Don’t fear that fat!

7 07 2009

Happy Tuesday ladies! It’s been a great day today. A productive one. Well, not really. But let’s pretend it has been, k? The eats have been mighty scrumptious! Let’s get started, shall we?




Kashi Warm Cinnamon cereal (MMM) with skim milk, and a banana with organic peanut butter! Delicious breakfast. 100_5355 Around two hours after breakfast that was spent cleaning, blog commenting, and the like, I hit up! Man, how come I never used this website before?! It’s amazing! I decided on 45 minutes of Yoga Fitness Fusion. It was fabulous. I was shaking by the end. It really works every muscle in your body, especially your arms. After this I did Caitlin’s and Kath’s 10 minute Strength Routine. Love this!!

I actually did some of the wall squats and plank while lunch cooked (sweet potato). Lunch was a lovely salad! With lots of toppings! Here’s what went into it:

  • Organic Spinach
  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • tiny bit of cheddar
  • little bit of (reduced fat) feta cheese
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • ~1.5 teaspoons of ranch mixed with a good amount of salsa=one delicious dressing!!
  • more salsa on top

I also had a small sweet potato with a dollop of AB, cinnamon, garlic powder, and some salt. 100_5357 100_5359 100_5360

100_5361 100_5362 100_5363 100_5364

This lunch was absolutely incredible! I am having a dressing dilemma. I loved what I used today, but I have trouble finding a dressing that I love! Do y’all have any suggestions? I haven’t found an all natural/organic dressing that I’ve fallen in love with, but I haven’t tried many. So help me out please 😀 (and, what’s up with the new smiley look?! I, honestly, don’t like them, haha!)

As Heather and Polly have said many times before, DON’T FEAR FAT. Fat is our friend. It’s delicious, nutritious, and the good kind is great for us (think olive oil, avocados, etc) So, eat your avocados and enjoy em!

I have two bananas in the freezer and plan on making raw banana ice cream sometime today (hopefully). I’ve heard it’s super delicious and I’m gonna see if it can really give my FROYO a run for it’s money. If so, it’s a lot cheaper than froyo is. Two bananas is much cheaper than a pint of b&j’s froyo. But, I would have to buy two times the normal amt of bananas. Oh well. (I stopped making sense a while ago, lol)

On the surgery front, my mom’s went well! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers ❤ I think we’re going to go visit her tonight.

Oh and Kate, I tried to comment on your blog, but I was unable to! I’ll try again but just to make sure you knew, I tried 🙂

Today’s Verse of the Day: Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Happy Tuesday girlies! I’m off to do… who knows what. Haha!

❤ jess




23 responses

7 07 2009

Ahhhhh, I love fats. PB and avocados are my prefered sources of nutrition :]

Glad your mom’s surgery went well! And YAY for banana ice cream, I tried it the other day and it was spectac. I know you’ll love it!

Enjoy your day, sweets!

7 07 2009

i’ve never heard of i’ll have to check that out! but butters are MY favorite kind of fat. fearing them would be criminal!


7 07 2009

I’m so happy to hear the prayers went through and that your mom is doing well 😀

I have added more fats to my diet very recently (a week ago?), and I already feel the difference. I’m more energetic and happy…although it still hasn’t managed to keep my appetite at bay. Only kabocha seems to be able to hold on to that job 😉

I like mixing up different stuff in lieu of dressing. Some of my favs are: peach salsa (TJ’s), BBQ sauce (Whole Foods), hummus (!!!), and Rachel’s cottage cheese. Guac is always yummy too. Happy Tuesday, Jess!

7 07 2009

yay — i love your message in this post! I used to have a HUGE fear of fat but i’m happy to say i’ve gotten over it and learned that it is crucial to a well rounded and healthy diet! I don’t know if i could live without my healthy fats now .. hello, PB! 🙂

where did you find that kashi cereal?! I have been searching high & low and can’t find it anywhere!

7 07 2009

Happy your Mom’s surgery went a-okay 🙂

I really wanna try that fro-yo recipe too. It looks AWESOME! And you just can’t go wrong with bananas. I plan on topping mine with either almond or peanut butter 😉

I totally agree with the fat statement – healthy fats are perfect. Avocado a day keeps a doctor away 😉 haha! Or a 1/2 avocado works too 😛

Enjoy your Tuesday Jess!

