Missing my normal schedule!

23 07 2009

Heyyyy there! My name is Jessica. Haha remember me? I’m SO sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’m super, super busy between camp, summer reading, and working out. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! This post isn’t gonna be long, but I wanted to let you know that I am still here 😀

I am absolutely adoring camp! I work with the little 7 year old girls. They’re so cute and super nice, good kids as well. I’m an assistant counselor with a wonderful girl who I love as well. I am enjoying camp so much, but I do miss my usual schedule/routine. Not to mention my food! Although the only thing that’s different about my eating is lunches. So it’s no biggie 🙂 Here’s what a typical day for me is:

  1. Wake up at 7:00. Get ready, pack bag, bring snacks, etc.
  2. 8:15- Short bible study before campers arrive with other staff members
  3. 9-5- camp! we have lots of activities so the day really flies by!
  4. 12:30- lunch- macaroni and cheese, PB & J’s, corn dogs. I usually have a light lunch surrounded by two snacks a little before and at snack time. I typically have part of the main with carrots. Like today I had mac n’ cheese and carrots. Not too bad, but certainly no avocado wrap! No worries though-everything in moderation.
  5. Get home around 5:30- eat a delicious, healthy dinner.
  6. 6-7—> ? – workout. I’ve been going to yoga, doing strength training, and cardio as well. I am certainly not lacking in the workout department with camp+trips to the gym!!
  7. 10-Bed

Here are some of the delicious non-camp-food eats I’ve been enjoying! YUM! Love love LOVE yogurt mess’ 😀100_5754

100_5757 100_5759

100_5762  I have officially tried Swiss Oats! Kaylie helped me out and sent me an email on how to make them. Here’s what I did: took half cup of oats and mixed it with 1 container of raspberry lemonade (stoneyfield) yogurt. Let it sit overnight in the fridge and in the morning added milk for my desired consistency. Topped it with blueberries, black berries, banana, and PB. YUMMMMMM!







100_5843  I measure my pb by the scoop! 😀100_5845


100_5850My camera has kinda like stopped working. I can still take pics but the screen/view is allllll light-streaked and bright. So odd! But I can still take them I just don’t really know what they look like until I load them into windows live! 

I’m not worried at all about gaining weight or anything like that. If anything I have to be careful to eat enough at camp with all the activity and small-for-me lunches! I have no problem eating foods that I’m not accustomed to everything once in awhile and am a big believer of everything in moderation, but it’s when it’s a daily occurrence that I start to feel a little BLAH. 

Here’s what a typical day of eats entails!

  1. Breakfast: Greek Yogurt Mess+Scoop of PB for fat
  2. Morning Snack: Kashi Pumpkin Spice Bar
  3. Lunch: mac n’ cheese, carrots, water
  4. Afternoon Snack: Peanuts/Banana
  5. Dinner: Whole Grain spaghetti topped with spaghetti sauce, salad
  6. Night-time Snack: Organic PB, FROYO, all natural ice cream, and the like

I’m surviving. I also think it’s good to realize that there are going to be situations where we are not in control of what we’re eating and THAT’S OKAY. It’s OKAY to live a little. Nothing is going to happen to me. I’ll just go back to my norm after these two weeks and it won’t even have mattered!

I wish I could post pictures of the kids but I try to be as safe as possible. So just imagine some of the most adorable 7 year olds possible 🙂

It’s all worth it when you hear kids in your cabin saying it was the best day ever!

Well, that’s all folks 😉 I’m off for a good sweat sesh and then maybe a little commenting and most certainly some summer reading. If I haven’t commented on your blog in a while know that I’m truly sorry and wish I had time to comment on each and every one of y’alls blogs!

SIDE NOTE: I am pretty positive I sprained my left wrist. So maybe having to miss two weeks of bball camp is a good thing?? I think I’m going to the doctor sometime, but I can’t seem to figure out when that would even be possible!

In giveaway news,

Emma is having a great one!! Check it out here

If I disappear again, don’t fret. I’m just living and loving life 🙂

Be back when I’m back 😛


❤ jess





19 responses

24 07 2009
Tasty Health Food

Your summer meals are looking pretty similar to mine right now! Lots of greek yogurt, cereal, that sort of stuff. Yum! You sound like you’re having a great time! Enjoy!

24 07 2009

that’s great that you making the most out of schedule and foods at hand — take advantage of the camp fare for now .. i couldn’t definitely go for some mac and cheese 🙂 m’mm!! hang in there love, you’ll be back to your regular schedule in no time!

24 07 2009

of course I remember you 😀
YAYYY I am so happy you liked the swiss oats!! Sounds like they came out beautifully!

