Multicolored Meals Make Me Merry

11 08 2009

How’s that for alliteration? Haha, it was Colorful Meals Make Me Happy, but I wanted to spice it up a bit 😉

We’ll start with the eats and end with all the chit-chat, k?

Pre-Basketball Snack: An apple+almonds

Post-Basketball Snack: BREAKFAST: Greek Yogurt Mess, which included…

  • 1 container Chobani Peach Greek Yogurt (oh my! ❤ ❤ <3)
  • Strawberry Fields Kashi Cereal (oh my! worthy as well—it’s like a healthier Special K, and by healthier I mean better ingredient list)
  • 1/3 Peach
  • 1/2 banana
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

Oh holy delicious-ness in a bowl. Love how much protein Greek Yogurt has!!




All “messed” up! 100_6261 My morning was spent tanning, reading, and taking an hour long nap. Getting up at 6:15 and then having basketball at 7 for an hour and a half is a hard waking up process 😉 Haha, there’s no better way to wake up than to workout in my opinion!

Lunch was also very colorful and delicious. I had a whole wheat bagel topped with 1/2 an avocado and some provolone cheese. Under the broiler for a couple minutes=absolute bliss! I also had some grapes, and ~1/2 a serving of all natural veggie chips with a small scoop of hummus. What a delicious lunch! 100_6263 100_6264 100_6265

100_6267  100_6268 The rest of the day went un-photographed. Umm, whoops! Sorry about that!

Now here’s some chit-chat. 😀


Aside from some froyo on Friday , this week has been dessert-free! (Assuming the few bites of the bf’s ice cream don’t count. I started this last Sunday afternoon and this was consumed like late afternoon yesterday. Haha 🙂 ) Anyways, it went really well! I really have gotten back to my roots and love fueling my body healthily. At night, instead of frozen yogurt and the like, I’d choose fruit, which definitely made my body feel good. Many thanks to Madison for coming up with the challenge!!


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to go back to school! I miss the routine and having a set plan. If you guys have not figured this out already, I am a serious planner. I’m ready to go work my butt off these next four years and get into a great college (UNC=DREAM) I am already thinking about colleges and have a mental (and on paper) list of what I need/want to do. I am a straight A student and intend to keep it that way. That being said, I do have some High School Goals.

  1. While grades are important, just good grades won’t get me into a good college. Don’t stress too much over grades and focus on being well-rounded.
  2. High-School is supposed to the time of your live. I don’t want to always be the girl who’s at home, worrying, stressing, anxiously studying while everyone’s out having a blast. Just sometimes 😉
  3. Be super organized. I want to find a big calendar to keep track of my super, busy schedule.

I’ll probably think of more, but those are all for now!


A sincere thank you to all the comments and suggestions! I looked most of them up that I knew would be in my price range 😉 Loved all the ideas, so thank you again! My price range is a maximum of $4,000-$5,000, roughly. My dad has agreed to pay half (like if I have 2,000, he’ll give 2,000) My grandparents have also said that if I keep doing what I’m doing then they’ll definitely help out. I’m leaning toward a Honda or Toyota. From Toyota I especially love the Corolla, and the Yaris (pricey right now, but by the time I buy, might be able to afford it). From Honda, I love the Civic, Accord, and FIT (now wouldn’t that be so cool?! But again, like the Yaris)


(kinda copied that ~~~ from Gliding Calm, love u girl!) 😀

Verse of the Day: (Have I done this verse before? If so I’m sorry! I just love it so much!) Isaiah 40:31

But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

In giveaway news this week…

Chocolate Covered Katie is giving away a Spiralizer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I want this so badly. Lol. Check it out here!

Katrina is having an Oikos Giveaway. YAY! Check it out here!

An Apple A Day has not ONE, but TWO awesome giveaways going on! Check them out here and here!

Well, off to get ready for basketball practice tomorrow. Speaking of basketball, today’s practice was glorious. We played 3 on 3 on 3 and my team won every time. Felt great and sweated tons. (To Note: Today we had a heat index (?) of 105!!) Thank you for the sweet comments regarding basketball ❤

Random Fact of the Day #2: I don’t get it with all this craziness over robert pattinson. I don’t think he’s that cute and he kinda creeps me out. Any other people who agree with me?

❤ jess





11 responses

11 08 2009

i love alliteration! so i can honestly say that i appreciate the title of this post, hah! the fruit looks delicious, and you know what else? i totally agree with you about robert pattinson. i’m not obsessed at all. my best friend is though, along with the rest of the world! what’s the deal?!

11 08 2009

greek yogurt messes = YUMMAYYYY! love them!! and definitely enjoy yourself in high school.. some of the best years of your life there! (and college of course..!)

11 08 2009
Learning To Relove

MMmmmmmm all those eats look so delicious and colorful and yummy in the tummy! 🙂

haha Im such a planner too and a total straight A+ student and intend on ALWAYS being that way! There is something very self satisfying in knowing that you can do well. But grades were never the all mattering issue. Of course they are important to some extent but it shouldnt be the biggest most important thing in your life so you def have the right attitude about it and Im proud of you for that.

High school SHOULD be the best time so go enjoy it! I always wish I could rewind time and live it all over again. Soak up every minute!

11 08 2009

Haha I am laughing at your Robert Pattison statement. I did not use to think he was cute until I saw Twilight. Have you seen Twilight? There is something so mysterious and hot about his character “Edward” that has all of us girls loving him. 🙂

Also–good job on the no-sweets week! You did awesome and I am so glad you did the challenge with me.

I love your goals for school this year. I am a huge planner too and absolutely love making my schedule each semester, making to-do lists, organizing all my binders, color coding my planner…and so much more. I think all of your goals are spot on! Make sure you have fun too–because high school is a great time in your life! AND UNC for college–that is right near me–only 30 minutes from NCState! YAY!

11 08 2009

Greek yogurt protein is my favorite protein 🙂

Good job on the no sweets! That’s a tough one in my book!

And I love your goals for the school year. I think it’s important to do good in school but you also gotta stay sane!

11 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Every last bit of those meals sounds and looks delicious hun! LOVE that greek yogurt mix, and I was totally thinking “Wow, that’s such an Italian lunch!” Haha, love it! 🙂

Such a great outlook on school sweetie! You remind me so much of myself. School is learning about how to prioritize and do your best while not getting bogged down and overwhelmed. I’m not going to lie… exams, finals, HUGE (think 20 page) essays, and classic novels are going to cause some major stress, but try your best not to get OVERstressed. Go out with friends, talk out your stresses, and schedule everything out. I’m sure high school will go wonderfully for you!


11 08 2009

Ya, I can’t wait for school to start either! That’s next Thursday, for me, and I’m excited to get back into a routine–but I a bit worried I won’t have time for all the stuff I’m going to be doing this year (blog, workouts, the horses, homework… etc)

And I agree with you on Rob Pattinson! I think he’s actually rather ugly!

11 08 2009

What a great plan! Perfect combination of fun, studying, and car buying! 😉

11 08 2009

Totally add my giveaways too!

11 08 2009

Hehe, the title is adorable!

You’ve been having some yummy eats, especially the avocado cheese bagel 😀

I agree that it is best to let the books go every once in a while and be well rounded in high school. I regret not enjoying myself and spending more time on God and my faith during high school. I was too much of a study bug >.<

11 08 2009

I love all your colorful meals, and the colorful plate. Too cute!

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