Back in Action and Moving On Up

17 08 2009

Hey girls! Sorry for not posting in a day or two! I’ve just been going through lots right now! I’ve been busy and have been a little bit stressed out. It has ended up being a great weekend, but it was a roller coaster getting through it. Let’s start with yesterday’s lunch. It was absolutely delicious. Oh wait, before we get to that, I had a great workout before then!

I did 22 minutes on the elliptical (hill settings—mountain climb/Kilimanjaro setting?) followed by leg strengthening, knee strengthening exercises, abs, and stretching. Twas glorious. But I have to say the meal afterwards was the highlight. I had a grilled (panini press! yeahh!) pb-banana sandwich using BEE’S KNEES (swoon!!) Alongside I had some organic stonyfield yogurt with strawberries. 100_6432 100_6433 100_6437 100_6438 Dinner that night was at a BBQ place for my brother’s birthday! In our family, you get to choose ANYWHERE you want to go for your birthday. Well, anywhere within reason 😉 So he chose that. I ordered BBQ chopped turkey with sweet potato fries and seasonal veggies. The sweet potato fries were to die for! The rest was really good too! 😉 I took the pictures with my NEW phone (more on that in a second!) which is wonderful because now if I forget my camera, I still can take pictures! 0815091712

2I started off with a water3  The waitress brought us fresh biscuits and hush puppies. Mmm! The biscuits were very good! 5

I ordered BBQ chopped turkey with sweet potato fries and seasonal veggies. The sweet potato fries were to die for! The rest was really good too! 😉 4 6 7 Sorry the pictures are so small, I’m still figuring this all out!

Anyways…I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new phone. It’s like my baby 😉 Haha! It’s an env2-Touch. Touch screen?! Opens up to another screen?! I think I should name it. But that’s borderline obsessed, right!? LOL. Pictures!! lg-env-touch1


Facebook, Email, Youtube! Nice!

Okay enough about me and my issues

Breakfast today was off the chain! I had 1.5 whole wheat mini bagels. One topped with almond butter, the next with skippy natural chunky, and the last Bee’s Knees. On the side was sliced banana and strawberries. 100_6441 100_6442 100_6443 100_6444 100_6445 100_6446 Sunday School was great. Really was eye opening! Loved it 😀

Nursery also went well! I must have irked my back picking up a baby or something, because I was in so much pain for a while after! After a sweating cardio sesh it was still bad! So I took an Alleve and a hot bath and I’m feeling almost back to normal. Just gonna be more careful! Lunch after was at a blogger favorite. CHIPOTLE!!!! I ordered the salad with chicken, black beans, corn salsa, tomato salsa, and guac. Oh my goodness. Absolutely delicious. Before working out I had an apple and 1/2 a whole wheat mini bagel. The workout wasn’t anything special, just some cardio followed by some arm work.

A grocery store trip was in order tonight! Here’s a rough list…

  • 3 Chobani’s
  • 3 Stonyfield Yogurts
  • Stonyfield Yogurt tubes (thanks Heather for the coupons!!)
  • Annie’s Chocolate Graham Bunnies
  • Mango
  • Spinach
  • A variety of apples
  • extremely large amount of bananas
  • apple cinnamon z-bar
  • Pumpkin Spice Kashi Bars
  • Flatout Wraps
  • Hummus
  • Amy’s Burrito

For dinner I had the Amy’s burrito. 00071 [Source]

Although it was high in sodium, I’ve been wanting to try Amy’s for a while and you only live once, right? 😉 My verdict? In all honesty, I wasn’t in LOVE with it. Yes, it was tasty, but kind of a disappointment. It won’t stop me from trying more Amy’s products though! For some reason, I wanted to put ketchup on mine. How weird is that? I wish I had actually!

Served with Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies ( ❤ !!) and a Sweet Jazz Apple. Yum! 100_6447 100_6448Adorable!!  100_6449 


100_6451  Mmm! As you can see, it’s been a day filled with delicious eats. But more importantly, I’ve been really listening to my body. And it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to eat intuitively. Like for instance today, I got home from the gym a starvin’ marvin’ and proceeded to eat Bee’s Knees out of the jar. I don’t know how much I had (or care! I hate measuring things, so I don’t do it!!), but it filled me up and quieted my stomach! So when typical dinner time rolled around I wasn’t hungry. I waited until we got home after the grocery store and then my hunger hit. 🙂 So freeing…

Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 6:19

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Love that verse tons and tons!

Sorry this post has been pretty much all over the place! Hope you managed through all right! 🙂

A HUGE thanks to Heather for the sweet note+coupons. She’s an absolute sweetheart! Love her! 100_6439 100_6440

Have a wonderful night ladies! I start school on Wednesday so I don’t know what the next few days will bring! I will in fact be back soon to tell some big news if our offer goes through. I’ll give you a clue: we might be moving!! Super exciting!

