Quickie Food Post!

6 11 2009

Hey ladies!! Hope everyone is having a great week. I definitely am! The homework load this week has been very light, which is a huge blessing considering how much I’ve had over the past month.

I’m currently listen to choir music while frantically trying to memorize verses of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Hopefully I’ll do okay 😉

Basketball is going GREAT! I love my coach, love my team, and am feeling fabulous! I went to the gym last night to get in a strength workout, which felt awesome. I plan on doing another strength workout on Saturday as well.

I have gotten to the point where I do some type of yoga every day. Whether it be a down dog and fixed firm pose or an 80 minute class, I always make time to just stretch. I love yoga so much! I have become SO flexible, which is very cool, especially considering I used to not even be able to touch my toes! I actually figured out that I am so close to being able to a split. How cool is that?! I will definitely take some pictures soon and make them look cool with Windows Live effects. 😀

Here are some quick eats lately…






100_8168 My review: I really enjoyed this flavor, but I wish the orange flavor was more prominent. All in all, a 8.5/10 😀

I have more to share, but I need to run! Sorry all! But one more thing…

Click on this link—you can make a difference! With just one click 😉

Have a great night everyone!

❤ jess




21 responses

6 11 2009

so happy for you that basketball is going great!
i am loving that clif bar. looks too good to be true. i need some seasonal flavors here too 😉
enjoy your weekend my love

6 11 2009

Looking delicious!
I’m glad you’re enjoying the badketball and yoga so much:)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

6 11 2009

Wanna do all MY homework?? 😉

6 11 2009

I totally had Dark Chocolate Dreams oat in a jar too this week….SO damn good 🙂

6 11 2009

Love your cool bag for your lunches.

6 11 2009

That’s so neat that your almost able to do the splits! when I was in dance I was really flexible but now that I’m doing strength training my hamstrings are so tight!

6 11 2009

Oats in a jar rock my world.

Good luck getting your work done- the weekend is in SIGHT!

6 11 2009

i really want to try the holiday clif bars
good to hear you love basketball so much 🙂


6 11 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

I’m so happy to hear that things are going so well for you at school. It’s always nice to get a bit of a break from the homework load, and I love how you’re getting into basketball lately. It’s such a great idea if you find a sport you ENJOY playing during high school! And keep up that yoga! 🙂


6 11 2009

Aww I love how positive you are Jess! I really wanna jump on the yoga bandwagon. 🙂 Flexibility comes in handy in so many ways! hehehe Maybe you can bust out some moves on the basketball court and scare away your competitors. 😛

Love the pics of your lunch bag. It’s fun and gives me ideas. hehehe Thanks Jess!! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

6 11 2009

Awesome about the yoga! I’m Ms. Unflexible. I should try it out.

7 11 2009

sounds like everything is going great for you right now 🙂 continue to stay so upbeat honey!

7 11 2009

I just found your blog and I love it! i’m glad that basketball is going well.
great job about the yoga by the way! I need to get into yoga, I have a feeling I have no idea what i’m missing out on!

7 11 2009
Peanut Butter Bliss

haha i am so glad that your loving basketball season. i wasn’t the biggest fan of that clif bar – my heart lies within the iced gingerbread 🙂

7 11 2009
My Organic Intuition

isnt yoga awesome?? love it!!

im not a fan of that clif bar– too citrusy for me! LOVE the gingerbread one– the best!

7 11 2009
My Organic Intuition

lol i just realized that me n peanut butter bliss said the same thing 🙂

7 11 2009

I want to try some of the cranberry orange goodness 🙂

Yoga is amazing. I try to do a little everyday as well! Usually I get in about 10 minutes, and go to a class twice a week.

Good luck on memorizing those verses!

8 11 2009

loveee your eats!

8 11 2009

where in the heavens did u find a cranberry orange nut bread cliff!!! i sewar i cant find any seasonal 😦 shame!

ps DCD pb is kinda foodgasm central.


9 11 2009
Sweet Cheeks

Hey girlie!!

I am so happy that Basketball is going well, you go girl! 😀

11 11 2009

Glad bball is going well!

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