Happy Sunday!

24 08 2009

It sure has been a happy Sunday indeed. I, for one, have had a wonderful weekend!

Here’s some promised doggie pictures! Adorable!


She actually has two different colored eyes (blue and brown), which I think is pretty cool 🙂 100_6284 My weekend has been filled delicious (I feel like I always use that description haha) eats so let’s get started!

My uber-fancy Saturday night lunch was a huge sweet potato-fry style. Oh man, oh man, so good!! I had two dipping “sauces” – almond butter (the best!!) and ketchup (traditional, but oh so yummy!). 100_6562 100_6564 100_6565 100_6566 100_6567My late afternoon/evening was spent at the boyfriend’s house. Dinner there was very good home-made pizza. Mmm!

But wait, what about breakfast?! How could I forget that… 🙂

Enter: Toad in the Holes (aka eggs in a slice of toast) Served with a juicy peach and 1/2 an almost-bad (I saved it!!) banana with all natural chunky peanut butter. 100_6553 100_6554 100_6556




Backtracking even more…Friday night was my school’s back to school picnic! It was a lot of fun although the majority of the guys in my class were not there (away soccer tournament). But I still enjoyed myself and had fun hanging out with mostly girls 🙂

Here are some snacks I enjoyed throughout my week. I’ve been eating a lot of applesauce. Mostly because it was seriously almost the only fruit we had in the house before we went grocery shopping (more on that in a bit) today. Haha…

Avocado wraps=YUM! 100_6550 100_6552 100_6501 100_6498 100_6497 100_6561 100_6569  100_6560 100_6575

Breakfast this morning was quite simple: a bowl of blueberry pomegranate Total cereal and skim milk. Applesauce as well 😮 Plus yet another string cheese (told y’all we were low on supplies!) 100_6570

100_6572  100_6573 100_6574 Lunch was a scrambling of what I could find! The main event was sweet potato mash with almond butter and a crack wrap. Flat-outs are the BEST wraps. Hands down! 100_6576 100_6577 100_6582This was my “lunch dessert.” I can’t remember the last time I had solid dark chocolate. I used to eat lots! Hmm, odd!  100_6583

After a sweaty 45 minute elliptical sesh, it twas time for some grocery shopping! Here’s the rough list!

  • A plethora of apples and bananas
  • Plum-cots, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  • 1 Peach Chobs Greek Yogurt
  • 3 Oikos Greek Yogurts (two blueberries, one vanilla)
  • Frozen Yogurt (vanilla, I like things simple 😉 )
  • Bear Naked FIT granola (triple berry) – very good!
  • Kashi Honey Sesame Crackers (I know Kath likes them very much so!)
  • Soy Crisps (<3)
  • Spinach
  • 2 Bars – Zbar (Honey Graham) and a Super-Protein Odwalla Bar
  • Skippy All Natural Creamy PB





I had a super-tasty bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt topped with chocolate Annie’s Bunnies. 100_6590 

I spotted the new Pom-Teas in the grocery store! I also saw that they had in stock PB Puffins, Newman O’s ginger cookies, and Ezekiel Bread. The thing with all those foods is that they’re mighty expensive! I mean, 5.79 (?) for the bread. WOW-ZA.

Do you have any foods that you just think are outrageously priced??

Anyways…I’m off to finish up some hw and get to bed! I need my beauty sleep 😉

Verse of the Day: Romans5: 1-2

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Gotta run! Have a wonderful (short) rest of your weekend 🙂

It’s back to the grind tomorrow!

❤ jess





17 responses

24 08 2009
April (Foods of April)

Love the sweet potato fries and the dips! I can never decide what I want to dip my fries in either!

And i’ve been thinking about mashing a sp and adding nut butter! Now I really wanna try it!


24 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

I don’t even know where to start hun! Everything sounds so delicious. I’m so proud of you for taking the time to still eat healthy despite the craziness freshman year always brings. 🙂

I have to make a remark about the Kashi Honey Sesame. It tastes so close to the original, but like 100 times better haha. I have to go out of town to buy it, but it’s SOOOO worth it.


