Jessica’s Top 10 Ab Moves!

13 08 2010

Hello all!!

I do not have an abundance of food photos to show you, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite ab moves! I know Kristi did a similar post, so I’m channeling her ๐Ÿ™‚

Have Faith’s Top Ten Abdominal Moves

1. Planks: These are my FAVORITE move. They work your abdominals like crazy. I love side planks, half planks, and full planks. You can do them on upside down bosu balls & even on medicine balls. 2. Medicine Ball Twists: These will have your abs screaming! I used to only be able to do 25, but now I’m up to two sets of 45. 3. Reverse Crunches: These are the best for working your hard-to-reach lower abs. 4. Slow Pilates Scissors: I know many pilates classes do these scissors really fast, almost like a flutter. But try them SLOWLY. Hold each for at least 3 seconds, and you WILL be sore the next day. 5. Captain’s Chair: This is a great “machine” to build up ab strength on. You can start off slow, and work your way to more reps. Try straight legs, it’s much more challenging. 6. Bicycles: I love this exercise because it does a great job at really targeting your obliques! 7. Leg Drops: Start with your arms under you butt, but as you get stronger, move your hands to your side. It will engage your core more. (I haven’t tried them with an exercise ball in between your legs, but I’m sure that’s great!!)8. Side Bridge with Hip Drops: I ADORE this exercise. As your core strengthens, put a dumbbell to your hip for added challenge. 9. Oblique V-Ups: These are TOUGH. Try to make contact between your elbow and leg. 10. Leg Climbers: I cannot find a photo for this one, so I will explain it to you! I found this exercise in the Ab Ripper X (P90X) DVD. I LOVE it.

  • Start in a crunch position. Extend one leg straight so it is about 45 degrees. Crunch up and try and “grab” your toe.

I really hope you have enjoyed this post! (All the image URL’s can be found when you click on the photo. I didn’t want to list them all at the end. It was much easier this way!)

โค jess


P.S I found Teddie PB! I got the unsalted kind. It’s SO GOOD!




25 responses

13 08 2010

i’ve actually been on a month long hiatus from ab work. i LOVE it but i just got out of a routine. i think i’ll go do some now ๐Ÿ™‚

13 08 2010
Angela (the diet book junkie)

great post! i REALLY need to upgrade my ab workout. i think i’ve reached a plateau (you know when you can do crunches forever and not get tired….) planks are still killer though, i have no upper body strength ๐Ÿ™‚

13 08 2010

The pilates scissors literally kill me every single time! Why do they not get easier?

13 08 2010
Kris |

Oooo I love the medicine ball move! There is a similar move in the P90X ab ripperx dvd that I love ๐Ÿ™‚

Abs are funny, you have to work them, but they are so hard to do!


13 08 2010

I love the plank, because it’s a good way to gauge how much progress I’ve made! But it’s ALWAYS good to mix it up! Good exercises!

13 08 2010

hey girlie girl!!
PLANKS are my fav ‘ab’ move too…i also really like incline crunches with a weight! ๐Ÿ™‚
heck yes for finding Teddy PB!..i’ve never had it so i can’t wait to read your review!
Have a great weekend chica!

14 08 2010

Great ab moves! My abs never get toned. I’ll have to try these out!

15 08 2010

Ah, I haven’t done ab work in ages…I don’t even know if I can do any of them anymore! :’-p

15 08 2010

Haha! True story Sophia!

16 08 2010

love all those abs moves. Especially side plank! Those are killer. Teddie PB? Where can I get this goodness??

16 08 2010
Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

Woo! Thanks for sharing these great moves! I’d forgotten about some of them, and I’m glad that I have something to shake up my routine now. ๐Ÿ™‚

17 08 2010

I a loving this post! All kinds of goo moves! Love that you do planks between doing housestuuf, its so good to squeeze any kind of move in! I do lunges while cooking dinner in the kitchen, lol!

Love you!

p.s. never tried the teddy PB!!!! xo

17 08 2010

Love this! Are you seeing more definition in your abs with all these moves? I love side planks, too!

17 08 2010

I love doing bicycles! I did some today in a circuit training class. I think they are one of the most effective ab moves.

17 08 2010

Hey Jess! Awesome post. I think planks (of all kinds) are my favorite. Its a great way to work your abs, arms, shoulders, back, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also – Teddy PB is the BEST!!

17 08 2010
Alycia [Fit n Fresh]

Those are all AWESOME ab moves – the plank is a killer for me. And I’ve never had Teddie PB! Way jealous!!

17 08 2010

I’ve never seen Teddy PB! I don’t know if we have it in VA but I’ll have to look!!

17 08 2010

I’ve always enjoyed doing ab workouts. I don’t know why. I just love that burning sensation! But I have totaly weak arms and struggle to do anykind of exercise that uses them. I wish I had more toned arms, and I know the only way to get them is to work them out, but like I said, they’re weak and it hurts! Haha!

I’ve never seen that kind of pb. Teddie’s a cute name though!
โค Tori

18 08 2010

thanks for sharing this! i was just thinking that i need some new moves to shake up my ab routine. you must have been reading my mind ๐Ÿ™‚

19 08 2010
Gummy Bear

Wow! Thanks for the workouts, haha. I’ve actually been trying to find some new workouts to add into my “routine” so this is great!!
โค Emily

19 08 2010
Crystal @ Well Forward

I love to do side planks and reverse crunches. This list is fantastic! I have never heard of oblique v-ups before. It definitely looks intense and I now must do some of those tomorrow. I’m with another commenter (Tori) in that I have weak arms (working on it, though!) so I can’t hold planks very long because of it, especially if I work my arms on the same day I work on my abs.

19 08 2010

hey jess!! thanks for stopping by my blog. which flavor fage did you have? i LOVE the blueberry. the only one i don’t care for is the honey bc it is soooooo sweet.

love the ab exercises. i’m terrible at doing my abs. i think bc they’re kinda weak so i hate doing them. makes no sense, haha! i do #1, #2, and #8…and not much else, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

19 08 2010

Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been looking for more ways to work my abs. I always feel like I’m doing the same moves lately.

19 08 2010

i wish we sold the Teddie PB here. i wanna try it just so i can keep the jar too haha the bear is too adorable, well the name too of course!

i love ab workouts even tho they are KILLER! but waking up with sore abs always feels good to me, makes me feel stronger and i definitely walk with more confidence when my core is strong!


8 08 2011
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