to try it!
Still praying for your mom!

10 07 2009

still sending good vibes to your mom!

I am pretty sure there is something magical about the oat/banana/nut btter combo. It keeps me fuller than anything else! Your sandwich looks amaaaazing.

Hope babysitting went well!

10 07 2009
Learning To Relove :)

you’re the best daughter ever now arent you?! Making mommy a delicious bowl of those oats…I don’t think she could love you anymore! 😉 haha You know she is still in my prayers and I keep hoping that her recovery is fast, easy, and painless.

I must admit that the broccoli/avocado combo pretty much is rocking my world right now and I think it’s about time that I hop on that green wagon and rock my world! Two things I am obsessed with are def broccoli and avocado so I can only imagine that I will fall in love with it!

love you and hope you have fun babysitting!

10 07 2009

That oatmeal looks delicious. I thought it was an ice cream sundae at first glance!

10 07 2009

4 hours!!? wow. but thats oatmeal for you 🙂
I really want to try mixing the ab and the pb! sounds great

10 07 2009
Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian)

that broc/avocado looks amazin! i will def have to try that!

10 07 2009

Oh my, those nut butter blobs on your oatmeal look delicious!!

10 07 2009

totes agree on the comment you left about calorie restriction! life is short!! enjoy itttttttttt!

that avocado, broc, cheese ACTION looks soo yummy!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to try that!!

I just wish avocados weren’t so gosh darn pricey!

10 07 2009

Hi! I love the blog…v inspiring!

Your oatmeal looks fantastic and I was just wondering what sort of oats you use?? Also…do you cook with milk?

Thanks very much…hope you had a good day!

10 07 2009

Thank you so much! 🙂

I typically use quaker instant 1 minute cooking oats (like the ones in the big container) but am currently using lowes foods old fashioned oats. Both are all natural as well! I cook my oats with both water and milk. So if I used 1/2 cup oats, I’d put in like 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk. But it depends on what kind of consistency you like your oatmeal to be.

Wow, I didn’t know I could write a whole paragraph on oatmeal. Haha, totally possible!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Do you have one? If so, I’d love to comment and such. If not that’s totally cool as well 🙂

Have a WONDERFUL day!
❤ jess

10 07 2009

Sounds like you are taking amazing care of your mom. She is lucky to have you!! Your oats look glorious!! Have a great weekend 🙂


11 07 2009

It all looks so yummy! Cherries are one of my favorite fruits in the summer!

I can’t wait to get in on that ab action once I feel better! 😉

Hope your mom feels better soon!

11 07 2009


I absolutely adore cherries, but I haven’t had them in such a long time. Looks delicious darling. And I agree 100% that grapes are unphotographic… lol. ;P

With love,


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