21 09 2009

I had no idea what this meant until today, when I googled it and landed on the My Life Is Average website. It’s HILARIOUS!! Check it out!!

I was planning on a post last night, after an awesome grocery shopping trip too (!!), but I was asked to babysit and jumped at the opportunity to enjoy some quality kid time and make some money having fun! Babysitting is great… 🙂

I’ve been busting my butt all afternoon working on homework, with a break in between for some gym time and dinner action.

Let’s get started with yesterday’s eats!



Oats in a jar! YAY! 100_7086


I tried two amazing grass bars yesterday! You’d think that sounds like a good sign, but it isn’t. I was a little daunted by the ingredient list on the original bar, as superb as it is, but organic broccoli in my bar? Umm…upon first bite my taste buds quickly said NO WAY! So I opened up a chocolate. Much better. Edible! 🙂 I hope I enjoy the other two flavors more though! But them being berry and peanut butter, I think I’ll be fine 😀 100_7089





Now it’s time for yesterday’s grocery store visit. 😀 I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING! Makes me super duper happy! Here’s the haul…

  • 6 Oikos Greek Yogurts for the price of 3 (BOO-YAH!)
  • Hummus
  • Organic Blueberry Waffles
  • Wheat (whole grain I think) Bread from the bakery (SO good!)
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Nectarines
  • Blueberries
  • sweet potato
  • grapes
  • avocado
  • Clif Bars
  • All Natural Blue-Corn Chips
  • dark chocolate
  • dark mocha almond
  • coconut
  • Pumpkin Raisin Crunch (sounds so much like Fall, don’t ya think?!)
  • Banana-Nut Vitatops (!!)
  • Spinach (I have lots to use up…Green Monsters anyone?!?!!)

100_7100 100_7102 100_7103



This grocery store visit made me one happy girl. I see lots of delicious food in my future…Wanna see some post-grocery shopping eats? Why of course you do!


(Delicious bar!!)

100_7113 100_7114 100_7119


100_7123 On the plate below—an almond butter-peanut butter-banana sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread. Grapes and Peach Mango (fabulous!) applesauce on the side. Twas a delicious meal! 100_7124 100_7125





I’ve been enjoying my fair share of great, booty-kicking workouts lately! Today’s was especially wonderful.

  • 4 minute stationary bike warm up
  • Leg Work:
    • Calves: 3 sets of 20 (130 pounds)
    • Hip Abduction: 8 sets of 10 (150/145 pounds)
    • Hip Adduction: 8 sets of 10 (150/145 pounds)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 11 (50 pounds)
    • Leg Press: 3 sets of 12 (110 pounds)
    • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (50 pounds)
    • Wall Squat held for 100 seconds
    • Knee Strengthening Exercises
  • Quick Ab Work:
    • 100 crunches on a super small exercise ball (love this! It intensifies the exercise ball so much!!)
    • Plank held for 1.5 minutes
  • 20 minutes interval biking—level nine being the highest
  • Stretch! (didn’t have time to foam roll—Darn it!!)

Felt amazing! I am planning on some yoga for tomorrow… 🙂

Before I say farewell, I have to share with you the most amazing snack I had tonight! It consisted of all natural vanilla soft serve, a banana nut vitatop (OMG YUM!), and kroger brand all natural peanut butter. Out of this world good! I wish I had given vitas another chance sooner! I think my first experience with them was my fault. I think I overcooked it…but this one was perfect! So moist and warm. Mmm! 100_7130 100_7131 100_7132 100_7134

100_7137 Verse of the Day: Romans 5: 3-4

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Powerful stuff!

Gotta run ladies! I’ll be back in a day or two, hopefully! I’ve got a busy week school wise!

Love you all!

❤ jess




24 responses

21 09 2009
Tasty Health Food

Isn’t that site like the FML one? 😛 You should check that one out!

Awesome grocery list by the way. Green monsters galore!

21 09 2009

I LOVE my life is average!! Have you seen texts from last night?? that’s funny too 🙂 And wow.. your vitatop/banana soft serve/pb snack looks absolutely freaking fantaaaastic!!