24 08 2009

YAYYY! Eggs-in-the-hole! Sooo good! I hope the yolk was runny though!
ok, ridiculously priced food? Too many. Froyo, for one. Greek yogurt. Puffins. And the crazy nutrition bars!

24 08 2009

OH YEAH. ridiculously priced? How about Maranatha butters?!?! (my god! why are they double the price of other nut butters??) ANd how about certain brands of ice-cream?? I would never buy that stuff! Ever! They go up to like $8 a pint! REALLY???

ANyways, hahahah enough of my rants. EGGs in a basket!!! WOOHOO! I totally gotta make this for my boyfriend. It’s his favorite thing in the world! Thanks for the inspiration Jo!

24 08 2009

Those sweet potato fries gave me sweet potato fry jealousy!

And yes for the ridiculously priced food: everything at Whole Foods? Does that count? Oikos is $4.99, I had a coupon which made it doable, but DANG! I also paid $3.99 for a container of organic and local strawberries…I can get twice the amount I got, non organic for that price at Sam’s Club or TJ’s. But it’s worth it to me to buy organic and to support Whole Foods…so.

24 08 2009

i think almond butter is WAY over priced!

or Fage.


what else….some cereals are WAY too expensive.

24 08 2009

I know! I’m always tempted to buy the Eziekel bread, but $5.50 a loaf!? Geez!
Mm now I want some sweet potato fries with almond/peanut butter! I’ve never tried them that way, but I have a sweet potato that needs to be used up, so we’ll see! 🙂

Have a great day!

24 08 2009

Great grocery haul and awwwww to the pupper!! What a cutie pie!

Dark chocolate is the way to go! In fact, the darker the better in my book 🙂

24 08 2009

That bread is definitely outrageously priced! Hmmm, I’d say Kombucha is $$$, but I love it and buy it on sale!

The pup is super cute! Hehe, looks so tired too 😉

Eggs in toast sounds delicious (I use that word a lot too!)!!!

24 08 2009

Ginge actually has two different colored eyes too! blue and green — very unique 🙂

i adore that little sweet potato fry “taco” you are such a creative chick!

have a great day Jess!

24 08 2009

I need to try the nut butter and sweet potato combo! Honey mustard is my dip or choice for sweet potato fries…so good!

So many foods are way overpriced. Greek yogurt, canned pumpkin ($5 a can here!), protein bars…oh, and seitan here is nuts. I bought the only brand available because I was dying to try it- $10 a jar! I thought it had 5 servings but I was looking at the net weight…once drained, it was 2 servings. Lame 😦

25 08 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

LOVE the doggie pics! 🙂

Yeah, I think the healthier breads are more expensive. And why doesn’t Wal-Mart stock organic almond butter, huh? Looks like they could, don’t ya think? For a happy face price. 🙂

Glad you had a great Sunday!

aka Raw Juice Girl

25 08 2009

Your food looks delicious- especially those sweet potato fries. Mmmm…

25 08 2009

OMG i LOVE your pup! is that a boxer???? i just want to kiss that smushy face 🙂

i love “toads in a hole” – (we call in “eggs in a hole”) – it was my all time favorite breakfast as a kid! 🙂

25 08 2009

Everything tastes better with a little nutbutter, even sweet potatoes! Haha xD


25 08 2009

Certain nut butters for like 12.99 a jar blow my mind, as well as avocadoes. I can buy a whole bag of them at Whole Foods for 5.99 but they’re 2 dollars a piece at my normal grocery store. It makes no sense!

26 08 2009
Learning To Relove

hi love! Sorry for being so terrible about blogging and commenting lately…been SOOO busy! Anywho, I used to eat man-o-wars (aka toad in the holes) ALLLLL the time when I was little. it is hands down my favorite breakfast ever! 🙂 makes me SOOO happy haha Yayy!

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