Funnnnnn Week!

31 01 2010

Hello all! I’m so sorry to have been gone for so long. It’s been a crazy and busy week. I’ve kept up with commenting (sort of) but posting just had to take a backseat to LIFE.

My school’s homecoming was last night! As I mentioned, I was the freshman class representative (girl) and the boy was the guy rep. It was a lot of fun and my team also won our game. Woohoo! Since drivers ed was cancelled today (due to SNOW), I slept over at my best friend’s house. It was beyond a blast, and I am so blessed to have such incredible friends. I am SO blessed.

As I just mentioned, we got SNOW!! It started snowing last night and has not really stopped! We have around 5-7 inches and it is beautiful. I just love snow days! The yoga, relaxing, warm baths, tea, etc, etc…makes for an incredible day! Church is also cancelled so I get to sleep in tomorrow! And the odds that we’ll have school on Monday is very slim 🙂 I plan on getting a lot of homework done in the next two days!100_9883


When I got home from the sleepover, I was in the mood to clean. Hehe. So I promptly cleaned the whole kitchen and when my dad got home we got set to making homemade spaghetti/meatballs. Talk about incredible. With parm…there’s not much that is better than this! 100_9890

100_9898  100_9899I had a wonderful day! I spent time with my family and caught up on blog reading/commenting. Around 3:30 I knew what I wanted to do: YOGA! I decided on 45 minutes of Power Yoga #2 and 30 minutes of Yoga for Back Pain (my back has been bothering me—but since I did this, it feels MUCH better!), both of which are from, an incredible yoga site.

I felt revitalized afterwards and the endorphins were flowing 😉

Some foodie action!! 100_9822 100_9825

100_9828  100_9829




100_9843      100_9846



Flat out wrap with two eggs (scrambled) and provolone (30 grams of protein?) and an apple 100_9856



“Live in the present. Forgive your past.”

100_9915Blueberry Greek yogurt with cinnamon LIFE cereal. Delish.  100_9917 Verse of the Day: Hebrews 1:3 (found HERE)

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.

Well, that’s all for now!

Oh wait, I lied…

I’m kinda slightly obsessed with this song! No shame, right?

Question of the Day: What’s your current favorite song as of late??

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

❤ jess





24 responses

31 01 2010

I love the strings in the background of that song! Being a violinist and all…. 🙂 It’s awesome!

Current obsession is Josh Ritter, specifically his faster songs (for working out to) including: Kathleen, Snow is Gone, Good Man, and Harrisburg! I have been listening to him ad naseum!

I’m glad you had an awesome time at homecoming!

And yes, snow days ROCK!

31 01 2010
Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

i was JUST wondering where you had disappeared to bc i still see your comments but no posts! glad you’re back :). oh man, i love that song too! i tried so hard not to but it’s so damn catchy!

31 01 2010

Im loving that song too!!

We got lots of snow here too, snowed in all day!! Boo!!!

Love ya girl!! Have a great night!!!! love yogurt messes!!!!!

31 01 2010

Yum!! great yogurt mess 😀

31 01 2010

Love the yogurt mess and OIAJ!!!! Looks amazing. I am almost done with my Bee’s Knees Jar – can’t wait for OIAJ!

Have a great Sunday!!

31 01 2010

Welcome back girl!!
hehe I kinda love that, when I get the urge to clean!! However for me its often the result of not wanting to begin HW or something else that needs to be completed 😛
AHH enjoy your snow days and relaxating!!! How wonderful to have good friends to enjoy the time off with, I always say that too im so greatful to have good friends!
Great vers, as always ❤
Glad your back to blogging, but never ever feel pressured too hehe you can take as much time off or post as frequently as you please!! ❤ ❤ ❤

31 01 2010
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Sounds like everything is going so well for you hun! Glad to hear you’re enjoying life to its fullest.

I’ve been loving John Mayer’s Heartbreak Warfare. So pretty!

Enjoy that snow!


31 01 2010

you are so adorable! im so glad youve had a fun week! jelous of that SNOW. im eating OIAJ right now!

31 01 2010

Glad you had a good time at homecoming! Yoga day sounds fun 🙂

31 01 2010

aw sounds like such a lovely night with your friends. THEY are blessed to have YOU 🙂 xo

31 01 2010

I hope you had a great time at homecoming!! I wasn’t much for the dances.. but I liked dinner!!

31 01 2010

im glad you enjoyed your snow day! they’re the best arent they?? your blog is so cute too, it’s my first time stopping in:). my favorite song latelyyy would be anything by citizens cope. kinda old but still good!

31 01 2010

don’t laugh but my fave song right now is She’s a Maniac from flashdance!

31 01 2010

I LOVE THAT SONG! And congrats on all of the Homecoming thaaangs, that’s awesome, you’re such a beautiful person, insdie and out 🙂 And I totally agree – life is FULL of blessings, friends, family, etc! Food too 😉

Much love!

31 01 2010

Good to see a new post and really nice to hear you had a fun week!

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

31 01 2010

Yay for snow! Yummy pasta dinner!
Great eats as Always Jess 🙂

1 02 2010

i am so jealous of all your snow jess! aww! i hope that by the time i get to go to wurope it’ll still be there 😉
have a lovely start to the next week

1 02 2010

hey jess! sounds like you had a really great week 😉 im loving your OIAJ. jealous! i have a dark chocolate dreams calling me from my cabinet 😀 im so happy you had a great time with your friends too! xoxo soph

1 02 2010

Aw glad you had such a great weekend and homecoming! Sounds fun 🙂

I love Hebrews! Great verse.

I’m loving “Carry Out” by Justin Timberland and someone else haah can’t remember now..

1 02 2010

Justin Timberlake* 😉

1 02 2010

I’m really liking Tik Tok by Kesha these days, I listen to it constantly.

Eek! Snow! Brrr….Pretty, but cold! And not nice when it gets slushy.

1 02 2010

Love that song, too. It makes me want to dance. I love Life cereal too. It’s soooo good.

2 02 2010

Congrats on being the freshman class rep, that’s seriously amazing!

All of your eats look fab, I wish I could find those Flat Out wraps in NYC!

2 02 2010

hey girl! i am for sure more then slightly obsessed with that song haha it’s on repeeeeeat on my gym playlist 🙂

love that egg wrap! it sounds like a perfect grab n go lunch!

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