20 12 2010

Hey loves! I decided to make a new blog. It’s still under some SERIOUS production.

I’m SUPAAA excited about what it could become.


New giveaway winnnnaaaa!

17 12 2010

HEY GIRLS!! Man, I have missed y’all.

Life has been BUSAYYY. Crazy BUSAYYY. I have not had ANY spare time. It’s been school, work, homework, food, workout=my life.

But now it’s Christmas break. HOLLLLAAA!

So the winner of my last giveaway never email me, so..

The new winner of the gift certificate for CSN stores is…


I am going to do some SERIOUS revamping of this blog over my break. I’m THINKING about starting a new one. I need a clean start really badly.

❤ jess