Happy Halloween!

1 11 2009

 What foods do you think of when you hear “Happy Halloween?”

Spooky Smores Z-bar?100_8049 Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar? (deeelicious) 100_8010 100_8014 Maybe it’s a pumpkin pie yogurt mess? 100_8041 100_8042 No, I know what it is. It’s definitely a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal. Topped with agave, raisins, coconut, brown sugar, and dark chocolate peanut butter.


100_8058 100_8066 At least that’s what I think of 😀

  • 1/3 cup oats+1/3 cup both water and milk
  • 1 banana
  • ~1/3 cup pumpkin
  • agave
  • brown sugar
  • coconut
  • dark chocolate chips
  • DCD




Happy Halloween!! HappyHalloween (Source)

I am one lucky girl! Not only did I win Emily’s giveaway about a week ago, but I also just won Meg’s giveaway too! I am ecstatic and very happy!

P.S I plan on having a giveaway shortly. I’m still concocting it 🙂

The wonderful people from Xagave were very quick to send me my “prize pack” after I won Emily’s giveaway! 100_8020

100_8021 100_8024 100_8025

100_8026  100_8027 There are SO many amazing recipes in the recipe book! I cannot wait to try many of them!! Thanks again Emily!

Although I’ve only tried this product once, on my oatmeal, it was fantastic!! Added the perfect sweetness!

I also received the two of the new POM flavors (pomegranate kiwi, and pomegranate nectarine!)  from the amazing people from POM wonderful. I received two of the flavors of the Pom X iced coffee! (Chocolate and Cafe au Lait)

  • Honestly, they are all sooo good! I have not tried the Cafe au Lait yet, but my friend had one of the samples and really enjoyed it! She also loved the Chocolate flavor! It’s very chocolate-y!! Kinda like choc. milk?
  • Both of the new flavors are fabulous as well! I love how fruity they are. I plan on using half of one to make fruity oatmeal… 🙂

Thanks to the people from POM! They are sooo wonderful!!


Today’s workout, in addition to some basketball action, was a great one!!

  • 5 minute warm up on the stationary bike
  • Leg Work
    • Hip Abduction: 8 sets of 10 (150 pounds)
    • Hip Adduction: 8 sets of 10 (150 pounds)
    • Calves: 3 sets of 12 (175 pounds)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 10 (55 pounds)
    • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (75/85 pounds)
    • Leg Press: 4 sets of 10 (130 pounds)
    • Wall Squat held for 2 minutes
    • Wall squats with exercise ball: 3 sets of 15
    • Knee Strengthening Exercises
  • Ab Work:
    • 30 second plank, 30 second side plank, 30 second side plank
      • REPEAT with another 30 second plank to end with
    • side planks with toe hold
    • leg extensions
    • torso twist: 3 sets of 15 (15 pounds)
    • other random ab work thrown in there too!
  • Arm Work
    • tricep work+shoulder work (too tired to really remember!! Haha!)
      • pushups, for example
  • 15 minute stationary bike
  • Yoga/Stretching/Foam Roller

Twas a great workout, that’s for sure!!

Post-workout was a new fabulous sandwich combo! It was: 2 slices of Ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon raisin bread (<3) spread with DCD and coconut. Oh my it was heavenly! 100_8071 Dinner tonight was scrumptious!! I don’t have any pictures, but it was a stir-fry consisting of brown rice, soy sauce, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green bell pepper, snap peas, and chicken. Very green and very healthy and balanced. The perfect dinner!

White rice was also made for some of my family, so the leftovers were used to make homemade rice pudding. I just had to have a little 😉 I topped mine with raisins, cinnamon, and dark chocolate chips ❤ 100_8073


My family and I took a trip to the Bookstore tonight and while I sipped on a Chai Tea Latte, and got hit on , I found Food, Inc. which I am SO excited to read! My parents are interested too! (I had an organic apple tonight as well, which is atop the book, lol.)100_8079

100_8080 Another random Greek yogurt mess…100_7977 100_7979 100_7982 100_7986


Verse of the Day: Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Have a great night everyone! Enjoy that extra hour!

❤ jess





17 responses

1 11 2009

wow that post workout sammie looksreally good 😀
and your halloween eats are perfect. i wish i could try those seasonal flavors some time.
congrats on winning the giveaway!
have a great sunday love

1 11 2009

Congrats on the giveaways!

I think anything pumpkin is halloween! But I have to confess something… I haven’t had ANY pumpkin or pumpkin flavoured food yet! For shame! I should do something about it….

I’ve been meaning to ask you about your exercise routine by the way (because I NEED to start exercising… really) but I’ve been wondering whether you do all this in a gym. Or do you just do it at home?



1 11 2009

Hey girl! Those Pumpkin Oats look amazing! So good! And the work out looks amazing – I don’t have access to a gym right now, and I miss a good work out!

Um… would you mind updating your blogroll? The link you have is too my old Blogger blog. 🙂 Thanks, girl!

Love you!

1 11 2009


1 11 2009
Tasty Health Food

I just bought a jar of DCD at Shop Rite AND it was on sale for two dollars! 🙂 I see many of those sandwiches in my future.

1 11 2009

Happy halloween! that post workout sandwich sounds delicious!

1 11 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Love all your Halloween-like foods. I haven’t tried either of those bars before, but I’ve heard such good things about them. I have to say that squash and pumpkin spice lattes really get my in the Halloween spirit! 🙂

Congrats on winning those giveaways sweetie… you deserve it!


1 11 2009

What’s DCD? Sorry if it’s something obvious – I can’t figure it out!

I didn’t know Food, Inc was a book – I just thought it was a movie! It just got out on DVD so I can’t wait to watch it 🙂

1 11 2009

Halloween is definitely all about pumpkins for me 😉 My goodness all those yogurt messes look to die for! You get so creative with them!

Oh, and the Ezekiel with DCD and coconut??? YUM!

I hope you enjoy that extra hour and that you had a great Halloween!

1 11 2009
Peanut Butter Bliss

what a great little tribute to halloween 🙂 I am SO excited that those clif babies are back in my life – the spiced pumpkin is totally my fav!

1 11 2009

pumpkin oats scream halloween time 🙂 I love I love!

I have seen that xagave all over blogworld – I’m so curious! wish they had it in stores near me 😦 le sighhhhh

happy november to you darling!

1 11 2009

Dontcha love freebies! I know I do!
I’m so sad I haven’t gotten to try the Spooky Smore’s yet and now Halloween is over – I may break down and buy some on Amazon so I can try them lol!

2 11 2009

Of course pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! Woo-hoo! Haha, not in the forms of bars, though. I’m not a big fan of bars, but I’ll take that delicious oatmeal!

2 11 2009

Looking good! For me it’s pumpkin too, original right?;)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

2 11 2009
Karina Pinzon

I hope you had a wonderful halloween!
Those zbars are my absolute favorite.
All your eats are eye candy, holy moly. I especially like that pumpkin pie yogurt mess!
Yogurt messes can’t be beat.

3 11 2009
Internal Peace

Oooh, I just bought that seasonal Clif bar and I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

Isn’t winning foodie stuff the absolute best?!? 🙂 Can’t wait for your giveaway! (Or you could just skip the giveaway and send the prize to me! 😉

3 11 2009

that clif bar and z bar look amazinggg!

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