Quite the productive day!

14 08 2009

Hey girls! I’ve had a wonderful day! Looking at colleges (I’m already being asked where I’m thinking about applying to…and I’m barely a freshmen! Oh well, I don’t mind! 😀 ), more summer reading, and organizing pretty much my life! Haha, it’s been a super productive day, which always feels great.

I’ll give you the play-by-play of today.

My pre-basketball snack was a fiber-one bar and a small glass of milk. I am not a fan of the ingredient list, but they are very tasty. Haven’t had one in a while, twas good!

My real breakfast was fantabulous (how’s that for a great not-word?!). It was dark chocolate oat bran. Here’s what went into the pot/bowl:

  • 1/3 cup oat bran, ~1 cup water
  • banana
  • dark chocolate hershey’s cocoa (about two spoonfuls)
  • stevia
  • trail mix (mixture of berry blend and breakfast blend trail mix)
  • almond butter

Oh my gosh. This was absolutely a-freaking-mazing. And beautiful100_6317 100_6318 100_6319 100_6320 Post-Breakfast I read 30 pages of Mythology.

When my parents designed our kitchen, my mom had built in cubbies for us “kids.” I think that sounds juvenile, so I prefer the term storage 😉 Anyways…mine had definitely become a little cluttered, to say the least. I had stuff from 2006 inside! Haha, one trash bag and a little less than an hour later, and we have a clean storage area 🙂 100_6323 100_6322 BEFORE: 100_6324 100_6325

100_6326 AFTER: 100_6333

100_6334  100_6336 100_6337 Ahhhh, such a sense of relief!

Lunch featured a good size sweet potato! I could barely fit all the fries onto the baking sheet! It was overloaded for sure! 100_6340 I had my fries with almond butter (the best dipping sauce, in my opinion!!), ketchup, and hummus. Delicious! So delicious! I also had a stonyfield yogurt with more trail mix. 100_6343

100_6344  100_6345 100_6346 100_6347 100_6348Sweet potato-AB sandwich!  100_6351

100_6352 100_6353

100_6356 (Pomegranate Berry—my favorite Stonyfield flavor—try it!!!)

After lunch, I continued the productiveness (is that a word? I guess so…) and got my school supplies ready. I haven’t gotten everything I need, but I’m getting there! Wanna see pictures, of course you do! 😉 100_6357 


100_6359  100_6360 100_6361 100_6363

Grr, got the wrong kind of paper! It’s reinforced paper! So odd…  100_6364 100_6366

100_6367  100_6370 100_6368 100_6369 100_6371 Snacks were some peanut butter, a pretzel rod, and an apple. 100_6373 100_6375 100_6376 A trip to the gym was in order because I was in need of some strength training. Here’s my workout:

  • 6 min. stationary bike warm up
  • Leg Work:
    • Hamstring: 5 sets of 10 (30 pounds)
    • Leg Press: 3 sets of 10 (110 pounds)
    • Hip Adductor: 8 sets of 12 (130/135 pounds)
    • Hip Adductor: 8 sets of 12 (130/135 pounds)
    • Calves: 2 sets of 15, 1 set of 20 (115 pounds)
  • Arm Work:
    • Row: 3 sets of 8 (30/50 pounds)
    • Seated Row: 3 sets of 8 (40 pounds)
    • Rear Delt: 3 (?) sets of 8 (15 pounds)
    • Chest Press: 3 (?) sets of 8 (25 pounds)
    • Assisted Pulldown: 3 sets of 8 (55 pounds)
    • Tricep Extension: 3 sets of 8 (25 pounds)
    • Bicep Curl: 3 sets of 8 (25 pounds)
  • Ab Work:
    • 100 crunches
    • Side to side medicine ball movement with legs in air: 2 sets for 30 seconds
    • medicine ball plank
  • Foam Roller and Stretching

For some reason, my hamstrings have been super tight and sore. It’s sooo weird!

It was a glorious workout!

For dinner I had an egg and cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread, 2 eggs, and a slice of provolone. A little bit after I had a granny smith apple and almond butter. While making my dinner, I snacked on some blueberries and part of a peach leftover from a greek yogurt mess. 100_6380 100_6381 100_6383 100_6384 100_6385

I had this as a snack tonight: the last of my frozen yogurt topped with MORE, yes MORE trail mix and dark chocolate chips. Deeelightful. Gorgeous too! 100_6386 100_6387 100_6388 100_6389 Verse of the Day: (According to here) Psalm 112:7

He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

I think this verse shows that we need to trust in God at all times. 🙂

If any of you were wondering, I was looking at Winthrop University. I’m interested in their nutrition degree program. (saw it on Kath’s blog! How neat!)

I hope that everyone at the Summit is having a great time!!

❤ jess




11 responses

14 08 2009

you’re barely a freshman?!!! Holy freaking cow you are freaking YOUNG! I had no idea! you sound WAY more mature than your age! Woo!

14 08 2009

WHOA that oat bran looks so rich! and i think you meant to say that you’re barely a senior, not barely a freshman…right? i thought i remember you saying that you’re a senior…but hmm, maybe not! anyway, sweet potato fries with AB sounds like a winning combo. i’ve had AB on a baked sweet tater, but i’ve never dipped fries in it! i’m making a mental note of that one!


15 08 2009

Nope, freshmen over here! I’ll talk more about it in my next post. 🙂

14 08 2009

Yay for college!

I love your storage space, it looks very grown up and organized. Its a wonder what a little organization will do for your state of mind. And your school supply haul absolutely made my day! I love getting new planners and notebooks and coordinating them. Have a great day!

14 08 2009
Learning To Relove

productive days are the best! I love how awesome you feel afterward. And I LOVE organizing and cleaning certain things like you did with your “cubbie”! It looks great, by the way!

School supplies are my favorite!!! haha That was always my favorite part of getting ready to go back to school 🙂

1. the oats look incredible
2. sweet potato fries are something I really really really need to try!
3. HOLY YUMMMMM that egg and cheese sammy looks delicious! Did you cook the eggs over easy and then top it with cheese?

Hope the rest of your week is just as great!

14 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

What a neat idea with your own cubbie space! And yours definitely looks uber organized now. 🙂

Those sweet potato fried look so good! Did you add any spices, oil, or pan spray, or did you just bake them plain? I totally need the recipe!


14 08 2009

Love the cubby your mom built you guys. I want one, I can always use extra space!

14 08 2009

Winthrop is a great school! My old dance teacher taught there for a while and had really good things to say about it. 🙂

14 08 2009

Love the sweet potato fries with a trifecta of dips 🙂 I adore back to school shopping! Getting all my pens, notebooks, binders, etc makes me feel so excited! Too bad that excitement dies rather quickly 😉

14 08 2009

Wow that is definitely a huge difference! You have some major organizing skills that I could currently use 😉 Must. clean. closet. Haha!

Awww all the school supplies are adorable. We love you too 🙂

Egg sammy is lookin fine with that yolk and cheese oozing out, mmm!

14 08 2009

fantabulous is definitely an appropriate adjective for that breakfast .. nom!

i LOVE buying school supplies! it’s like christmas to me! and i used that exact same planned in pink last year 🙂 we’re twins!

love ya girl!

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