The Heat Stole My Hunger!

12 08 2009

Hey baby dolls! How are we? Hope all is well in blog-land 😀

I just got home from yoga about 45 minutes ago and it was glorious, although a bit different style class. I’m not sure if the class even had a certain style. (It was a sub—she was super sweet!) But I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 😀 A plus in my book…

This post is going to be pretty quick as I best be getting to bed for my second to last day of basketball. TOTALLY depressing. Doesn’t mean I stop practicing though!

Anyone else obsessed with this song?! I AM!!!!!!

NOTE: I’d never seen the video before until. Haha, just love the song so much!

Today was another great day. Included a lot of the usual! Spent time getting some Vitamin D, summer reading, tried to relax, etc. All in all, a superb day!

Breakfast was delightfully delicious. Before basketball practice, I had an apple with some almonds. The main event was after practice, another Greek Yogurt mix, pretty much identical to yesterdays, minus the strawberries 😉 100_6273 Smiley Face: 🙂 100_6275 100_6277 100_6282 You best believe cinnamon was added after these pictures were taken!!

Lunch was very good as well! Here on this cute plate sits a sweet potato-hummus-avocado-s&p sandwich on whole wheat (AmAzInG!), some veggie chips with hummus, and grapes. I also had a granny smith apple. 100_6286 100_6287 100_6288 100_6289 100_6290 100_6291 100_6293 Snack was banana soft serve “processed” (FOOD processed that is 😉 ) with some crunchy peanut butter. Didn’t have any natural smooth on hand, but it came out pretty darn delectable! Topped with berry trailmix and dark chocolate chips. YUM! 100_6294 100_6295 100_6296 Dinner was taco pizza. Basically it’s pizza, but with taco-y toppings. WOW, am I tired haha. First layer is salsa, then lean ground beef, then colby cheese. Top it when it’s done with lettuce, tomato, more salsa, and sour cream. Very yummy! 100_6298 Had a super juicy peach alongside. Mmm!100_6300 Due to this heat (seriously, it’s hotter than blazes here! Okay, maybe not THAT hot, but still pretty hot. Around 100 and over!), my appetite has surely taken a hit. I did eat an apple and a glass of milk because I knew I needed something to refuel with. But I’m finally starting to feel some hunger coming on. I’m off to grab a snack then hit the hay!

Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Now if that’s not powerful, then I don’t know what is!

In giveaway news,

The Special K Treatment is having a Cetaphil Giveaway and a Me Meal Giveaway! Check the first out here, and the second one here. Neat!!

Gotta run, night girls! Love you all. This community truly is incredible!

P.S I’ve got a super busy day tomorrow so don’t expect a post. But certainly expect one Thursday!

❤ jess




17 responses

12 08 2009

Sweet potato-hummus-avocado sammy??? Holy cow, that sounds like a fabulous combo!

I totally understand the heat stole my hunger thing. When it was 100* in Seattle (serious record), I just couldn’t eat much 😦 Glad that you are still fueling yourself though!

That is one of my all time favorite verses. AMAZING!!!

12 08 2009

What do you make your taco-pizza on? Was that toast? It looks delish! And sweet potato + avo on a sammy sounds amazing! Hope you have a great day tomorrow 🙂

12 08 2009
Learning To Relove

last day of basketball 😦 oh no! Thank goodness for a whole year filled with practices and fun fun fun! Yayy!

OMG you were not lying when you said you have been eating some delicious things! First of all, those yogurt messes are out of this world and look delicious! The sweet potato and avocado and hummus sammy sounds incredible and like nothing I have ever tried! And then the taco pizza! Mmmm So fun and creative!

Im so happy you are enjoying your summer love and getting ready for an exciting year ahead!
xoxox tons

12 08 2009
Learning To Relove

p.s. that quote is incredible and so powerful

12 08 2009

Oh man, when it is hot outside–I just want to go inside and sit in a bath of ice. After I cool down–food does come to my mind–but not while I am hot.

I love that verse. It shows how perfect and powerful God’s love is. 🙂

12 08 2009

That banana soft serve with PB and trail mix sure looks delicious! A lot of my fave things! I love that quote you posted…very profound! Have a great last few days at b-ball practice!

12 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

OMG girl… sweet potato + hummus + avocado?! Heavenly!!! 😀

Loving the soft serve mix. I’m going to have to play around with the toppings now that I’ve tried it out plain!

btw – your coupons are in the mail! 🙂


12 08 2009

I am VERY obsessed with that song! Here’s why:

I love the sounds of your taco pizza! Ugh the heat kills my appetite as well – I feel so sick when it gets really hot and humid.

12 08 2009

Thanks for shouting out about my giveaway…you are so encouraging.
And I have NOT been fueling myself with the heat wave last week, so it’s good I am making up for it now.
Can I have your bowl???? I’ll trade you for some Sigg Action or something~

12 08 2009
Chocolate-Covered Katie

Hey girl! I love your smiley bowl! Oh, and thanks for linking back. I entered you!!

12 08 2009

That is one of my favorite verses. Love all the food. Your sandwich looks great

12 08 2009

That sandwich sounds great. It has 3 of my favorite foods and looks pretty to boot.

13 08 2009

Aw, my favorite verses, one of them anyway! Funny how I was blogging abt love, too 🙂
And yes, it’s CRAZY HOT!

13 08 2009

LOVE that song 🙂

so many great eats!! that sammie combo is SO creative! LOVE veggie chips and banana soft serve is simply divine!!
i can totally relate to the whole heat & apetite thing! im sure it will return to normal soon 🙂 have a great day xoxox

13 08 2009

I just found your blog…I love it. I love the message you send. I can’t wait to read more!

13 08 2009

GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR HEATTTTTTTT!! I am freeeeeeezing here!! Currently wearing 1 sweatshirt, 1 fleece, fleece pants……..and about to go get a 2nd cup of tea!! (or crawl back under covers!)Blimey!!

Loveeeeeeeeeee the eats and smiley face 🙂

13 08 2009

Man that sandwich looks great! Is that a combo you have made before. At first I thought you were saying it was sweet potato hummus, I was like where do you buy that?? haha I totally understand the heat, we used to live in Az. I dont think it has ever made me loose my appetite though 🙂


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