24 07 2009

i measure my nut butters by the “scoop” too. oh, and by the “spoonful.” haha! i’m so happy you’re enjoying camp! and i hope your wrist is okay. goodnight, lovie!


24 07 2009

I’m glad to hear you’re having fun and that things are going okay food-wise. You totally have the right attitude about it, though, so just hang in there! Mac ‘n cheese definitely isn’t even that bad 🙂

24 07 2009
Learning To Relove :)

hi love!
Im so happy to hear that camp is going so well and that you are having fun with all the kiddos and being able to realize that life doesnt always fit into a schedule and so going with the flow means just living it up! You have the most amazing attitude about everything and Im really happy to hear that your head is in the right place about it all. NOTHING youve eaten is bad by any means, its just not your normal eats. But you have to remember that a lot of us eat SO much more healthy and “strict” than the average person does. Youre doing just great and you should really commend yourself on having such a positive and healthy attitude about it all!

24 07 2009

sounds like fun! don’t worry about your regular schedule being thrown off…meals sound pretty solid to me. A life without mac and cheese is just…not okay, so live it up and have fun 😀

24 07 2009

Aw, yay! it is so good to hear from you! I have missed reading all of your wonderful and encouraging posts. I am VERY happy you are doing so well though. You are living life out to the fullest!

The campers sound like such a great bunch–that is a good age for kids. They are very curious about everything and genuinely interested in new things. That doesn’t last for long tho–haha, middle school is a-coming. 😉

24 07 2009

Jess! Thank you for this post. It is so important that we realize that we can’t have the same exact routine all the time. I’m so proud of you for adjusting to your camp schedule. You’re doing amazing.
Love to you!

24 07 2009

I’m glad you’re enjoying camp – It sounds like a lot of fun! And those Swiss Oats look yummy, I love them! Best way to eat oatmeal in the summer, hands down.

24 07 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

So glad to hear that you’re keeping busy and having a great time this summer. That camp sounds like so much fun, and I’m sure all those kids just adore you! 🙂

Gotta love those Kashi bars… they do make a perfect quick and healthy snack!

Hope everything turns out alright with your wrist. Take it easy on it!


24 07 2009

Glad to hear you are having so much fun! Camp sounds like a blast 🙂

And peanut-butter and yogurt mess is my fav! Lovin all the pics of it haha.

Good luck with your wrist, hope everything turns out ok!

25 07 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Your daily eats sound amazing girl! Fro yo is always the best. I always have to get the peanut butter flavor if it’s available!! Ohh, and the cheesecake flavor is also bomb! 🙂

25 07 2009

Aww sounds like you’re having a great time with the kiddies. I always wanted to be a camp counselor when I was little because I went to camp every single summer and looked up to my counselors so much!
Have a great weekend and great job not stressing too much about eating the camp food!

25 07 2009

hey girl! so glad you updated us 🙂 sometimes its hard to have to adapt to new schedules but you seem to be doing great 🙂 hope you are enjoying our summer xoxox

25 07 2009

Hello lovely! Long time, no see. The swiss oats sound yummy – I bet the yogurt really softens the oats hey?

I’ve totally been thrown into the deep end in terms of eating new foods and not having ‘control’. I used to think I couldn’t deal with it, but it’s not true. It’s all mental and how you see yourself and food.

Enjoy the camping!

25 07 2009

Your eating schedule sounds perfect! And so do your eats. Your doing a great job on balancing everything!

25 07 2009

Yoghurt mess is SUCH a great breakfast. I have it every morning. It’s so good. When I was in France surfing I had the best yoghurt mess for breakfast every morning. It was rather simple most mornings, just whole grain flakes and raisins in greek yoghurt, but what made it so good was the yoghurt. France is amazing when it comes to food (duh) and they have SOOOO many different kinds of yoghurts, the greek or whatever yoghurt we had was so good I cannot even describe it. I wish I could find something similar here but the greek yoghurt I’ve bought here is much thicker than the yoghurt I had there…

26 07 2009

Glad to hear that you are living life and having fun 🙂

I totally know what you mean by feeling blah. I just got back from my retreat and it was amazing. Totally worth the fried chicken, spaghetti, alfredo, french toast, fried rice, etc. Although it is not the ideal way to eat for me, there were just more important things to think about during the retreat, that I barely had time to worry (per usual) about the eats. Just God’s typical amazing work I guess 😉 Now that I’m back home, the blah is coming back, but I’m hoping i will be able to have my retreat freedom-ness more often now!

I hope you enjoy those 2 weeks! Those kids sounds super sweet!

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