An interesting day indeed

29 06 2009

Sorry about the no-post last night! I had a lot of fun yesterday with the boy and that fun didn’t end until almost like, 10? So, needless to say, this girl was in need of some sleep for the basketball practice in the morning. Fast-forward to 6:46 AM. I am in deep sleep after a horrid nights sleep complete with oh-so wonderful nightmares. Doorbell rings and I look at my phone (which also substitutes as my alarm since I didn’t have the real thing plugged in) and I realized it had died=I overslept. So, I run to throw some pants on then answered the door. By that time I felt horrible about it and was in an insane state from JUST being awoken, I just started sobbing. The boy wasn’t sure what had happened, I think he thought someone had died or something. He was like, “Aww, what’s the matter?” Me: “I’m so sorry, I overslept!” He’s like, “That’s it?” BAHAHA. I proceeded to say I’m SO SORRY like a billion times. Y’all are probs confused why he was even there that early. They were picking me up for basketball. So, needless to say, I have been up since 6:46 this morning and feel exhausted. The boy, being a boy, didn’t think it was a big deal at all and said it was totally fine. Oh, and to add to my interesting start of the day, I witness a car crash (nothing too serious though) while walking my dog and she proceeded to FLIP OUT. Practically dragged me by her leash. I also had a basketball in the other hand (working on my weak hand). Moral of the story? USE A REAL ALARM CLOCK.

I leave for a basketball camp Wednesday morning. It’s only two days, one night. So I’ll be back in no time! Just a short two-day hiatus. I know like nothing about this camp. Don’t know anyone, and have never been to it. But, I can survive anything for one night, right???

Here’s yesterday’s eats! I’m too tired to write everything out, sorry! Here’s what I got pictures of more like it: 100_5097 100_5098 100_5101




Yoga was gloriousss, as always. I requested some quad work which was super awesome. Heroes pose is one of my fave yoga poses. Feels so good!

Here are today’s eats! These first two pictures may be the ugliest pictures I’ve ever taken. I swear these green oats were beautiful, and delicious! I blame the bad lighting 😉 100_5112







Complete with the lovely thumb in a bandage photo. The peach and I went to battle today… and the peach won… not these pictures pictured here though. A different, more vicious one that I put atop my dad’s oats… 100_5130




100_5134 100_5138 My mom and I hit up the grocery store for a few items. Here are the most important ones in my opinion, sorry cantaloupe!

  1. Maranatha almond butter—Their PB is amazing, I can’t wait to try this!!
  2. Sugar Snap Peas– (Shout out to GC!)
  3. Laughing Cow Cheese—What’s your favorite way to eat this??

Confession Time: I absolutely cannot spell maranatha. Every time I try, I end up having to use google (<3).

I officially tried a Crack Wrap! But, I kinda twisted it a little. I didn’t put NEARLY enough hummus on it, and used shredded cheddar. It was still yummy, but can I be honest? This didn’t feel me up at all! Not the most nutrient packed lunch=hungry Jess!

The Roasted Almond Nature Valley bar was SOOOOO GOOOODDD! Totally delicious!!!

I also did some yoga today! I tried’s 60 minute forest yoga and umm, wasn’t for me. I stopped about halfway through and did 20 minutes of lunchtime flow and adored it. I wish I hadn’t spent the 2.98 on that Forest Yoga. I would’ve rather gotten Lunchtime Flow for 2.98. Speaking of…Both of HEATHER AND HEATHER’S coupons for 50% off of your whole purchase on end tomorrow! Hurry up and buy those yoga sessions! They’re SO worth it 🙂 Heather Eat’s Almond Butter’s code is HEAB and Health, Happiness, and Hope’s code is HHandH!

I am so excited for two packages to arrive this week! Y’all are just gonna have to wait though 😀 You do already know about one of them though!

The WONDERFUL Ruthie tagged, but I am gonna save it for a later post this week, maybe tomorrow.

I’m so sorry! If I don’t post tomorrow, don’t fret! I’ll be getting ready for camp. Hopefully I can pull together one though 🙂

Goals-Recap to come later this week as well!

Verse of the Day: Psalm 118:1

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever!

Happy Monday?! 🙂

❤ jess




25 responses

29 06 2009

Awww, I’m sorry to hear that you had such a poor night/morning :(. Laughing cow is fabulous in an omelette, it gets melty and oh so good. I still need to try the crack wrap, but yeah, it’s so flat that it doesn’t seem too filling. I highly recommend doing the 20 minute sun salutations flow at yoga downloads. Short, but still makes my arms super sore from all those chatarungas. Have fun packing for camp–must be so exciting :).

30 06 2009

You’ll do great at bball camp lovey – it’s a wonderful opportunity to make new friends! ❤

30 06 2009

YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED LAUGHING COW?! OMG! It is good on EVERYTHING….toast, sweet potatoes, dipped with carrots, on sammies, mixed in with other things to make a nice sauce for pasta or veggies, with fruit, ahhhh everything! Sorrry, rant over! Oh and I always get the Original Swiss Light so I am not tied to one flavor profile!

HAve fun at camp! Can’t wait to see the packages! 😀

30 06 2009

Awwww Jess! It’s okay, we all have those moments, especially if you just woke up! No worries! 🙂 I bet you’ll do great at b-ball camp, it’ll be a fun (if short lived) new experience!!! Have a great couple days!

