Epic Fails (5 to be exact)

18 08 2009

This pretty much explains my Monday to a “T.”

1. While attempting headstand pose, I did a complete flip and hit my white bookcase. OUCH! It was actually pretty funny though 😀

2. Drops my bowl FULL of chicken taco soup on the floor. Huge mess.

Bowl #1. 100_6503 Bowl #2. 100_6507

3. Steps on small piece of glass from said accident. PAIN. Hurts to walk at times.

4. Drops Sour Cream container on floor and proceeds to try and clean it up. In doing that, makes it actually worse. 

5. One of my favorite plates breaks—my fault for not putting it away appropriately. 100_6517

There were some positives to yesterday though!

1. Tried a Vivanno Smoothie from Starbucks. 15 grams of protein!!100_6516 2. A-freaking-mazing lunch featuring a pb/ab/banana wrap using my favorite flat wraps. Served with a juicy apple a itty bitty, adorably sweet potato. 100_6466 100_6468






Seeing as many people have decided to no longer continue their blogs, and I will miss them very much, although I understand why they are doing it and completely support them, I have chosen to continue blogging. As school starts, there is no way I’ll be able to get a post up every night as school is priority 😉 Expect a post every 2—3 nights. Is that cool? I don’t want to leave this wonderful community as it has had so many positive effects on my life. I love you guys too much 😀 I was thinking of the positive and negatives to continue blogging and the only negative was…wait there wasn’t any as long as I don’t let it control my life. Blogging is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. If I have to miss a post cause I’m going out with friends, I’ll just do another the next day. Life’s about balance, and I’m striving to find that balance 🙂

I’ve got a busy day planned! Here’s today’s schedule!

  • 9:00-9:45: walk dog, have a good breakfast—> FINISHED.
  • 9:45-10:15: work on notes for mythology—> FINISHED.
  • Quickie Post: 11:30-12:00—> FINISHED.
  • 12:00-12:45/1:00—> Get ready to go out to lunch
  • 1:30-? –> lunch with the girls
  • 4:30-6:00?—> brother’s soccer game
  • 6:15-7:30? –Workout
  • Rest of the Night: commenting and relaxing in preparation for school tomorrow/get organized for school tomorrow
  • 10:30—> Night night! 🙂

Bye girls!

❤ jess




17 responses

18 08 2009

I am the same way! School will take over….lol

Those Vivannos are gooooood!

18 08 2009

You completely masked the negative with the positive! Good job, girly! 🙂 You are awesome. I am sorry about flipping during yoga–that is a scary feeling.

I also understand about not posting as often when school starts up. I am probably going to end up doing the same thing. I need to make sure I balance everything well and still allow enough “me” time for my sanity.

18 08 2009
Tasty Health Food

Whoa, that is a lot of broken and dropped stuff in one place! At least you got to try the Starbucks smoothie. They’re pretty yummy! I can’t believe school’s almost starting though. It seems like summer was just starting a few days ago.

18 08 2009

Aw man, sorry for all those mishaps! I totally have days like that too, we just gotta move past ’em and keep trucking on 😉

Definitely agree about blogging/post frequency once school starts…we need to enjoy our lives and our blogs are just ONE part of them. Adjustments are sometimes necessary, and that’s okay!

18 08 2009

I think that’s a very smart decision! I’ll probably be the same way, posting every few nights instead of every night. Plus it makes for great recaps and makes the blogging experience even more enjoyable 🙂

Sounds like you’ve got a great day planned! Hopefully you’re out having fun and GOOD LUCK at school tomorrow!!

18 08 2009
devan newman

awee haha. i liked this post! 🙂
Well i think that sweet potatoe would have made anyones day! it looked awesome!! You are a positive chicca! haha, even with your plate breaking! 😦 Awe. Well, gives you an excuse to get a new fav. plate!! 🙂

18 08 2009

At least the day wasn’t a total disaster! That sweet potato is so cute. Good luck at school, too ; )

18 08 2009

aw poor thing — you are having a touch time with your dishware lately girl! fortunately you had that sweet potato and amazing wrap to brighten the day :)!

18 08 2009

Omg, I love how you can still look at the positives after a round of bad things happening! Sorry about the dish, breaking things always makes me sad!

And I’ll read your blog no matter how often you post 🙂

18 08 2009

No need to worry about how often you post, girl! I completely agree that blogging shouldn’t take over life. My family has been telling me that I’m spending too much time on the computer, so I took my blogging down to every 2 days rather than everyday. When school starts it might go to every 2-4 days as well. You are totally right again, and life is all about balance 🙂

18 08 2009
April (Foods of April)

That wrap looks amazing!!

19 08 2009
Learning To Relove

oh no! Im SO SO SO sorry about your epic Whoopsies! haha BUt atleast you can laugh about it and realize that we ALL have those days…def had days where there were more than 10 whoopsies! oops! haha

And I totally agree with you about blogging. I love this community but given shcool and my new work, its going to be impossible to stay on top of it 24/7. Blogging should be about sharing the things we want to share and when we want to. I think that you have the best attitude and idea about it! Way to go girl! Cant wait to keep reading about your exciting life in high school!

19 08 2009

Mondays are rough. Hope you didn’t hit yourself too hard!

20 08 2009
holly the healthy everythingtarian

blogging is NOT life. we need to remember that. posting when you can is just fine – we will be here reading 🙂

ya just gotta live mon! life is too short!

20 08 2009

I need to up my posting-frequency 😛
But I gotta say, you made the best of your Monday… sometimes, it just seems as if Mondays REFUSE to be good days 😛

21 08 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

You and GF Guy should start a club this week. Every time he has set foot in the kitchen this week something has ended up broken or spilled! hahahahaha I’m glad you are sticking around. Your posts always make me smile!

21 08 2009

Man, was that after a workout that you dropped all that stuff? I always drop tons of things after a workout! My arms are just usually still kinda shaky and thats when I tend to break things :). Glad you balanced it out with some positive! Glad you are continuing to blog. Good luck with your new school year!


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