Nut Butter+Pretty Pictures…and not much else!

9 08 2009

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone’s Saturday has treated them well!

I’ve had a lovely one, that’s for sure! I’ll tell what I did/how it went as I show the pictures, k?

I awoke and preceded to take my pooch for a walk before breakfast. For breakfast I decided on Angela’s Green Monster Pancakes. YUM! These never fail and always fill me up. I had a huge pile of them, topped with real maple syrup, some all natural raspberry syrup, and all natural peanut butter. (My substitutions were almond milk instead of coconut milk and whole wheat pastry flour instead of the spelt flour.) Oh boyyy! Yum! 100_6183 100_6184 100_6186 100_6187 I don’t know about y’all, but spinach drives me CRAZY. It goes bad within like 2 freaking days. I don’t know if the organic spinach I bought was bad. But like the last two times it’s gone bad within a matter of a couple days. Any suggestions?!

The time between breakfast and lunch was spent blogging and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D in the form of tanning outside for ~50 minutes. I got on my little bikini and knocked out 25 pages of Mythology. I’m on track to finish like the day before school starts. That day before school will definitely be a busy one! I’ve got notes to compile and put together!

To say we don’t have a lot in our house in terms of food would be an understatement. I didn’t have a lot to work with today, but I did my best!

For lunch I threw together a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat and a side of strawberries, a granny smith apple, and a side of dried prunes. 100_6191 100_6193 100_6194 100_6195 

After a great workout…

  • 20 minutes intense biking (6.75 miles in 20 min)
  • Leg Work:
    • Hamstring: 4 sets of 15 (30/50 pounds)
    • Leg Curl: 3 sets of 10 (40 pounds)
    • Calves: 3 sets of 15 (130 pounds)
    • Hip Adductor: 8 sets of 12 (130/135 pounds)
    • Hip Abduction: 8 sets of 12 (130/135 pounds)
    • Wall Squat: 1 held for 100 seconds (!)
  • Arm Work (I’m slowly starting back into my arm work—I don’t want to overdo it for my wrist’s sake)
    • Row: 3 sets of 11 (30 pounds)
    • Lateral Raise: 3 sets of 8 (15 pounds)
    • Chest Press: 3 sets of 8 (25 pounds)
    • Pectoral Fly (?): 3 sets of 8 (25 pounds)
  • Ab Work:
    • 100 crunches
    • Side Plank Dips
    • Other Ab exercises that I don’t exactly know the name of!
  • Foam Roller+Stretching

*Was a wonderful workout!*

…I had a sweet potato plain other than the seasonings. This was the best sweet potato I’ve ever had. I was loving every bite! Mmm cooked perfectly! 100_6197 You can see that I kind of cut up like Heather usually does to her sweet potatoes. What a great idea! 100_6198

But oh no, that wasn’t all I had! 🙂 My hunger was un-satiable! So I continued with oats in a jar. We’re all out of bananas, so I used granny smith apple instead. Twas delicious. Served in my maranatha almond butter jar ❤ Love this almond butter! I eat it plain with a spoon now! It will never replace my beloved peanut butter, but it’s really close! Mmmm…

It also made beautiful pictures! I’ve been fooling around with the black and white effects on Windows Live and they look really cool. Maybe another post I’ll use the black and white effects? Either way here they are! 100_6199






MMM! 100_6206

Here’s the snacks I consumed tonight—while completely going through our bonus room. Feels so much more clean and organized!

1. Kashi honey sunshine with milk and strawberries 100_6207 100_6209 2. Remainder of Skippy Natural PB jar 100_6210 So as you can see, lots of nut butter action going on today. When in doubt (or have practically nothing!) go for the nut butter. Gotta love those healthy fats!

Verse of the Day: Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Isn’t that awesome?!

