Zumba & Bikram Yoga!

22 07 2010

Hello All! Well this is a special treat! Usually I post late into the evening, but this is a “breakfast post.” Hooray for summer!

I tried something completely new to me last night: ZUMBA! One of my teachers at school belongs to the gym I go to, and she asked me if I’d ever been. That sparked something inside me and I decided I would go! BOY, was it FUN! And SUCH a great workout. Wow-za.I hope I can go again SOON! And guess what?!

It was taught by MADISON, a fellow blogger (I don’t think she updates anymore; her blog is private). She’s SO sweet and a FANTASTIC teacher! It was a cardio-riffic (word?) workout.

Tonight I’m headed to a Bikram Yoga Class. I’ll be honest; I’m a bit nervous! My dad knows the instructor (through work connections), so that’s nice. I’m really looking forward to it! 90 mintues of sweaty yoga. Yeahhhh.

Any tips for a Bikram newbie?

Breakfast this morning was absolutely delicious! I had Overnight OIAJ!

  • 1/2 cup raw oats+1 container Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt (last night)
  • Splash of milk (this morning)
  • blueberries
  • banana
  • strawberries jam (homemade, mmm)


100_2549 100_2550 100_2551 100_2552 100_2553 100_2554 100_2555 100_2559

This really hit the spot! And it’s pretty filling, too. I love the WCW at the bottom. It’s the best part!

Y’all have to try jam in with your yogurt messes! It’s one of my FAVE additions!

More eats! You like the new, wooden bowl+spoon? UGANDA craft market 🙂

100_2460 100_2461 100_2462 100_2463 100_2464 100_2465 100_2466 100_2467 100_2468

100_2476 100_2477 100_2478 100_2479 100_2480 100_2481 100_2482 100_2483 100_2484 100_2485 100_2486 100_2488 100_2489 100_2490 100_2491 100_2492 100_2493 100_2494 100_2495 100_2496 100_2497 100_2498 100_2499

100_2420 100_2422 100_2424 100_2425 100_2426 100_2428 100_2429

100_2507 100_2515


CSN stores has given me the opportunity to review an item by allowing me to purchase an item up to $60! I am so grateful and excited all at the same time! I could even get a coffee maker…or anything really! They have SO many items to choose from. Thanks, Jason!

Have a FANTASTIC day, everyone! I love you ALL!

❤ jess





25 responses

22 07 2010

I’ve heard about zumba before and it sounds totally fun! Even the name is so cute and energetic sounding.

How do you manage to upload so many photos at once? Is there a quick trick that I’m missing out??

23 07 2010

I have windows live and copy & paste them into my blog posts from the gallery 🙂

22 07 2010

Bikram is intense but so gratifying! Just expect to go through one of the most not-so-fun 90 minutes of your life. But it’ll be worth it! It heals you physically and mentally. Don’t judge Bikram yoga just from 1 class – keep going and you’ll understand!

BTW, where do you get white chocolate peanut butter?!?!? I’ve never seen it in the grocery stores here; and now I WANT SOME!!!

23 07 2010

I buy it at my local grocery stores, but i’m pretty sure these ones have it: Kroger, Harris Teeter, & Whole Foods! I’m not sure about the others.. I hope you find it! it’s SO goooooddddd!

22 07 2010
Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace

Bikram is offered here, but I do regular ol’ yoga… and I haven’t been brave enough to try Zumba yet! 🙂

I want your bowl and spoon! (I’ll take the yogurt messes with them, thank you!)

22 07 2010

yummy food. i just ate lunch but after seeing this i could soooo go back for more! 🙂

yay for having fun at zumba. i need to find a class around me!

22 07 2010

I’ve done Zumba before. The most I can say about it was that it was funny. But then again I was working out with a group of middle aged ladies who were just goofing around – I kind of felt silly, hehe.

But Bikram Yoga… Phew, girl, if you survive 90 minutes of hot, sweaty yoga, I will build a temple honouring your stamina!

