Feeling so blessed!

28 06 2009



My lunch today was so lovely! I had four tiny slices of some whole grain, organic (I think), rosemary and olive oil (I think :P) bread from Harris Teeter, topped each with some hummus, a slice of ham, and 1/4 slice of  cheese. Micro-waved for about 40 seconds and it was DIVINE. I had a large apple on the side as well 🙂 100_5075



In knee news, my workout felt good. I did a lot of thinking and I came to the conclusion: I’M DOING TOO MUCH. Some days I’m working out for 2.5-almost 3 hours. That’s not healthy for me! My young and growing body doesn’t need all that stress! Ding dong Jess. I’ve decided I’m probably going to stick to three days of intense basketball and then have three other days of stretching, strengthening, and biking/stair stepper/elliptical. I think my knees starting to talk to me are my body’s way of saying, “Jess, you’re doing a too much. Let’s not get too carried away. Slow it down!” It’s all good, folks!

I received a postcard from the super, super awesome Emma! The note was SO sweet and the postcard was beautiful. Thanks so much Emma! I’m only posting the front because I don’t want the whole world to see where we live, haha 🙂 100_5080

100_5081 Gorgeous, right? Just like her!!

Post-Gym snackage was a nature valley peanut butter granola bar and a glass of milk. I’ve been just craving milk like CRAZY lately. I guess my body wants the protein? 100_5084


100_5086I then iced my knee, and after I was done, I noticed my knee where I iced it looked very odd. It was almost like I got some sort of freezer burn! The pack was only on for like 20-30 minutes! The area was white and TOTALLY numb. Scared me alright! I just rubbed and rubbed and rubbed to generate some sort of heat. Went away, but…weird!

I then promptly, after reading Proverbs of course :D, fell asleep for two hours. 😯

I awoke and ran downstairs to find a beautiful meal in the works. Within minutes I was at the table with a lovely plate of healthy food in front of me. Thank you G’ma! On my plate sat: a small baked potato, fresh green beans, salad (consisting of raspberry vinaigrette, a romaine blend, walnuts, feta, and strawberries), a few slices of cranberry, and some swiss-mushroom chicken. The plate was so colorful and delicious. I enjoyed every bite 😀 Oh, plus a glass of milk. Duhhh 😉

The boy’s home!!! We’re getting together tomorrow. I’m so excited!

In other happy news, I won I Run Because I Can’s Naturally More, Peeled Snacks, & a Few of my Favs Giveaway!!! Thank you so much Erica!!!! 

I just feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this amazing community. It’s just so…awesome! Thank you all for the kind words you always leave. It truly brightens my day 🙂

Verse of the Day: (Because it’s late and because I’m tired, I’m going to use verseoftheday.com again!)  Matthew 25: 37-40

"Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’"

Happy Saturday Loves!!

❤ jess




18 responses

28 06 2009

Oh Jess, I’m so happy you’ve discovered what is right for your body and are taking active measures to DO it. That says a lot about how strong and wise you are!
And yeah, I’m blessed to have a bloggy friend like you too! *HUG*

28 06 2009

congrats on the win, girl – i agree.. the blogging community is amazing and i feel blessed to have met you through it 🙂

lots of love, pretty!
xo, Jenny

28 06 2009

I’m so happy you are listening to your body and doing what is right for YOU 🙂 Love the mini open-faced sandwiches!

Enjoy your Sunday!

28 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

Mmm I love simple eats like that lunch…reminds me of Europe! And oh how i LOVE Europe!

I am really proud of you for recognizing that you were in fact overdoing it by working out so much. Your little knees were feeling the stress and giving you the heads up that, hey I need some more rest! 🙂 Glad you listened!

And YAYYY for the boy being back! Can’t wait for you to see him!

p.s. we’re just as lucky to have you!

28 06 2009

lunch looks delish hun 🙂

im so proud of you for recognizing that you need to ease back on the workouts. our bodies need rest and doing too much can just cause us harm. way to go for listening to your body and doing right by it 🙂

i love this community too, its amazing!


28 06 2009

Aww your lunch is so cute!

I ADORE this community ❤

28 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Lunch looks SOOOO amazing! What a great mixture of ingredients… YUMMY!

I’m so proud of you for taking a step back to realize that you have to listen to your body and take it easy. You never need to workout 3 hours a day! Take it slow and do what is best for YOU! Enjoy your exercise! 🙂

Enjoy your boy! 😀


28 06 2009

Aw, thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the post card – I know its a little ‘nerdy’ or whatever, but I’m a sucker for medieval art.

I feel the same way about the blogging community – everyone is so supportive and loving. I know I feel blessed to be a part of it!

I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be giving yourself a break! Rest is just as important as exercise. 🙂

Love you,

28 06 2009

mm i love how the cheese looks all melty 😀
i love how nice everyone in the blogging world!! its so supportive 😉

28 06 2009

Ahhh that bread looks nice and seedy! I like!! Those Nature Valley bars are one of my guilty pleasures – LOVE THEM!!

28 06 2009

I feel blessed to be a part of this new (for me) blog world too–I’m especially glad I found your blog, because you are such a sweetie, Jess <3. That cheese looks so melty good on that whole grain bread, yummm. The meal your grandma cooked up sounds fabulous and balanced. There's nothing like grandma's home cookin' 😉

28 06 2009

Glad you’re going to listen to your body and cut back on exercise! Your body is still growing, and needs lots of rest and attention. The bread you made your lunch on looks so yummmm.

Have fun with the BF! Much love

28 06 2009

It sounds like you had such a rewarding, happy day!

28 06 2009

Thank YOU, Jess, for being such a wonderful member and friend in this community. I always look forward to your posts and positivity.

Best of luck with your aching body – I’m sure it’ll be MUCH better when you lighten up the exercise load 🙂 kudos for realizing what your body needs, though! Something we all need a reminder to do sometimes. Ya know?

Love the 1/4 division sammie creation up there – so neat and perfect way to eat lunch 😉

Enjoy those goodies from the giveaway – you deserve it!


29 06 2009

helllo my love!
yummy looking meal you have there 🙂 apples are THE BEST side dish!!! i think its great you are going to ease up a bit on your workouts– our bodies deserve to rest and a break!!!!
so sorry your knee looked a little funny after the ice! i usually do 10 min on 10 min off to prevent over-icing!

have a great day xoxox

29 06 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Jess!! So glad you’ve realized that your bod needs a little break every now and then!!!! It seems like you’re such an active girl, and I would hate for you to get injured over just working it a little too hard, while you are still young!

And yum, a cold glass of milk is soooo refreshing! It’s delicious and protein-filled, can’t get any better right!? 🙂

29 06 2009

good for you for listening to your body!!

Careful with the ice- you can do serious damage to your knee! Don’t put it directly on your skin- make sure there is a cloth between the ice pack and your skin!

Your sandwich looks so good!

29 06 2009

those little sandwiches are too freaking cute! and they look delish!

so glad youre starting to feel better AND youre listening to what your bod needs — that’s amazing! youre absolutely right, we’re too young now to get hurt and not be able to be active later!

hope youre having a beautiful day, you’re such a sweetheart and im so glad that i’ve gotten to know you through your blog!

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