Can I do it?

16 12 2009

Okay. I have 15 minutes to do this post. Think I can do it?

Let’s see!

I am happy to announce that my week has definitely calmed down. I have some very gracious teachers (and some not so gracious ones ) that are not giving us scheduled quizzes. My tests got moved around so this makes for a much more enjoyable and non-stressful last week.

I am SO happy and joyous with the Holiday spirit. Whether it’s the dark chocolate or the fact that Christmas (eve) is nine days away, I am just overflowing with JOY.

Speaking of Dark Chocolate…I recently tried this! Loveee it! Neat taste of mint, too! Great with peanut butter, duhhh! 


100_9013What to do with dark chocolate? Put it in some pb and jelly oatmeal, of course! ;)  100_9028 100_9034 100_9037 Monday mornings are made better with Greek Yogurt Messes!!




I guess my camera ate the “messy” pictures? Sorry!

What other photos can I get rid of


100_8885 Pei Wei leftovers (LOVE that place. Their brown rice option is SO great!) 100_8921Banana oatmeal with dark chocolate cranberries, coconut, and peanut butter! Glorious!  100_8548

100_8551That’s all for now folks 😀

(Christmas) Verse of the Day: Luke 2:11

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the LORD.

Currently obsessed with this song! Not a great video though!

Have a great week! Wish me luck on my Latin test and Biology Midterm!

P.S Went to yoga tonight and BOY was it amazing. I am just in love with yoga, it really is my saving grace. The class was perfect tonight. Lots of opening through the torso and hips, beautiful really!!

Love you all!
❤ jess





17 responses

16 12 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Glad to hear that your teachers made a few rearrangements! It’s always nice to have time to relax before the holidays! 🙂

MMmmm… that melted chocolate looks fabulous!

“Yoga is my saving grace” – story of my life girl. 😉


16 12 2009

Good luck on your exams!
And that Green & Black looks delish, I love their chocolate!

16 12 2009

15 minutes of lovely things! Good job;)

Good luck:)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

16 12 2009

Chocolate PB&J oats sound lovely! Glad your week is calming down, and you reminded me I could really use some yoga!

Have a great day 🙂

16 12 2009

Good luck on your tests!

16 12 2009

those oats look divine!

best of luck to you with your work, lovie! xo

16 12 2009

Hope your exams go well!

Mint chocolate is sooo good! I like to eat mine by itself – so no other flavours take away from the chocolate deliciousness. Mmmm.

16 12 2009

pb & jelly oats plus chocolate doesn’t get any better than that chica!

17 12 2009

lol at first i thought you said “went to yoga with THE BOY” i was about to boyfriend would never do that w. me..lucky girl!!
haha but i LOVE yoga too!!
PB and jelly oats=classic
for real, unscheduled quizzes are LAME
but good luck beautiful!

17 12 2009

I love Pei Wei!!!!!!!!! Its the best place!!!!

Ummm your yogurt messes and oats always look so good!!!!

I am overflowing with JOY too for xmas!!!! Love how you wrote that, so cute!!!

Yes the new blog will be good, Im excited, thanks for the sweet comment!!!!

I am so glad I tried Mighty Maple!!!!! It is good!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!! xoxoxo

17 12 2009
Chocolate-Covered Katie

Mmmm Pei Wei! It’s been too long since I last went there. Now I have a craving 🙂

17 12 2009

BEST OF LUCK!! Or is it over already?
Love the addition of chocolate to your oats…just makes the whole thing sweeter!

17 12 2009

that chocolate sounds fabulouss! i love that you put it in your oats and it looks so melty/delicious haha. pei wei is pretttty tastyy
have a great week hun


17 12 2009

Hmm, the mint chocolate with PB and jelly sounds interesting. Glad to hear your semester is calming down a bit!

Thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog! 🙂

17 12 2009
Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

Get me in on that greek yogurt mess and chocolate!! Nom!

19 12 2009

Hehe, it was sweet of the boy to go to yoga with you! Sometimes I see couples in my yoga class, and think “awww” 😉

The best type of chocolate is the melty kind in my opinion! Must try it in oats!

Glad to hear this week was less stressful for you, Jess!

20 12 2009

Aww yoga it really is a saving grace!! So glad you had a good class! I’m listening to that song as i type! =D Your oats looks soo yummy! Stay warm and enjoy yourself as Christmas approaches!!! ❤ ❤

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