Making It Snappy!

27 11 2009

Hey girls! I totally should’ve mentioned in my last post that I was leaving Friday morning to go on a short trip! I am not going to say much about it, for privacy/safety reasons, but I will have more to say later!!

Don’t expect a post on Friday!

Hope everyone had a GREATTT Thanksgiving—I know I did.

I’ll catch y’all up later 😀

❤ jess


P.S Major thanks to Heather for telling me how to add color!!



10 responses

27 11 2009

have a great trip!! hope u had a great thanksgiving


27 11 2009

Safe travels! 🙂

27 11 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Haha, you are too cute Jess! Have a wonderful trip and can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂


27 11 2009

have a great trip!! i want to know how to add color!

27 11 2009

Have an amazing holiday weekend getaway, Jess 🙂

28 11 2009

Jess! Hope you had a fabulous and deeelish Thanksgiving!!!

29 11 2009

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving deary! ❤

29 11 2009

Safe trip to you! And a happy one at that! Can’t wait for your recap! 😀

29 11 2009
Chocolate-Covered Katie

Happy Thanksgiving (a bit belated), Jess!! 🙂

29 11 2009
Karina Pinzon

Have a lovely trip!!

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