In giveaway news,

Krittie is having an awesome Chobani giveaway! Check it out here

All Vegged Out is giving away some Medora products! Check it out here

I’m exhausted! Tomorrow’s Plan: Church+Nursery+Workout (Yoga? Hopefully!) then the bf’s tomorrow night (?). (Btw, thank you for all the sweet comments. He’s doing okay, bummed, but okay. At least he has lots of time to do summer reading 😉 ) Haha, it’s all up in the air! 🙂

P.S JB gave me an award and I will include that in my next post! I’m SO sorry, but I’m just too tired. It’s past 11:30 and this girl needs her beauty sleep 😉

P.P.S Thank you for all the car comments and suggestions! I’ll definitely check them all out and I’ll talk more about cars in my next post!

Thanks again for everything ladies!

❤ jess





12 responses

9 08 2009

Your picturse ARE pretty! Just found your blog – love it!

9 08 2009

hi girlie
that sweet potatoe looks so yummy! and the green panckaes look so appetising considering their green 🙂

sounds like you had a great workout!!

enjoy your sunday hun

9 08 2009
Learning To Relove

omg all the food looks to die for! Those green pancakes never cease to make me want to eat them NOW! And mmm that sweet potato plus the oatmeal sounds incred! Glad your tum tum has been one happy little camper 🙂

Oh and the spinach thing…I take mine out of the bag and put it in my tupperware. Always lasts for about a full week

9 08 2009

Gorgeous, gorgeous eats my love! I neeeeeeeed to do the nut butter jar thing! Everyone seems to be loving it!!

9 08 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

Those GM pancakes are awesome. What’s your recipe?

9 08 2009

You were eating like HEAB Saturday and I like it! I hate wilty spinach – sorry you’re having spin issues!

I’m just catching up so SORRY to hear about the BF’s collar bone 😦 and I drive a pontiac vibe.

9 08 2009

Green pancakes are so pretty 🙂 I have issues with spinach too because I buy the huge Costco one. Sometimes it’s ok sometimes it’s not, but I think what helps (if I’m not lazy :P) is if you put it in a ziploc bag and squeeze all the air out of it (like really squeeze it out!).

Apples in oats sounds like a fab alternative! I’m always using bananas in mine too!

This post reminds me that I need to clean my room too…I hate it when it’s in a disorganized state >.<

9 08 2009

Yeah, I have that problem with spinach too…it just gets all wilty and gross so quickly! Hence, my abundance of green smoothies! As it starts to go, the more I add, and the more green the smoothie becomes!

Oats in a jar!! Woo hoo!

9 08 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Thanks for the shout-out sweetie! Don’t you just love eating it that way??? I find that it’s much easier to spread on topping (like pb or ab) and to get a good amount of potato with each bite. YUMMY! 🙂

With the spinach, I’d suggest trying another brand. I’ve found that some brands tend to last longer than others, especially those that come in the plastic containers as opposed to bags. My favorite is Taylor organics, but I’ve also had luck with Earthbound Organic and Organic Girl. I always keep mine in the plastic container as well. It usually lasts at least a week or so, although I often finish them off quicker than that.

That Kashi Sunshine looks so good right now! I’m going to have to buy a box next time I go shopping.


9 08 2009

Holy freaking yumm, those green monster pancakes look delish! Must try them soon. You know about my pancake obsession :]

What brand of spinach do you buy? I buy my grocery’s organic brand, but I always take it out of the bag it comes in, put it in a ziploc bag and press all the air out of it. That keeps it fresh for at least a few days longer!

Enjoy your day, much love!

9 08 2009

those pancakes look sooo good!!!!!

i tend to have the same problem with spinach– i find its best to keep it in an airtight bag!

LOVE the way you cut up the sweet tater 🙂 they are just the best in the world! i could eat them every day !!!!

have a great day xoxox

9 08 2009

Spinach drives me crazy too, if it weren’t for spinach salads (I can use half a bag in one salad), mine would always be going bad. Those pancakes look so good though, I love how you stacked them!

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