30 06 2009

sorry about your hectic morning! i had kind of a hectic evening by spilling my dinner all over my bed! and don’t worry about not knowing anyone at camp. of course you’ll survive! you’ll probably meet some great people. and if i’m totally wrong and you hate it, then at least it’s only two days! haha.

and i know how you feel about food pictures not looking pretty! i hate when that happens. i want every picture turn out as pretty as the food looked in person! cameras are screwy.

anyway, have a good night and enjoy camp! 🙂


30 06 2009

aww, nothing worse than missing your alarm and having a rushed start to the day! Basketball camp sounds fun 😀

I love laughing cow cheese on a wrap with felafel, or with tomato relish and quorn ham (could use regular ham or other deli meat). I make my crack wraps with shredded cheese but always end up having a huge salad with a ton of extra hummus on the side!

hope your Tuesday is better!

30 06 2009

Oh hun, sounds like a crazy flurry of a morning! I hate running late and would totally be upset by that too. But at least it all worked out alright, hey?

Basketball camp will be great! And it doesn’t matter that you don’t know anyone – it will be a blast! You’ll make some new friends, learn some new things and will be sad that the two days went so quickly 🙂

Green oats always taste great – even if they don’t photograph well!

And re the crack wrap – they don’t feel me up either. If I have one, I have something else on the side too. Or, I add extra ingredients to my crack wrap (like spinach, avocado, tofu etc).

30 06 2009

Looks like some amazing eats these past couple of days. Watermelon is probably my absolute favorite melon! 🙂 So excited to see what packages you’re getting. I love getting packages, it’s so exciting and fun!

30 06 2009

hi hun

awww sorry about the bad morning, i hate those days!

all of the eats look delish 🙂 and i LOVE that roated almond bar! too good!!

Have fun at basketball camp girlie, i cant wait to hear all about it!

30 06 2009

I need to try Almond Butter, I have yet to do this! I am checking out the health food store next week to do so..thanks for the reminder 🙂

30 06 2009

I always use double alarm clocks- one on my phone and then a real one!

I can’t spell maranathna either! haha

30 06 2009

haha I have a hard time spelling Maranatha too! It’s weird. But their Almond Butter is AMAZINGG!! You’ll love it, I like it better than their peanut butter 😉

My favorite way to eat Laughing Cow is with eggs, on top of an omelet is perfect, and also spread on a Flat Out egg wrap!

30 06 2009

i used shredded cheese my first time for the crack wrap and it didn’t turn out all too great. oh well – yours looks super delicious & that roasted almond bar sounds so good!!

30 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

aww love, I hate those kinds of mornings when the world feels like its crashing down! Atleast the boy was there and home for being with, even if he didn’t really understand lol. I don’t think anyone ever quites get that feeling unless they are the ones experiencing it in the moment.

So glad you are going to an overnight bball camp…the ones where you dont know anyone are always the most fun in my opinion! Just go live it up and enjoy yourself!

Mmm I still havent tried a crack wrap but I would imagine that it would need a lot of cheese and hummus to do the trick!

Oh and dont worry about filling out the survery just yet…you are obviously one busy girl!

Hope today is a little brighter angel!

30 06 2009

What a morning!! Sorry to hear about the craziness and the cut thumb! Laughing cow is good with everything – I kid you not!

mushrooms & carrots; wrap filled with cabbage slaw + LC + salsa’ on cinnamon raisin bagels; with eggs; with pretzels; I could go on!

30 06 2009

aw so sorry about the alarm clock fiasco girl!

p.s. i love the fact that your ugliest picture ever taken still looks extremely delish :)!

30 06 2009

Awww Jess I’m so sorry about your alarm clock mishap! Hope you’re able to catch up on some sleep and/or relaxation time girl! You need it and deserve it.

Love all the eats – but I’m gonna have to say I cannot believe you’ve never had Laughing Cow! It goes PERFECT with sweet potato fries 😉 and prettymuch everything! Sometimes I’ll spread it on toast w/ cinnamon and sugar for a little snackity. I find it hard to spell Maranatha too haha, it’s just a long, wierd word! But, nonetheless almond butter is delish!

Love ya girl!

30 06 2009

ahahh I can’t spell maranatha properly either!! I don’t understand why companies have to come up with names people can’t google properly. hahaha

ANYWAY, I have some maranatha $1 off coupons if you even buy another one, let me konw so i can send you some coupons!!! 🙂

Oh, and your cereal/yogurt messes ALWAYS look right up my alley. yum!!

30 06 2009

lol! sorry to be chuckling, but you just sounded so cute and funny! Just imagine the poor boy seeing you cry your eyes out, only to find out it was because you overslept! But it definitely was a crazy morning, hope things are quieter and more peaceful now! *HUG*

30 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Thanks for the shout-out hun! I LOVE that lunchtime flow, and actually can’t stand that forest yoga either haha. I totally recommend trying out Power Yoga #1 if you’re looking for another good one. It’s SOOOOOO wonderful!

Sorry to hear about the crazy morning. It’s definitely not the best way to start out the day, but at least the boy was there to comfort you! 🙂


2 07 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Maranthana almond butter is the best!!!! Definitely my favorite brand. And ohhhh….laughing cow tastes great on sandwiches with hummus and other veggies/turkey/whatever….and I loveeeee dipping pretzels in the cheese! It’s soo good, try it! 🙂

2 07 2009

That wrap and sweet potatoes looked so good! Glad you had fun with the boy!

3 07 2009

Ah, I agree about the crack wrap. I had a crack panini I guess…it was on bread since I didn’t have wraps. But I think I prefer my good ole standby, the PB sammie.

Maranatha Almond Butter is yummay! Sometimes I just get major cravings for ALMOND butter that PB just can’t satisfy.

Have fun at camp, girlie ❤

3 07 2009

I am so sorry about the hectic morning! Your eats look fantastic, oh and also your dotted dinner plate is cute!

3 07 2009

I love that psalm verse!!!!

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