21 09 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Gotta love grocery shopping! Sounds like you got an awesome haul. I always feel good knowing I’m stocked up on healthy eats for the week! 🙂

Ok, totally drooling at that snack hun! LOVE IT!


21 09 2009
Neela Marijana

hmm i’m loving your grceries girl!!! can i come over sometime soon?? 🙂 hehe!
good to hear you had a nice weekend and some really yummy eats right there.
sont stress yourself too much with work! we all need to take everything a little bit slower right?
loads of care

21 09 2009

Nice workout! I love your snacky dessert 🙂

21 09 2009

Glad you’re feeling better!
That vitatop dessert looks yummy!
I love grocery shopping posts, I get just as excited about everyone’s grocery hauls as I do about my own. hehe
Have a great week!

21 09 2009

Haha, thanks, but my life is anything but average! 😉
LOVE that verse…thanks, Jess, I REALLY needed that! 😀

21 09 2009

You did some good shopping! And that sandwich, mmm…: Elvis would have loved it too;)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

21 09 2009

What a fantastic grocery haul!! That banana Vita is one of my favorites – glad you liked it 🙂

I like your phone cover! It’s fun!

21 09 2009

I’m curious and I hope you don’t me asking but how much do you typically spend a week? I love grocery shopping and for a single person I spend btwn $75-100 every week! That can’t be normal!

21 09 2009

AWESOME looking grocery haul Jess! 🙂 That vitatop/ice cream/PB combo is a winner for sure!

21 09 2009

haha I love those sites! FML, TFLN.. I could spend all day reading them 🙂

those banana nut vitatops make me a very happy chick 🙂

21 09 2009

I’ve definitely been thinking about the struggles and hardships that God gives you along the way. Sometimes He has to step back and watch you struggle for your own good (or somebody you love). Just trust in him 🙂

Oh wow, girlie that is an amazing looking snack. Heaven on a spoon for sure!

21 09 2009

Great shopping list, loving everything on it.

21 09 2009

Today, I typed my research paper in a facebook message and sent it to my professor because my 30-day free trial of Microsoft Word had expired. – MLIA

Genius xD

I laughed my ass off!

Your sandwich tower looks grand! And I love the banana-vitatop creation ^^


21 09 2009

Mmmm…your dessert looks yummy. And love all the grocery goodies.
Take care,

21 09 2009

Man everything looks so good! Especially that vitatop mixture!

22 09 2009

I haven’t tried the banana nut vitatops, only the chocolate ones. It sounds like it’d be so good with the vanilla ice cream. Yum!

22 09 2009

Oh gosh, when I am craving chocolate NOTHING satisfies it more than a chocolate vitamuffin smeared with dark chocolate dreams pb….my mouth is watering just THINKING about it!!

22 09 2009
Peanut Butter Bliss

OMG I LOVE THAT SITE. so popular at my school.
totally loving the oats in a jar, because well its just the best way to wake up 😀

22 09 2009

chocolate makes everything taste better 🙂

i am loving your grocery loot! i still haven’t tried vita-tops…crazy right? however, banana nut (almost wrote banana butt haha!) is one of my favorite flavors so i am almost positive i would love it!

happy tuesday deary!

22 09 2009

MLIA is great. that site is totally made for me ‘cuz MLI(uber)A!

i love grocery shopping too – haha, i’m such a dork. i really look forward to it.

i spy a sprite in the fridge (the drink, not a weird imp, don’t worry) which i had a little drank of mahself today. yummo.

i’m totes envious of your ability on the weights. i though i was doin’ good on the hip adductor (61lbs up to 81lbs) but you have got some mad skillz girl!

another great verse – thanks! (the Bible is so great.)

L. x

22 09 2009

what GREAT eats and a MARVELOUS grocery haul!!!

lol that MLIA site is too funny! thanks for the warm welcome back 🙂 feels great!

25 09 2009

wow! i love all your eats from the yogurt messes, oats in a jar, and pb sandwich!

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