Sick as a dog…

12 09 2009

Thanks for all the well wishes, girls. Unfortunately though, I woke up with a fever and about every other flu symptom in the book. I’m not feeling any better, and my mom took my to the doctor’s office. Turns out I have the flu, most likely the swine flu…My symptoms are fever, chills, achy, upset stomach, headache, throat ache…UGH! I cannot remember the last time I was this sick. I’m in our “sick” room aka our guest bedroom. I have my laptop, cell phone, camera, and blankets. I somehow managed to get pictures of some of the food I ate today. I don’t know how! I’ve been in a drunken like state today. I feel like I’m going to pass out every time I get up. One positive thing about today is that post-doctor’s visit my mom got me a Venti Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Oh my…so good! Way to bring in the fall season 😀

starbucks 100_6953 I tried a new (to me!) larabar today! It was the gingersnap and totally reminded me of Christmas/Fall/Winter. So yummy 🙂 100_6956 100_6958 My hunger is pretty much non-existent. Although waffles sound good. Weird! Maybe I can get my mom to whip me up some using the Fiberone Pancake mix…

Hope you like my new blog layout! I updated the bars page as well as the oatmeal page—now making it breakfast. Check it out!

Gotta go before my head gets any worse…

❤ jess




22 responses

12 09 2009
Run Sarah

Hope you feel better soon Jess!

12 09 2009

I’m sorry you’re sick! No fun…hope you feel better really soon!

I’ve always wanted to try the gingersnap Larabar. And I definitely ned to get a pumpkin spice latte soon! (Never had one! Gasp.)

12 09 2009

Oh dear, poor baby! I’m so sorry Jess! I hope you are feeling better and getting a lot of pampering too!

12 09 2009

This is SO funny! I tried my first ginger Larabar yesterday as well!!! I loved it too:)

Hope you feel better really soon!

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

12 09 2009
Neela Marijana

get loads of rest hun and hope to hear you’re better soon.
much love

12 09 2009

I hope you feel better! Get plenty of rest!

12 09 2009

Oh no! Feel better soon… My brother got swine flu and seemed to bounce back pretty fast so I’ll send some of his healthy-swing-flu-combatting-vibes your way!

12 09 2009

this makes me so sad 😦 hope some oats and tea do the trick for ya!

12 09 2009

Awww, I’m sorry that you are not feeling well! I hope you get better soon, hon!

Pumpkin spice and ginger snaps are awesome fall flavors to perk you up a little 🙂

12 09 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Aww, so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! Stupid school and all of its germs! 😉 At least you had your Pumpkin Spice fix to cheer you up. I seriously have the theory that Starbucks has certain magical curing abilities. Haha, I had one on the ride home after my foot surgery (yes, I was doped up on WAY too many drugs, but I DO actually remember telling my mom what I wanted and a few random memories drinking it. ;)) and I honestly think it made me feel THAT much better. 😀


12 09 2009

Sick feeling = weak feeling to me that is NOT fun….But little treats along the way, edible or tangible (fuzzy socks) rock. I love women who gratefully embrace nurture!

13 09 2009

Awww, you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon!

13 09 2009

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!! 🙂

13 09 2009

AHHHHHHHHHH i am so sorry that you are sick love!! headache and fever is one thing…but plus chills AND an upset stomach!? ahhhh

hurray for one good thing- pumpkin lattes. is it just me or is it funny to anyone else to get one ICED?! like a fall flavor in summer form?! regardless they are so delish! hurray


13 09 2009

Oh poor thing… I absolutely, positively and completely HATE being sick… sucks so bad…

Hope you get better soon. (Maybe you can selfmedicate with more lattes and larabars?)


13 09 2009


sorry to hear you’re feeling ill – i hope you’re getting nursed by someone at your beck and call 😉

i have to admit that ginger is one of my dislikes although i’m sure larabar could win me round!

hope you start to feel better soon. if not, get some more of those lattes to perk your spirits!


14 09 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Gosh, Jess, I’m SO sorry to hear this. 😦 I hope you’re feeling your “Wheaties” soon! 😀

The Larabar sounds yummy. My mom can make the best gingersnap cookies EVER but she rarely makes ’em ’cause they’re not the healthiest in the world. LOL


14 09 2009

Hi Jess thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m sorry to find your blog when you’re sick, I hope you get better and you keep snug in bed while you’re looked after. I look forward to reading more of your blog when you’re better.

Love Taylor

14 09 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

Hold the phone! You have a whole page devoted to oatmeal? You are too much!

14 09 2009

LOVE the new design! definitely a fun makeover!

mmmm gingersnap lara is a fab holiday flavor and the pumpkin spice latte is sooo good – i haven’t tried it iced though. might have to go and try it out!

14 09 2009

Hope you’re feeling loads better love!!!! 🙂

16 09 2009

JESS! How can you STILL be sick?I need to write a letter to your bf asking him to pamper you more!
Love the new design though! Tomorrow, I hope you wake up miraculously cured, or else!

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