Quite the HEAB approved snack!

6 09 2009

Last night my “midnight” snack was a plain sweet potato topped with all natural almond butter. Twas delicious! Just about perfect! 100_6818




I am currently watching a program on channel 3 (for me). It’s about kidnappings. 2 to be exact, I think. Both people have survived. They’ve been through hell and back and it’s making me almost… sick! It makes me sad and angry. I wish I could just give all these people (the victims) a huge hug and solve all their problems.

On a lighter note…

I’m working with the littlest babies in my church tomorrow!! 🙂 I’m so excited. Typically I work with the 1-2 year olds so this will be a definite change! I loooooove kids! 🙂


This morning’s breakfast was dark chocolate oat bran! Delicious! Here’s what went into the bowl:

  • 1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup water
  • banana
  • dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • stevia
  • strawberries
  • almond butter+a bit of DCD




100_6831Cool spoon :) 


Today’s workout featured P90X! My dad ordered it for both of us. Thanks dad!! I really am interested in the whole concept of muscle confusion. I don’t plan on following the program to a “T.” But I am def. going to make use of the arm/chest/back/shoulder workouts. I think it gives the best arm workout! I can’t wait to see myself in a few weeks, haha! I also want to try the 1.5 hour yoga class! Seems intense—in an awesome way!!

Lunch followed my workout. I had an avocado-provolone flat out wrap. Panini-d, of course!! I also had some vanilla yogurt with 1/3 a peach and blueberries, and veggie chips with hummus. 100_6835






Tonight was spent at the boyfriend’s house. Update on his collarbone: So, he was planned to get the sling off in a week and a half and it was almost fully healed. Off we went to the retreat (which ended up being a blast 😀 ) and someone accidentally (supposedly…) tripped him and he fell and re-broke it. So another 6 weeks. He’s incredibly bummed about this, as you can imagine, so I tried to cheer him up! I think it worked 🙂

Tomorrow we are having a HUGE party with at least 45 people coming!! Lots of fun, food, and friends! Should be a blast!

I am so relieved that we have Monday off. 4 day school week–me like!!

Verse of the Day: John 3:16 (I don’t think I’ve done this one before! Either way, it’s an incredible verse!)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Wanna hear about some giveaways?! Of course you do!!!

I Run Because I Can is having a great giveaway! Check it out here

An Apple A Day is having two awesome giveaways going on. Here’s the first, and the second.

Taydor Tott is giving away some Nature Path products! Check it out here


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love you all!

❤ jess




14 responses

6 09 2009

What a yummy looking sweet potato!
How were those veggie chips? What kind were they?
I’m so sorry about your bf’s collar bone, that’s terrible that he rebroke it!
Hope you enjoy the party!

6 09 2009

45 guests! WOW! Sounds like a blast! Can’t wait for your recap.
Sorry abt your bf, but I’ll bet he’s also glad to get some pampering from you!

6 09 2009
Learning To Relove

i absolutely loved this post! Other than the bad news about your poor boyfriend (Im SOOO sorry for him!) everything seems to be going great for you and you’ve been eating some delicious foods! Have an amazing time at your party, I cant wait to hear all about it! 🙂

6 09 2009

I’m sorry about your boyfriend! I’m sure you’ll pamper him and cheer him up 😉

6 09 2009

Oh no! Sorry about the boyfriend – hope he heals up quickly and doesn’t break it again!! Have fun with P90x! I’ve heard it’s intense but in a good way 🙂

6 09 2009

That sweet potato snackie is perfection.. as are those oats. Chocolate covered strawberries in a bowl..does it get any better?

Have a great time at the partaaaay love!

6 09 2009

That’s a perfect midnight snack in my opinion! I eat one almost everyday! haha

6 09 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

You KNOW I love my sweet potatoes!!! Looks delicious hun!

OMG, that’s terrible about the bf… give him a hug for me and keep spoiling him. Those broken collarbones hurt like crazy.

Have fun at the party!!! Go a little crazy! 😉


6 09 2009

Lovely eats as always! I love the sweet potato with AB. sounds divine.

6 09 2009

I discovered this weekend, how important it is to panini-fy your wraps! Toasted is seriously better.

Hope you have an awesome time at that mega big party 🙂

7 09 2009

Aww your poor boyfriend! I’m glad you had a good time at the retreat though 🙂

7 09 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Wow, those are some pretty fantabulous lookin’ eats girl! That chocolate/strawberry breakfast looks/sounds amazing. Awesome! 😀

7 09 2009

Your combinations are great! I will definitely try that chocolate bran…and that panini wrap looks delicious:)
Have a great day! xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

7 09 2009

Hi I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello. I hope you’ll check out mine.

Wow I’ve just seen the best sweet potato ever on your blog. Looks so Good.

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