Just Had to Let y’all know…

29 08 2009

That Katie is a genius!

As you all should know, she is having a Spiralizer Giveaway!! I would LOVE to win won, so I just had to make a recipe of hers for 6 extra entries. I haven’t had time all week to, so it had to wait until today, the last day, hehe!

I chose to make her Banana Brulee Oatmeal! YUM YUM YUM! Those are my words. My substitutions: Instead of non-dairy milk, I used skim milk+water, and for the banana, I used frozen banana. We are out of bananas so this was my only option! Delicious, though! Would be perfection with regular, room temperature naners though 😉 I also included some stevia in the mix. Topped with almond butter AND peanut butter. Oh and a drizzle of honey. Have I mentioned that this was amaizng?!100_6625



My laptop is currently at the doctor’s office. She’s been having issues with her beloved google reader and commenting on certain blogs…Hence no posts the last couple days! Hopefully she’s back soon and better than ever!

Another commenting issue…I am unable to comment on certain blogger blogs! It’s REALLY annoying. If you don’t see a comment from me, make sure and know that I’m reading!!

Today’s workout was a leave your whole body feeling like jello one. Love those!

  • 5 minute stationary bike warm up
  • Leg Work (Strength):
  • Calf: 3 sets of 20, 15, and 10 (120 pounds)
  • Hip Abductor: 8 sets of 10 (145/140 pounds)
  • Hip Adductor: 8 sets of 10 (145/140 pounds)
  • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 10 (45 pounds)
  • Leg Press: 3 sets of 10 (110 pounds)
  • Hamstring: 2 sets of 10, 3 sets of 8 (30/50 pounds)
  • 100 second wall plank (feel that burn!)
  • 35 ish second bridge pose with one leg extended (did on each side)
  • Knee Strengthening Move #1 (3 sets of 15: each leg)
  • Ab Work
    • 1 minute and another 45 second sesh using medicene ball side to side motion, legs up in air–HARD. But feels so good!!
    • 100 exercise ball crunches
    • Side Plank 30 sec each side
    • 20 minutes elliptical
    • Stretch and Foam Roller 

    Verse of the Day (according to here) : Proverbs 16:9



    The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

    What a beautiful and true verse! Any thoughts??

    K, ladies. Gotta run! Another busy night!

    P.S Make sure and leave your blog address if you comment. I wanna comment on yours too 🙂

    OH and check out this beautiful girl’s giveaway HERE!

    ❤ jess





    14 responses

    29 08 2009
    Chocolate-Covered Katie

    Umm, sweetest girl ever? Seriously.

    I hope your laptop gets well soon. Doctors’ offices are no fun :(.

    Thanks so so much for such a sweet post. 7 entries 4 sho’ 🙂 🙂


    29 08 2009

    i can’t even fathom how incredible banana brulee oatmeal must be… oh dear me!

    29 08 2009

    Sorry your lappie is under the weather!

    29 08 2009

    Katie is a genius and YOU are a genius too! 🙂

    That leg work out seems so hard–love it! I must try sometime.

    29 08 2009

    I LOVE Katie’s recipes. I’ve tried a few and they were all amazing. I recommend her 24 carrot muffins 🙂

    Your oatmeal looks so good!! I’ll have to try mixing nut butters as a topping – I always do one or the other. I need to change it up!

    29 08 2009

    I have that simple oatmeal combo every time 😉 , except I add chia seeds to mine sometimes and I don’t melt the banana (can’t do without the banana though!) Although I need to try that method, since Katie has the most awesome recipes.

    I’ve been having blogger troubles as wells. Grrr. No WordPress problems though =)

    29 08 2009

    Oh, and about the verse–it is so true. The man can plan an incredible life, but he can’t take that step without God. Amen 🙂

    30 08 2009

    I’m sorry about your laptop! I hate when they have major issues!
    Have a great weekend!

    30 08 2009
    April (Foods of April)

    Mmm you’ve got me craving oatmeal!!

    30 08 2009
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

    I know how insane laptops can be… hope your experience is much easier than my own! 😉

    And I had the same weird problem commenting a few weeks ago. It went away eventually on its own, so I’d say to just keep trying.

    Have a fabulous weekend sweetie!


    30 08 2009

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway!

    I’m sorry your laptop has been under the weather. Hopefully he’ll be all better soon.

    And yes, that verse is great. I always smile to myself when I think of the quote: “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.” 🙂

    30 08 2009
    Neela Marijana

    hey jess,
    i just found your blog and i just wanted to say that i really like it. i love your attitude and your determination to find a healthy balance with food and exercise in life agin. these are my favorite blogs of people who have realised that not living our lives and depriving us of food is not a life to live.
    love to hear from you soon

    30 08 2009

    Mmmm double nut butters on oatmeal is an awesome combo!! Love the verse as well!

    9 09 2009
    everyone and their mama is makin’ Banana Brulee oatmeal « Chocolate-Covered Katie

    […] girls: Jenny, Ariel, Jess, Meg, and Sünne (their photos are in that […]

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