The Long Last Week Before…

17 11 2009

Thanksgiving BREAK!! I’ll still have some work to do, but 9 days of glorious rest. Ahhhhh…

That makes me SO excited!

You know what else makes me excited? CHRISTMAS!!!! If you don’t know it about me, then I’ll tell you now: I am obsessed with Christmas. I love everything about it, from the food to the giving to the weather. Oh my, it just makes me BURST with glee. No, really I could cry I’m so happy whenever Christmas comes around. Well…I am not a purist and I’ll listen to Christmas music as long as it is November 😀 So I am SO excited that some radio stations are now playing it. One is even 24/7 Christmas music. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY.

Okay, now that I have officially creeped you guys out shared my love for this amazing Holiday, let’s get onto my day! It was a good day, as far as Mondays go 😉 I have a semi-busy week. Just three tests 😉 I have a Biology test on Thursday, and a Latin and History test on Friday. But I am not very concerned about it. I started studying in advance for all of them cuz that’s just how I roll! Hehe…

I had a gorgeous and yummy Greek yogurt mess this morning! It made for very pretty pictures 😀

  • 1 container Chobs Peach Greek Yog.
  • Pomegran Plus Granola –> FABULOUS!
  • oatmeal crisp cereal
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • banana
  • cinnamon added after pictures taken, of course!

100_8396 100_8398 100_8400

100_8403  100_8404 100_8406 100_8407 Another random Yogurt mess…don’t remember exactly when or what went in it… 😉100_8277

100_8280 100_8282 100_8284 Another snack I have been enjoying a LOT lately: the ever so simple pretzels+hummus!100_8395A yummy lunch+larabar for pre-bball snack!  100_8261 100_8263 A fabulous homemade dinner of baked ziti made with whole grain/wheat (don’t exactly remember which!) pasta! 100_8270 How am I doing on my “less fruits, more veggies?” Well, pretty good actually. Yesterday I rocked it! For breakfast I made myself an omelet with two eggs, asparagus, spinach, avocado, parmesan, and topped it with sour cream and salsa. MMmmmMM!

100_8343 100_8346 100_8345 100_8348 100_8349 100_8352 And for lunch I made some acorn squash using Heather’s method! I had high hopes for this guy, but he came out kind of average. Well, he actually came out beautiful…100_8369  And I even topped him with some cinnamon, ginger, agave, and little brown sugar. 100_8371 But still…just like blahhh! It lacked a strong flavor. Maybe it needed lots of butter 😀 Just kidding, but I think I will be sticking to my sweet potatoes and butternut squash! Heather’s preparation method is fabulous, I just don’t think acorn squash and I are meant to be 😉

My mom made homemade banana muffins Sunday morning before we were off to church and WOW, amaaziinnngg! Irresistible. The batter was even better 😉 100_8358 Basketball practice was not very challenging today, and I wanted to go to the gym to get some strength training in anyways, so when my mom said she was going to the gym I decided to go along!

  • Stationary bike warm up
  • Leg Strength
    • Hip Abduction: 8 sets of 10 (150 pounds)
    • Hip Adduction: 8 sets of 10 (150 pounds)
    • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (80 pounds)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 10 (55 pounds)
    • Leg Press: 4 sets of 10 (130 pounds)
    • Calf: 3 sets of 15 on EACH leg (90 pounds)
    • Wall Squat: 2 of them
      • one held for 100 seconds
      • the other held for 50 seconds
    • 3 sets of 15: Wall squats with exercise ball
    • Knee Strengthening exercises
  • Quick Ab Work: 1 minute plank
  • Stretching!!!  

Felt fabulous!

Verse of the day: Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times (…).

Awww ❤

Have a great night everyone! I’ve got to runnnn!

❤ jess





13 responses

17 11 2009

Mmm your omelet sounds fab! Avocados, salsa, asparagus, and sour cream! Whoa, your mouth was probably bursting with yumminess 🙂

Ahaha, I love Christmas too and I start studying early as well. People think it’s strange, but it just means less stress for me in the long run!

17 11 2009

christmas gets me SOOOOO excited too!!
great workout!
yeah i cannot wait til thanksgiving break either..and that omelet looks aweeesome

17 11 2009

I’m so glad someone else is just as excited about Christmas music as I am! I can’t believe you get a 9 day Thanksgiving break! That is amazing! I guess I can’t complain since they give us a full week just to study for our law school exams before the 2 weeks that they span.
Have a fantastic tuesday!

17 11 2009

I totally love christmas too!
That omelet looks delicious:)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

17 11 2009

haha i’m obsessed with christmas music too. i guess it’s even worse to listen to it here in the tropics where there is no christmas feeling whatsoever. oh well that’s what makes us unique and special right?

17 11 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

I’m so jealous of your 9 days off! We only get W, Th, and F off next week! But I totally agree about the Christmas thing. Thanksgiving = 1 month to Christmas and permission to blast any sort of Christmas music you so choose. 😉

Awww, sorry you didn’t care for the squash. Acorn squash is probably my least favorite… see if you can find sweet dumpling! I’d totally suggest getting a butternut or ambercup and making squash fries (you can search either of these on my blog for the recipe). They are definitely more sweet potato – like.


17 11 2009

I love Christmas just as much. I want to go to a mall and just walk around to get in the holiday spirit!

17 11 2009

wow you have a long break! mien is so much shorter… your yogurt messes are the seriouslyy girl.


17 11 2009

Acorn squash isn’t my favorite.. its not sweet enough for me! 😀

I love christmas too.. my birthday is actually on christmas day!

17 11 2009

thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough, i am so with ya girl!
love all the yogurt messes and the omlet you made looks really good as well! it makes me want to make own my own 🙂

17 11 2009

Love the yogurt mess and your yummy omelet

18 11 2009

oh my gosh how cute are you! 🙂 thanks for sharing your christmas enthusiasm, love. I’m right there with ya! heard “all I want for christmas is you” on the radio today and went nuts!

18 11 2009

Wow!! Impressive omelete you have there. I wish I had the patience in the morning to heat up a pan. hahaha I am totally with ya on the yogurt messes though…those are fabulous to make and delicious to eat. 🙂

AHHH check that out, your acorn squash comes out like two hearts!!! I guess one for your mom for kudos in hitting up the gym together? hehehe

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