I’m still a newb to Yoga, I guess. I do some stuff off of Yogadownload.com, and I’m still tired and sweaty after the 20 min class 😛

Hope I’ll get more fit this summer though, I plan on doing a lot of hiking.

Btw, love your fruit bowls!

Much love xx

22 07 2010

Oh I remember Madison! That is so neat you got a class taught by her! I have yet to meet another blogger 😦

23 07 2010

did u struggle with eating in africa?

23 07 2010

I’ll be honest; I didn’t quite know what to expect when going. I knew going over there that I probably wouldn’t be eating as much as normal, and my activity level would go up (constant walking everywhere). But that’s OK, and normal! I did not love all the food there, but I enjoyed a lot of it! I supplemented the African food with food I brought with me! I tried to eat very healthily while still enjoying some African treats 🙂 I also ate my weight in fresh pineapple! They have no preservatives, nothing like that. It’s all fresh & healthy. I don’t miss all the rice though…

Bottom line is, I ate some foods I don’t typically eat here & I enjoyed the experience!!

23 07 2010
Sweet Cheeks

why do you food pics always look so AMAZING?!?! i love overnight oats. mmmmm

can’t wait to hear about bikram!!!

23 07 2010

All of you eats look sooooo yummy! And I love the bowls you got from the craft market!!

I also wanted to tell you how incredibly amazing it is that you went to Uganda to help those children. I have always dreamed of going on a mission trip like that and I hope that someday I will be able to! I agree with all of those things you said about how heartbreaking it is to know how those children have to live. Although it seems like one person can’t make a difference, I believe YOU did! You made in impact in every one of those kids lives, and you should be really proud of yourself! 🙂 I also have always dreamed of adopting kids from over seas in attempt to give them a better life! Anyway, it sounds like you had a great time and I wanted to let you know it was extremely inspiring to hear about your trip! 🙂

23 07 2010

oh my gosh i bet bikram will be AWESOME!
i adore that bowl and spoon! so cool!!
overnight OIAJ is my FAVV! yum!

23 07 2010
Run Sarah

I still need to try Zumba! All your yog messes look delish as usual 🙂

23 07 2010
Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

hope that yoga went well for you!
thx for all your sweet comments lately 🙂

23 07 2010

I love strawberry jam!!!!! I eat one glass every week…. I love it in my oatmeal, on ricecakes, mixed with greek yoghurt and cocoa-powder…..yummy

24 07 2010
Kris | iheartwellness.com

I hear Zumba is really tough but a super good workout! I have yet to try it…maybe I am too scared 😐

This breakfast looks fantastic! YUMM


25 07 2010

Oh, my friend did Zumba before, and she loved it. I don’t even know what it is…but I so wanna find out!

26 07 2010

zumba sounds amazing! i really wanne try something like that in the future.
can i give you a tip for a coffee maker? get a bodum!! they are amazing and last really long 😉

26 07 2010

girl, I’m a yoga instructor and I personally cant stand bikram. I just get dehydrated, tired, and I dont think the smell is all too pleasing. I’m in so much discomfort, i dont enjoy the benefits of the yoga practice. but to each his own, if its your thing, go for it. your eats look mouth watering!

26 07 2010

I have to say , YOU NEED TO TRY SOME PROTEIN ICECREAM FOR SURE LOVE!!!!!!! Its the best!!!

LOVE your OIAJ combo! Love all th eeats, Im starving and waiting to make dinner until Mike gets home and now coming to your blog Im gonna die! lol!!!

Just make sure you hydrate very well before hot yoga and bring water or coconut water with you, also eat before , but if you can at least eat 2 hours before or enough time for your food to digest : )

love u!

28 07 2010

So glad you loved zumba! It’s the best! Take care dear!

28 07 2010

PB Puffins are expensive, but worth the splurge here and there, and sometimes you can get lucky if on sale! Love you! xoxo

3 08 2010
Karina Pinzon

I love Zumba. My mom and I are actually planning to get certified to become Zumba instructors! It is such a fun workout.
Have fun at Yoga! I am sure you will have a wonderful time 🙂

3 08 2010

never tried any of those 😦 but id love to!!! love all of your pics 🙂

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