Channeling my inner Megan

27 06 2009

In honor of the lovely Megan, I had a Greek Yogurt Mess! Oh my gosh, this was so delicious. In my bowl went: 1 container of Vanilla Oikos, Cranberry Clusters (?) TOTAL cereal, 1/2 a banana, and cinnamon. Try it!




And of course, I had to mix it all up! Proof that there was yogurt in the bottom…100_5034 100_5035 This breakfast held me over for a solid 5 hours! To be fair though, I did have some watermelon and 1/3 Cliff bar before my workout. Still, very impressive!100_5037


I have been snacking on these as well. Yum! 100_5046 Lunch was delicious as well! I had a sammy thin spread with hummus, fresh mozzarella from last night, tomato, and s&p. This was so good! Hummus and Mozzarella=one of my new fave combos. Try it! There was also sweet potato fries on the side, as always, and another huge un-pictured apple. (dipping sauces were added after pic!) Dark Chocolate (for all my Twilight lovers out there) was my “lunch dessert.” 100_5047




There are a bazillion and one giveaways going on it seems! You’re lucky I’m nice and telling you about them 😉 Haha, here ya go! 😀

N Her Shoes is giving away some Amazing Grass products! Check it out here

So is Sarah’s Sweet Lips! Check it out here

AND so is Run to the Finish! Check it out here 

Iowa Girl Eats is having a great Real Simple+Purebar Giveaway! Check it out here

There are TWO giveaways going on from I Run Because I can! Check the first out here, and the next here

I think that’s about it!

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 3:25-26 (found this on

 Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.

Isn’t that awesome?!

It’s been a super low-key day today! I’ve updated my about, exercise, bars, and oatmeal pages. I’m exhausted and my throat still hurts. Off to drink some tea most likely. Green or Chai, now that is the question…

Happy Friday my lovely bloggers!!

❤ jess





15 responses

27 06 2009

haha, what abt chai green tea? Just add the spices to regular green tea…or is that not the point?
yogurt mess looks good! I’d like to try that with Puffins!

27 06 2009

mm i love your yogurt mess!! such a nice summer breakfast for these hot days 🙂

27 06 2009

hey girl!!!

awww you are so sweet with your comments– thank you soo much!!

LOVE your yogurt mess– seriously they are sooo good! xoxoxo

27 06 2009
Melissa @ For the Love of Health

I love that verse Jess! 🙂

Cereal combo looks very appealing. Happy tastebuds!

Fresh mozza is amazing! I adore cheese! Yum! I had sweet potato fries today too! I could probably eat them every day!

Have an amazing weekend!

27 06 2009

I have a “Bible Verse of the Day” on my igoogle too ;). But your verse of the day is way more awesome–makes you feel so very secure!

I always have some dark chocolate as my lunch dessert these days—mmmm. The hummus+tomato+mozzarella combo sounds ahmazing, as does the yogurt mess. Still need to try that!

27 06 2009

nom nom nom greek yogurt messes are the perfect summer breakfast 🙂

lots of love!

27 06 2009

I vote chai!

Love today’s verse- so fitting 🙂

Such a huge fan of greek yogurt messes- I think I could eat them every meal!

27 06 2009

Posts like this really make me miss dairy. Hummus and mozz. sound divine!


27 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

yum yum yum for that yogurt mess! Looks delicious! And thanks for the giveaway updates! Youre the best babycakes!

27 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

yum yum yum for that yogurt mess! Looks delicious! And thanks for the giveaway updates! Youre the best babycakes!
OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

27 06 2009

love the yogurt mess 🙂 looks delish!!
love all the giveaway updates!
have a great afternoon hun

27 06 2009

I tried Greek yogurt for the first time a few days ago and did not love it because I did not add anything…well, I learned from you and other bloggers that mix-ins are a must!

Yesterday I just added a squirt of honey to it and it was so creamy and sweet. YUM!

27 06 2009

yogurt messes are the best! You should add peanut butter to it.. yum!

27 06 2009

I was sooo happy that I tried yogurt messes!! They are even more amazing with a little nut butter blob on top! 🙂

27 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Loving the Greek yogurt mixture girl! You know I’m obsessed with my inner greek goddess. 😉


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