CSN Stores Waffle Iron REVIEW!

11 10 2010

CSN stores is a GREAT company, with lots of fabulous websites. You can get anything from a bookcase headboard to food processors. In fact, I’ve been contacted about doing an upcoming GIVEAWAY through them. It will coming SOON, so stick around😉

Speaking of CSN stores, I won a Black and Decker Waffle Maker a WHILE back! I recently made Whole Wheat Waffles for my brothers & I…


100_3292 100_3293 100_3297 100_3302 100_3303 100_3304 100_3305 100_3307 100_3309 100_3312 100_3313 100_3314

It is one of my new favorite toys!! It cooked the waffles to perfection. And making them was so simple, so was clean-up!

And my brothers loved them, so that should definitely count for something!

I topped mine with nutella, banana, and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Must catch up on google READAAA!

❤ jess




13 responses

11 10 2010

waffle makers are THE BEST. i think i might have broken mine though😦

11 10 2010

Hey love! so glad to see a post from you pretty thang! I have missed you!! I LOVE WAFFLE MAKERS!!! they are life savers and so useful!

11 10 2010

That looks incredible. I haven’t had a homemade waffle in the longest time! But it’s on my list for something to make the next time I’m at home.

11 10 2010

I love waffles, but my skills in waffle making aren’t really good😦

11 10 2010
rebecca lustig

waffle makers are SOO fun!! enjoy ittt❤

12 10 2010

I haven’t had waffles in FOREVER! Those look amazing!😀

14 10 2010

I love my waffle maker – waffles are the easiest thing to make for guests on the weekend!

14 10 2010

aww waffles!!! i haven’t had any in ages. but since i live at my grandma’s right now i might be in the spoild postition to let her make me some soon😉

16 10 2010

Those look awesome, Jess! Hope you’re doing well.

20 10 2010

I WOULD KILL TO HAVE A WAFFLE IRON!!!❤ omggggg ur waffle outcome looks SINFUL❤

23 10 2010

omg i love waffle makers and making my own waffles🙂

23 10 2010

I agree with Kelsey – this would be awesome – make them “just so” – like Eggos’🙂

29 10 2010

Aren’t waffles magical🙂 A waffle iron was probably one of the best wedding gifts I received!

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