Love ya!

7 07 2009

haha of course fat is our friend. our brain needs him 🙂
i had the same snack you did. banana & pb is the best combo ever.

7 07 2009

I love exercise tv there are some good videos on there!

My favorite salad “dressing” is actually salsa or guacamole.. try it sometime!

8 07 2009

I’m so glad your mom is doing ok! I’ll keep thinking of her!

That salad looked really good! I love throwing ingredients together and it turning out well! My fave salad dressing is a combination of lemon juice, honey, and vinegar (I used seasoned rice vinegar for a little extra flavor). The recipe is on my blog, but you don’t even need to look at it, I just mix equal parts of the 3 ingredients.

8 07 2009

I definitely need to get more good fats in my diet. I love advocado, but hardly ever eat it.

8 07 2009

I actually just made banana froyo tonight. It was pretty yummy and definitely cheaper and healthier than b&j’s froyo!

8 07 2009

Love fats, but I’m still a bit freaked out by fat in its pure form…as in, oils and butters. But I LOVE nuts and oily fish! Yum!
Frozen bananas pureed is really good indeed. So much cheaper too!

8 07 2009

Glad your mom is doing well 😀

I used to have major hang-ups about fats, but now eat a lot of nut butters and can’t imagine life without them. Healthy fats = healthy me 😀

My ‘salad dressing’ vote goes for tzatziki!

8 07 2009
Learning To Relove :)

Oh I am SO happy to hear that your mommy is doing well! I prayed for her last night and made sure that God was holding her hand all the way through! He did a good job! 🙂

OMG your eats look so darn delicious, I cannot stand it! I love cereal in the morning sometimes. And I cannot wait to try the Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon…just bought a box! And that salad! You are a girl after my own heart! I love adding in all those delicious veggies and different textures and tastes! Mmmmm

Heck yes for healthy fats! Bring on the larabars, almonds, NUT BUTTERS, avocados, and other to die for fats. Yumm!

8 07 2009

I’ve been trying to eat healthy fats more and more. Thanks for the reminder!!

8 07 2009

Hi hun

is excersise tv free? it sounds awesome from what you said 🙂

breakfast and lunch looks delicious! lovin the big sweet potatoe, yum!

ooo i cant wait to hear if you liked the banana ice dying to try it but i only have a hand blender and im not sure it would work out.

have a nice night sweetie

8 07 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Isn’t that new Kashi flavor great!? It’s nice to have another flavor to switch it up with! I actually tried mixing the honey and cinnamon and it was soooo good!

YUMMMY salad! Wow, what a perfect mix of veggies. And loving the sweet potato w/ almond butter on the side.

TOTALLY agree that fat is our friend. Think of all the healthy fats out there… almond butter, peanut butter, nuts, avocados, soy, salmon, etc. There’s no reason to fear something that can be so darn healthy for you! 🙂

Glad to hear everything with your mom’s surgery went well. Hope she has a quick recovery!


8 07 2009

I absolutely agree – healthy fats are soooo good why would anyone want to omit something that does a body good. Avocados and nuts rock! 😀

8 07 2009

fats are friends…avocado, nut butters, dark chocolate, yummmm

have a wonderful wednesday!


8 07 2009

AMEN- With God ALL things are possible!!! 🙂

Yummy eats! Im glad your Moms surgery went well!

Have a fabulous day ❤

8 07 2009

i definitely used to fear fat too — so silly! it’s delicious and good for us, and nothing beats healthy hair and skin and nails, right?

so glad your momma is okay! xoxo

8 07 2009

Love that lunch! And I’m so intrigued by nut butter on a sweet potato 🙂

And I definitely agree about fat–it keeps me healthy, full, and focused–not to mention peanut butter is heaven on just about everything!

8 07 2009

don’t fear the fat!!! i love my dark meat rather than BREAST or lean dry junk!

too bad I can’t afford avocados!

8 07 2009

I swear salad never gets old. I haven’t been using much dressing lately. I always just use lots of hummus or salsa for dressing. Mmmm!! I am listening to Jillian Michaels talk about fats on a podcast as I type. Love me some fat!!!


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