Basketball Begins!

3 11 2009

Hey guys!! I’m brimming with happiness right now! Today was the first day of practice and it was fantastic. It felt soooo good! I mean, I practice on my own, but it’s nice to be with a team again 🙂 I love our schedule too. Very nice! Here’s how my afternoon will typically go:

  • 3:15-4:25 –> homework time (which is AWESOME—because I get most of it done!)
  • 4:25-4:35 –> change into bball stuff
  • 4:35-4:40 –> get there, get ready
  • 4:50 –> warm up, get “warm” for practice
  • 5:00-6:30 –> practice

The rest of my night really depends on whether I have any homework leftover. It’s so nice to be done with everything and get all ready for the next day by like 8!! It feels so good!

Goals for Basketball/Gym in general:

  • Strength Training 3 times a week
    • include abs and legs, specifically (I’ll be doing lots of arm work in bball)
  • YOGA
    • Yoga really is my saving grace
    • need the stretching too
  • Foam Roller
    • I did this tonight and boy, were by my IT bands HARD (if that makes sense…)
  • One day of rest
    • I’ll be doing a lot of activity, my growing body needs at least one day of rest

Life is good!

Today’s eats were fabulous! But first, let me show you the AMAZING grocery buys which I am SO excited about 😀

  • Sugar Cookie Tea
  • Odwalla Bar
  • Z-bar
  • Clif bar—holiday flavor
  • Maranatha PB (mmm!)
  • pomegranates
  • kashi warm cinnamon cereal
  • kashi happy trail mix cookies
  • kashi dark mocha almond bars
  • Chobani Yogurt (Vanilla/Peach)
  • Stonyfield Yogurts
  • string cheese

There’s more, that’s just all I can remember 😉 100_8107


100_8110 100_8113 100_8114



100_8103  100_8105

Yesterday’s breakfast was interesting and yummy! We were all out of fresh fruit, except for all these apples!! So I decided to chop up a granny smith apple and put that in my yogurt mess! It was good! Not as good as banana, but still really good! 100_8085

100_8088  100_8091 100_8092 100_8093Pumpkin pie yogurt, PB puffins, organic maple brown sugar granola, coconut, raisins, green apple, and peanut butter”

Today’s breakfast had the following:

  • Vanilla Chobs
  • Kashi Warm Cinnamon Cereal
  • Raspberries
  • Banana
  • Raisins
  • DCD (“dark chocolate dreams”—Christina! 🙂 )

100_8120 atop anatomy (test today—rocked it!!)

100_8121 100_8125 100_8126 100_8128 Today’s lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, all natural veggie chips, and an organic apple 🙂 The pre-bball snack was an odwalla bar and some un-pictured almonds! 100_8119

Verse of the Day:

“and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement,through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished— he did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus”

This. verse. rocks. Jesus was the sacrifice for US. We don’t deserve it, he’s overflowing with grace.

Have a great night everyone!! I’m off to get some commenting done 🙂

❤ jess





19 responses

3 11 2009

So….basically I’m super jealous that you play basketball…Is it ironic/weird that it being the one sport I suck at, its also the sport that I respect the most? Haha, I’m super excited for NBA season 🙂

3 11 2009

I think that’s so cool you get your exercise in the form of a fun sport!

How are those Cliff bars? They all taste the same to me!

3 11 2009

Yay for basketball starting up!! I’d be a terrible basketball player.. I’m only 5’3″ 🙂 And your groceries pretty much all look AMAAZING!!

3 11 2009

Great that you’re excited about the basketball, enjoy it!
xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

3 11 2009

yay for yoga!!
oh i love your grocery shopping once again. that tea looks so good, i just tried that brands chamomile tea when i found it here and its more than AMAZING!!!
have fun with your team love

3 11 2009

Basketball sounds like so much fun! I haven’t played a team sport in forever. It looks like you have a good schedule. And what yummy grocery buys! I still need to go check out those holiday clif bars.

3 11 2009

The dark mocha almond kashi bars are my fav!!!! Good finds at the store!!! Kashi warm cinnamon is so good too!!! I need to buy some more!!!!!!!

3 11 2009

Glad to hear all is so well! I’m happy for you 😀

The shopping and the eats look fabulous 😉

3 11 2009

So glad you’re feeling happy and I think your cup resembles that.

3 11 2009
3 11 2009

great finds at the grocery store! nothing compares to bananas in yogurt messes! they are theeee best 🙂

4 11 2009

yay for basketball! Can we get some “in action” pictures of you on the court?!?! That would be a fabulous post!

Ooooh that Clif bar does look tasty! I have yet to try it, but you’re making me REALLY REALLY want it now. arhghghg I keep forgeting that flavor needs to go on my grocery list. 😛

4 11 2009
Chocolate-Covered Katie

Every time I see your mug, it makes me smile!!

4 11 2009

aw that’s so exciting, babe 🙂 I love your passion for the sport! what position do you play?! I was a forward … woo woo, reppin’ for the tall girls!

5 11 2009

What a great grocery haul!
And congrats on the good practice! I love when things go smoothly!

5 11 2009

Haha, I love how passionate you are about your sport. Love you, Jess!

5 11 2009

So happy for you! And so jealous that you found pumpkin yogurt and sugar cookie tea.

5 11 2009
Internal Peace

Amazing groceries! (I NEED to go soon–not much food in my house right now!) My Whole Foods only carries the Pumpkin Spice seasonal Clif bar–I’d love to try the Cranberry Orange that you bought! Hope they decide to stock it soon!

6 11 2009
Peanut Butter Bliss

so glad to hear that your excited about bball season – sounds like you have a great routine too!

oh man do I ever love maranatha peanut butter. Whatever they do they need to keep doing it 🙂

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