The Beautiful Trifecta

14 07 2009

Happy Tuesday! I don’t really like Tuesdays really, other than yoga of course! 😀 But as far as Tuesday’s go, this one has been DEEELIGHTFUL.

In giveaway news…

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Before basketball I had an apple and some almonds. A great pre-workout snack!

Breakfast was absolutely delicious. Beautiful too!

RANDOM NOTE: I’m watching Wife Swap and one family has a son who is a wrestler and it’s ridiculous what the parents make him do. You know in wrestling you have to be a certain weigh for the tournament or can’t play. He said the most he’s ever lost in a week for a competition (I think) was 15 POUNDS. Does that sound healthy to you? I think not. They have a LOCK on the fridge to keep him from eating, a scale in the pantry and he wakes up at 5:30 in the morning to run and then that afternoon in the afternoon he has practice then he goes to weight training, etc etc. Everything is strictly measured by his mother and he’s not supposed to eat his cereal with the milk. I thought sports were healthy? Way to go wrestling…

Sorry, that just made my stomach lurch and made me very upset. What are your thoughts?


Back to breakfast: Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal! My usual oatmeal base topped with 1/2 a purebar (apple-cinnamon flavor, of course!) and skippy all natural peanut butter (chunky). This breakfast was delicious! Served in my favorite bowl—which by the way, I got this from my grandparents who offered it to me. I wish I knew where it was from! Sorry! I’ll ask them where they got it again, but I’m pretty sure they already told me it wasn’t from a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, etc…


100_5616 100_5618


Not too long after, I tended to our guinea pigs. I took some pics. The bowl is of fresh fruits and veggies for them. They LOVEEE cherries! 100_5621

100_5622My cute guinea pig Abby immediately jumped up and ate some of those juicy cherries 




This is my brother’s guinea pig, Snickers. I get full credit for that name by the way!

100_5628  I stick kale into their ball of hay. They love it!


My lunch featured greens as well. Last night’s dinner had a side salad which I was the only one to partake in. Because of this, I had a good amount of leftovers. I put it in a baggie and used it all today! Here’s what went into this gorgeous salad:

  • Mixture of lettuce (iceberg and romaine, I think…)
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Bell Pepper
  • Avocado (~1/2) 1/4 mashed, 1/4 chopped
  • Great Northern Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Salsa
  • Hummus
  • Little Drizzle of Greek Blue Cheese Ranch Dressing (?)
    • I am totally forgetting the name! But it was something like that…

This salad was so very filling and yummy. Here is where the TRIFECTA comes in: Avocado, Hummus, and Salsa. Three of the best toppings ever. Agreed? 100_5642 100_5644



I needed something carb-y as well so I had 1/2 a sandwich thin (all gone 😦 ) topped with crunchy peanut butter AND all natural almond butter. Match made in heaven! Best of both worlds… 100_5648

I’m off to go enjoy a green monster! I sliced up my fruit ahead of time and it’s been in the freezer. Love being able to just throw it in and blend! 100_5640

100_5641 Verse of the Day: (Found this great one on this site) Isaiah 41:13

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Have a great day loves!!

❤ jess





21 responses

14 07 2009
Run Sarah

Your guineas are SO cute!! Love apple & cin oats.

14 07 2009

Some sports drive me so crazy- wrestlers and horse jockeys have a tough time with weight. Rowers need to take weight into consideration but I think it’s about keeping weight ON rather than losing 15lbs in a week…that’s NUTS. It can’t help their performance?!

Salad looks delicious- I think I am doing hummus and BBQ sauce tomorrow…need something extra to make it a ‘tri’!

14 07 2009

I completely agree with your rant. This just takes exercise to an extremely unhealthy level. The control level here is way to excessive!

Mmm, avocado, hummus, and salsa? Agreed 😀 Love hearty salads—I’m not all crazy about greens + dressing. I like a lot of substance like your gorgeous salad here!

I never tried AB AND PB together. Hmmm, must check it out!

Cute hamsters!!! And you should totally take credit for Snickers– it’s an adorable name!

