Lots to Say, Little to Look At!

7 04 2010

Hey gorgeous gals!! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC beginning to your week!

It’s been a hard week, so far! I have lots to say, so let’s do a list!

  • 38 Days of school left! HECK YES. It has NOT been the best year, but a memorable one. No one said being a freshman is easy! But it’s still been one of the best years of my life! I’ve really enjoyed it; it’s just been really hard.
  • Doing some college/my future research and I gotta say that I LOVE Naviance (my high school’s college guidance website that they use)
    • college board is a great website too
  • I’m slowly understanding what I need to do, the classes, etc…I think I’m going to meet with our college guidance counselor as well
    • Physical Therapy here I come…but I’d LOVE to be a dietitian too!
  • Currently watching: Uconn vs. Stanford (women’s championship game!)
  • You know what’s frustrating? When a teacher expects you to know something that’s chapters away…OK RANT DONE.
  • I had a BEAST workout yesterday—will share in a minute!
  • I was hoping to make it to yoga tonight, but I couldn’t so I did 45 minutes of Core Yoga #1 (yogadownload.com) and it was glorious! Worked up a FABULOUS sweat!
  • Soccer today was great! We played bare foot, which was SO FUN! Helps with passes and touches as well!
  • I have a 11 page research paper due tomorrow! But I finished…YEAH!

So yesterday’s workout! I was DRIPPING! Anyone else love that?? Or is it just me 😉

  • Quick warm-up on exercise bike
  • Leg Strength:
    • Hip Abduction: 10 sets of 10 (145-150 pounds)
    • Hip Adduction: 10 sets of 10 (155 pounds)
    • Calves: 4 sets of 10 (175 pounds)
    • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (75-80 pounds)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 10 (55 pounds)
    • Leg Press: 2 sets of 10 with each leg (55 pounds)
    • Wall Squat: held for 100 seconds
    • Wall Squats w/ exercise ball: 3 sets of 15
  • Ab Work:
    • 30 second plank, 30 second side plank each side, REPEAT, end with another 30 second plank
    • Russian twists with 6 pound medicine ball
    • 1 minute plank on medicine ball
    • 1 minute plank on bosu ball
    • 20 side plank “dips” (each side)
    • Plank drops (hip drops in low plank) 2 sets of 10
    • Scissors: 2 sets of 10
    • Reverse Crunches: 2 sets of 15
    • Bicycles: 2 sets of 30
    • Leg Drops: 2 sets of 10
    • Captain’s Chair: 3 sets of 10
    • Torso Rotation: 2 sets of 15 (15 pounds)
    • 1 minute side plank each side
  • Arm Work:
    • Assisted Pull-down: 2 sets of 10 (55 pouds)
    • Assisted Row: 2 sets of 10 (50 pounds)
    • Row: 2 sets of 10 (50 pounds)
    • Chest Press: 2 sets of 10 (35 pounds)
    • Triceps: 2 sets of 10 (40 pounds)
    • Biceps: 2 sets of 10 (35 pounds)
  • Stretching+Foam Rolling!

KILLER workout for sure!

I dearly wish I could share photos with you, but my darn Camera Broke! I have a phone on my camera but

    1. It’s not fantastic and it’s hard to get a photo, plus I have to email it, then copy it…
    2. I have been eating pretty “typical” food for me: PB, Greek Yogurt, apples…

LOVE y’all!

❤ jess





9 responses

7 04 2010
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Hooray for Freshman year! Keep enjoying every minute of it hun! And I LOVE that Core Yoga class!


7 04 2010

wow BEASTLY workout girl!! dang! get it! yay for this year almost being done! we all have years like that!

7 04 2010

Hey sweetie!!!! This is such a great time in your life…enjoy every minute of it!!!

Woman that is an amazing workout!!!! kudos honey! and yup I love when I am dripping too! lol

7 04 2010
Tara Savage

That really was a BEAST workout!!! Im glad you’re enjoying yourself in school, word to the wise; cut yourself some slack try your best just understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect! You will have a much better schooling experience if you leave time to relax be with friends. all about the beautiful balance! 😉
Happy Wednesday! ❤ ❤

7 04 2010

You did enough workout for the both of us. Thanks, because I was feeling lazy today 🙂

7 04 2010

I can’t believe you only have 38 days left! Summer is so close 🙂

I played soccer barefoot the other day too. I’ve actually been doing a lot of things barefoot because I haven’t been wearing the right shoes to play outside in. I like being barefoot anyways, I feel like I’m little again!

8 04 2010

oh no! No camera! I would cry my eyes out…I hope you get it replaced soon! Or fixed.


8 04 2010

Wow…you’re almost done with school for the year, time flies!

x Julia (taste of Living)

8 04 2010

hey gorgeous girlie!
you are too sweet…thank u for all the heartfelt comments on my blog! I can’t believe the end of the semester is already in sight!! gahhh I can’t wait until summer! keep enjoying your freshman year…it’s sucha FUN time! I hope you’re having a great thursday lil lady!

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