Happy Sunday!

❤ jess




18 responses

17 08 2009
Tasty Health Food

Ooh, that panini looks great. I still have yet to open my panini press. I keep planning on doing it but I never get around to it. 😀

17 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Glad you were able to take a little time off to sort things out. You are SO welcome for those coupons hun! I’m so glad you’re able to use them up! 🙂

LOVE your banana/strawberries/bagel with various nut butters!!! Such an awesome meal you got there.

Have a fabulous week!


17 08 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Wow, lots going on in your life!!

LOVE that phone!! Also love the almond butter with fruit. YUM! That’s a beautiful grocery list as well. 😀

I did an hour of yoga this morning, but I forgot to mention it in my chocolate pudding post! LOL


17 08 2009

OOooh love the phone! And your sweet potato fries look so amazing 🙂

17 08 2009
Learning To Relove

hi lovie,
sorry that you had a bit of a stressful, rollercoaster weekend…we most def all have those once in a while.

Im so glad you had fun out with your brother on his birthday and were able to order something that tickled your fancy at his choice restaurant. In my family, my mom always cooks up the birthday boy or girl’s favorite meal. Mmm its the best gift ever! 😉

Love love loving that bagel breakfast…you can have 3 different nut butters all at once! I LOVE it! haha

And yayy for new phones! Im actually looking to get a new phone now because I have had mine for forever and its about time I did a little upgrade. Im picky though so who knows when it will happen.

night lovebug!

17 08 2009

Great post! I am so jealous/happy you got an IPhone! I think I am not technologically advanced enough to know how to work them. haha. Excited about you big news to come soon!

Awesome verse for today, here is what I was reading this morning. It was good for me to read before I start my day.
Ephesians 5: 1-2
Therefore, be imitators of Christ. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, what a great offering and sacrifice to God.

17 08 2009

Fun new phone! I named my new one 😀 Not obsessed at all!

Those biscuits look REALLY good!! Hope the offer goes through!

17 08 2009

Omg your breakfast this morning looks so good – I love how you used a different butter on each bagel! And the side fruit display is adorable 🙂

17 08 2009

Hi Jess! I’m so glad to hear that you’re so in tune with your appetite! The bees knees sandwich really does look yummy! I’m totally a fan of the plain Stonyfield yogurt (much more affordable than their Greek yogurts!!)

I love the cute chocolate bunnies!! I’ve been dying to try those for forever!! Kinda like your Annie’s burrito desire. heheheh Hope you’re having a great Monday hun!

17 08 2009

Hey you!…did you get my message that you won the giveaway? Make sure to subscribe to Special K, and send me your address, and post up when you receive them! Congrats!

17 08 2009

SO many great things about this post!! That PB panini looks DELICIOUS!! Drooooool. EnV Touch!? That’s the phone I’m getting NEXT WEEK! i can’t wait! It looks awesome, glad you’re enjoying it! I think that meal looks great, mixing up the almond butter, skippy chunky and bees knees…great way to get some of each! I’d totally do that! I’ve never had Chipolte and I’m envious! All that guac! Mmmm. And I am a big fan of Amy’s non-dairy (no reason, I just like these better than the ones with cheese!) burritos! I highly recommend giving them another shot! 🙂

17 08 2009

hey girl! sorry youve been stressed lately– i can totally relate– but im so glad that you had a nice weekend to recuperate!!

ok that PB grilled sammie– DROOL!!! and i wish i could reach through the comp screen and grab one of those sweet tater fries right now!!!!

good luck with your new phone love! xoxoxox

17 08 2009

Aw I hope the stress ends soon 🙂 I’m sure it will as things wind down and settle a bit! Sometimes you just need a few days to chill out – definitely feel ya on that! I love the Bees Knees sammie 😉 perrffect! And the eats all look delish – especially the Amy’s shenanigans!


17 08 2009

I’m sorry to hear that you hurt your back with the kids! I hope it’s all right now!

That pb&banana panini looks absolutely delicious! Mmm, melty PB is my favorite 🙂

Oooh, I love your new touch phone! I can’t wait until my contract expires so that I can get a touch phone or blackberry!

17 08 2009

i hope everything is going okay, sweetheart — please email me if you need anything :)!

in PB news .. i am still so jeal. of your bees knees! must find that soon 🙂

18 08 2009
April (Foods of April)

ahhh all that peanut butter is making me hungry! That panini looks amazing!!

18 08 2009

what a delicious post of foods!!!

the bbq sounds amazing, the pb panini (i still have never tried bees knees), CHIPOTLE…….you got it going on girl!!

18 08 2009
Kailey (PB Swirl)

oh girlie you know all the nut butter is totaly food porn to me!! haha especially the bees knee banana sammie combo!

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