New giveaway winnnnaaaa!

17 12 2010

HEY GIRLS!! Man, I have missed y’all.

Life has been BUSAYYY. Crazy BUSAYYY. I have not had ANY spare time. It’s been school, work, homework, food, workout=my life.

But now it’s Christmas break. HOLLLLAAA!

So the winner of my last giveaway never email me, so..

The new winner of the gift certificate for CSN stores is…


I am going to do some SERIOUS revamping of this blog over my break. I’m THINKING about starting a new one. I need a clean start really badly.

❤ jess





6 responses

17 12 2010
Jenna's Journey

yaaa katie!

17 12 2010
rebecca lustig

yay, katie!!

have a fantastic friday 🙂

18 12 2010

YAYAYA thank you sugar!!! whats your email? im gona try to find it!

20 12 2010

Congrats to one of my faves Katie!

20 12 2010
Heather (Perspective Is Everything)

congrats to katie! also, i’m looking forward to more of your posts. nice blog you have here 🙂

20 12 2010

Katie is one lucky girl! Just in time for christmas. can’t wait to hear about the new blog format. Whatever you feel driven too will be great!

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