14 07 2009

EVERY single photo of food in this post looks delicious. and awwww, the guinea pigs are so cute! snickers is a great name, good job. about the wrestler, that disgusts me. i honestly have nothing else to say. you said it all. that’s so unhealthy, it’s sickening. and not just physically unhealthy, but emotionally unhealthy as well. people can be so insane.

i hope your tuesday continues to be as delightful as it has been so far! love you, girl!


14 07 2009

Awww your lil pigs are cute!!!

Yummy salad mix! That is so sad about the boy wrestler!

Loved that verse! thanks for the link to the website for verse a day! 🙂

14 07 2009

yikes! 15 pounds?! I had a bunch of guy friends in high school who were on the wrestling team and they did major damage to their bodies! they wouldn’t eat a bite all day then sweat their butts of running in sweats and garbage bags at practice .. then once their match was over their would GORGE themselves with food! Not healthy at all 😦 very sad!

enjoy yoga, sweetheart!

14 07 2009

Wife Swap drives me crazy! Once they made a vegan eat a steak and another time the “health nut” hubby verbally abused the overweight wife – scary world!!

Your guinea pigs are cute! I used to have one back in the day!

14 07 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Wow, that’s insane about the wresting! Sports should never be taken to such extremes… that truly takes both the mental and physical benefits out of them. Sports should be an enjoyable way to stay active, healthy, and unstressed. I definitely feel bad for that boy!

Loving all the shots of that salad. AWESOME mix!!!


14 07 2009

Oh my gosh…that is SO STUPID about the wrestler’s parents! That makes me so mad! What are they teaching their son? He is slowing killing himself. GRRRR!

On a happy note–your breakfast looks so good. I love apples and cinnamon together. 🙂

15 07 2009

Look at all those fresh fruits and veggies! Nice!

15 07 2009

They seriously find the craziest families on Wife Swap! I’m always so flabbergasted that there’s people like that. Losing 15 pounds in one week definitely sounds wrong to me. How much weight can that half cup of milk in your cereal really add on?! Poor kid.

15 07 2009
Learning To Relove :)

Ughhh wrestling is such a sick sport…so sad to think that boys would do that to themselves for something that is supposed to be fun and healthy for you. It seems like it does way more damage than it does good. Ya know?! So I definitely feel you on the stomach turning and being disgusted. Not cool!

Mmmm those oats and that salad both look amazing!

And yayy for your cute little guinea pigs and the goodies they get to eat! 🙂

15 07 2009

of course 15 pounds in one week is not healthy, nor realistic. Im assuming most of it was water? wow though…15 pounds…

your fruit salad looks amazing!

15 07 2009

hi girlie
your guniepigs are too adorable 🙂
love all the eats! everything looks delicious!
have a great afternoon 🙂
much love

15 07 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

Is it sad that I would totally eat your guinea pig’s lunch? hahahaha

15 07 2009

Ok I totally thought that I already commented on this post yesterday, but somehow it did not get saved. Unless I am just completely stupid and overlooked it, so if this comment is already on here just ignore it. haha.

That does sound a little extreme with the wrestling thing. I have heard of guys trying to GAIN weight to get into the next weight class, but never lose. I think that does sound really unhealthy if they are putting locks on the cabinets and stuff. Some people are just obsessive about sports, its crazy!

15 07 2009

Some sports are so dumb I think! Especially wrestling.. I knew guys in high school who seriously starved themselves to make weight. so dumb!

Delicious eats! Those oatmeal pictures look so yummy!

15 07 2009

I eat hummus+salsa with my lunch daily! I need to try avocado too, no doubt it’s a great addition!

Thanks for today’s verse 🙂

15 07 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

That oatmeal sounds delicious! I loveeee throwing an apple to my oats!

And aww, I hate hearing stories like that. I remember guys in high school pulling a day of “fasting” just to lose a few, but they ate…they were healthy enough and never tried to lose something as drastic as 15 pounds in one day!

16 07 2009

You’ve got some mega PB goodness goin’ on in that oatmeal bowl – lovee it!

Aw, guinea pigs. They’re such funny animals, I think, being like giant hamsters and all. Cute all the same.

17 07 2009

Your guinea pigs are so cute I could kill myself!! lol I’d love to get a guinea pig, but I don’t think my kitten would appreciate it. 🙂

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