Will You Be My Valentine?

15 02 2010

Hey all! Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you are all spending it with the ones you love 🙂

I have had a CRAZY week! Late nights, LOTS of studying, papers, CRAZINESS! I guess that’s just high school though!

School has slowed down a bit, but I do have another paper due on Thursday. I actually finished about half of it, and I am SO happy that I got that much done. No more late nights for me!

I have lots to share so let’s do this post GC-style…with NUMBERS!

1) Homecoming Dance

Wow, oh wow! SO MUCH FUN! I am so blessed to go to a school where I know all the seniors by name and personally, where I was not afraid to dance my heart out, and everyone is so sweet. Well, most people! Haha. Anyways, I had an absolute blast with my friends and felt like a princess. Slow dancing is quite FUN!

100_0155 100_0116 zachandjess

zachandjess2I would LOVE to show y’all more photos of myself. There are some REALLY pretty ones, but I have to protect my friends (and myself too!), you guys understand 😉

All in all, one of the best nights of my LIFE.

2) Grocery Store fun!

A trip to the grocery store was definitely in order today! I hit the JACKPOT!

  • Raspberry CHOBS
  • Pineapple CHOBS
  • Pomegranate CHOBS
  • Strawberry Banana CHOBS
  • Barney Butter
  • Flat out wraps
  • hummus
  • apples
  • bananas
  • kashi cereal/kashi bars
  • sweet potato

3) Pumping some IRON

I have been having AWESOME workouts lately. Yesterday’s was legs+abs and today’s was arms+abs. I love the feeling of getting stronger, which I definitely am. My core strength has improved a lot! My goal is a six pack by summer. Well, maybe not a six pack, but some serious definition. (Note: this is just a fun goal—I love my abs already!)

I realized after my arm workout today that I NEED to invest in two things:

  1. Workout (Weight Lifting) Gloves
  2. A workout journal—I cannot possibly remember all the exercises I do, how many reps/what weight—it’s just too much!

My hands hurt SO bad and were all red by the end of my workout today! Any suggestions on the gloves? I’m sure April will have some 🙂

4) Love is in the air!

As I mentioned in my earlier post I saw the boy for some time tonight. I gave him some chocolate, a picture of us, more chocolate, etc. You get the picture! You know what they say…the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach! He got my the most lovely dozen of roses and the absolute cutest teddy bear!

If you are reading, thank you so much Zach! I love them! image 5) EXCITING NEWS!

My super duper exciting news is…………………………

I WILL BE GOING TO UGANDA THIS SUMMER! I cannot go into extreme detail, but I will be going with my best friend (and others!) this summer. I could not be more excited. It will be a life changing experience! I am SO READY!


These are just the highlights of my delicious eats lately!! 100_0167


100_0176   100_0180


100_0189   100_0196

100_0220  100_0225 100_0228 100_0230 100_0233  100_0241 100_0246

100_0256  100_0260 Valentine’s Day gifts from mommy! 100_0261 Heart shaped breakfast: Heart pancakes with Krema PB and kisses 🙂 I also had an apple and yogurt! 100_0270 100_0268 101_0104 101_0106 100_0286 100_0289 100_0290

LOVED this bar! Perfect post-workout fuel 🙂 100_0294I think that’s enough photos for now! I’ve got some more studying to do and then getting ready for bed 🙂

Verse of the Day: Ephesians 4:2.

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

Have a great week, loves!

❤ jess





26 responses

15 02 2010
Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

answer to your post title: yes, i will. haha!

oh boy, you look SO pretty in all your formal pics, i love the dress and hair! aww how sweet of zach. WHOA you’re going to uganda? that is awesome! hope you can share more deets as the trip approaches!

15 02 2010

You look gorgeous in your homecoming pics! Looks like an amazing fun-filled few days 😀 LOVE your dress!!!! Can’t wait for details on the trip- sounds incredible!

I have never tried a Clif Builder bar, but it looks delish 😀

15 02 2010
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Sounds like so much fun! And how neat about the Uganda trip. I’m certain it will be an amazing experience for you! Happy V-Day sweetie!


15 02 2010

I use Valeo gloves from Big 5. They are only like 10 bucks and work pretty darn good!

15 02 2010

ah you and the boy are the cutest thing ever! seriously – I can’t stop smiling 🙂

and what exciting news! Can I come?! Kidding.. kind of..


happy monday sweets!

15 02 2010

Adorable Homecoming pics! Glad you had such an awesome weekend!!

Yay for sweet Valentine’s 🙂 Happy Monday!

15 02 2010

Gorgeous pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend 😀

16 02 2010
Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)

Glad you had fun at the dance! Love your dress! You look so pretty and happy!

Awww, what sweet gifts!

So exciting about your upcoming trip!

16 02 2010

you look absolutely gorgeous jess! i hope you had a wonderful night that day!
happy valentine’s day to you and so sweet of your mum to buy you something 😉

16 02 2010

GIRL YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! i am SO glad you had such a great night-you totally deserved it! aww!!! yay!

16 02 2010

UGANDA? Say what?! That is sooooo exciting!

You look beautiful! Glad it was a fun time! 😀

Barney Butter. That’s legit! 😉

16 02 2010
Can You Stay for Dinner

You look so beautiful in your homecoming photos! Glad to hear it was fun!
And I love all the positivity you have!

16 02 2010

Aww glad you had fun at the dance!! You look great! How fun that you’ll be going to Uganda! I’ve had a lot of friends go to Africa and it’s goregous.

16 02 2010

Aww the boy is so cute!!

16 02 2010

Hello love!!!

U are a princess girl and you looked so beautiful!! Love the dress too!!!!

I love reading your post, you are so cute and are just a ball of happiness!! love it!!!

Yay for the trip this summer, that will be AMAZING!!!!!

Yay for amazing roses and the cutest bear from your boy!!!!!

Love the heart pancake and WOW OIAJ galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven!!!!

Hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

17 02 2010

Jess, you hot mama! Looking fiiiine! 😉
And Uganda!! Wow, girl, lucky you! Summer is a long way off, but I’ll bet you’re so ready for school to end already!

18 02 2010

Your eats look great! YOU looked absolutely GEORGEOUS! and yes it is important to keep your friends safe! I always ask my friends when im putting pix up of them!
What a blessing going to Uganda! Is it a missions trip or just for fun trip??
Aww what a lovely vday gift from your boy!
It is good to be strong! So accomplishing the feeling after a workout…sorry Im not an expert and have no idea on good iron pumping gear.
Have a great night lovely! ❤

18 02 2010

Aw I miss slow dancing. Slow dancing kind of ends after high school… maybe once all my friends start having weddings? I can hope!

18 02 2010

Love your formal pics- you look beautiful!!! And Uganda sounds amazing- congrats! 😀

18 02 2010

Looking gorgeous!! I looooove your dress!!

18 02 2010
Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

you look soooooo pretty in your dress..you guys look too cute together 🙂

19 02 2010

awww i love your heart shaped pancake! and look at all the flowers you scored on vday 🙂 so exciting!

looks like you had a glorrrrrrrious weekend 🙂

19 02 2010

You look SO pretty! Love all the chobs! That really is some exciting news about Uganda.
Take care, sweet!

20 02 2010

Sweetie you look so beautiful!!!! I am glad you had a great time! you deserve it =)

20 02 2010

Aw I love the pictures, you looked beautiful!!
High school does = papers, late nights, studying.. gah i remember it well… wait what am i talking about? i’m in college, that’s my current life too lol. 😀

20 02 2010

i lerveeeeeeeeee PB & Co pb 🙂 mmmm. pretty dress!

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