Basketball and My Body Hate Each Other

27 06 2009

Good morning girlisss! Hope your Saturday’s treating you all well 🙂

I, on the other hand, am not doing so hot. My knee’s starting to bother me again. But it’s not in the same place that I had all the problems with last year, which is a good thing. It’s right below my right knee and I know precisely  why it’s bothering me: one word: BASKETBALL. 6 hours of it in 4 days=my body no like. Lots of jumping, running, changing directions fast. Not a good combo. I suspect I have a little bit of OSD which is just basically annoying and will go away on its own, and some tendinitis also known as Jumper’s Knee. These both plague the under part of my knee, where the shin bone and knee meet up, if that makes sense. They can cause swelling which there is, and it’s a bit tender to the touch. It’s not life-changing, as I can still do activities, it’s just aggravating. I can still play, run up stairs, the pain is just a twinge. And that’s enough for me to re-think things. I think I might just start doing three days of basketball a week and not go the fourth day and see if that helps any. Everything was fine and dandy until I started this camp. Hmmm…Also, after Physical Therapy, when my knee problems started to go away last year, I kinda stopped doing like half the stuff they had taught me and told me to do. Smart right?! So I’m adding that stuff back in and here’s my sure-fire plan 😀 I love planning…

  1. More flexibility—in the form of more stretching, more yoga, etc
    1. P.T stretching exercies
  2. More strengtheningquads especially
    1. all around strength. I’ve found lots of new activities and exercises I want to try
    2. P.T strengthening exercises
  3. More cycling because…
    1. I LOVE BIKING!!
    2. It builds strength in the quads like crazy
  4. Try new things, mix it up, add some variety
    1. I want to get back into spinning, it’s a blast!
    2. Try Pilates!
  5. Ice after activity

This sounds like something serious, but in fact it’s not. It’s nothing like Chondromalacia, Shin Splints, etc. I’ll be fine, I think my over-worked body needs a little bit of rest from bball.

I almost feel like basketball is.. I don’t know. Keeping me constrained to doing what I love. I LOVE yoga, I LOVE spinning, I LOVE strength training, but I also LOVE basketball. I just don’t get to do all of those things because I have already gotten my hard core workout in and if I want to exercise all the way into my old age with no injuries, I can’t overdo it now. I miss running, but I know I’m doing the right thing. Basketball is wonderful, but I don’t want to have to stop doing everything else I love. Sorry if all that I’m saying makes no sense to anyone. I think the only one it makes sense to is me… and maybe my girl Ruthie!

I’m so excited about my workout today. It’s going to be a great one! My quads will surely be feeling the burn!

Enough chit chat, today’s breakfast was delicious!

PEANUT BUTTER-CHOCOLATE OATMEAL! Now doesn’t that sounds incredible?

Basically, I made the usual oatmeal base but added in some cocoa powder, and a square of 72% dark chocolate. All swirled and combined together to form a heavenly chocolate-y base. Topped with organic peanut butter and you’ve surely got a winner. Mmm! The PB went everywhere. It ended up covering like 2/3 of the bowl. I’m not complaining though 😉

100_5056 100_5058

As if I haven’t had enough chocolate today, I just had two Dove Chocolates that were divine while reading one of my favorite books, Runners World Guide to Injury Prevention (Which I HIGHLY recommend to EVERY runner, seasoned or beginner. Seriously, it’s incredible, buy it!) . A dark chocolate one and the other was peanut butter. Let’s hope lunch isn’t so sweet 😉 100_5064


100_5068 My parents are in away for their 19th anniversary (happy anniversary Mom and Dad) where we went a month or so ago. (Hilton Head!) And they went further up the island where we had not gone that time, and they found a freaking WHOLE FOODS, FRESH MARKET, AND HARRIS TEETER. I am DEMANDING we go back there. I could live there. I would. Seriously. I am so mad we didn’t go there when I was there. Not cool guys 😉 I think we actually might this summer for a long vaca. Awww, heavennn! I would love to ride my bike to W.F if that’s possible. Haha! You know me, I totally would!

Oh, and a HUGE shout out to Sarah who’s getting married today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be back laterrr!

❤ jess




12 responses

27 06 2009

yikes – so sorry to hear about the knee, Jess! but it sounds like you have some great plans to be in tip top shape in no time!

happy anniversary to your rents :)!!

lots of love,

27 06 2009

I am sorry to hear about your knee and basketball…but you have a lot of loves with yoga and spinning–so I know you will heal well!

Your oatmeal looks heavenly–did the cocoa powder make it bitter at all? I was just wondering b/c I might try that.

27 06 2009

Super sorry about your knee girl. I totally know how it feels to be out of the game due to injury and it sucks! Hopefully it will heal up quickly and you will be back at it!

Happy Anniversary to the moms and pops!

Hope your having a great day dear <333

27 06 2009

Hey girl! So sorry to hear about your knee! I’m wishing and praying for you! I know you’ll be able to getcha head (back) in the game asap (Hello High School Musical ;)) Haha, I hope you’ve seen that movie, or else I’m gonna feel reallll dumb.

Anyways, happy anni to your Momma and Dad – 19 years is totally something to celebrate! That bowl of chocolate/pb oats is something to celebrate as well 😛 Enjoy your weekend beautiful! Rest up and ice that knee 🙂

Love ya!

27 06 2009

Aishky, sorry about the knee girl! I hope it feels better!

Wow that oatmeal combo sounds AMAZING! I’m gonna need you to make some oats for me one day, kay? 😉

27 06 2009

ack, sorry about your knee. I had OSD when I was younger and it was horrible. Ice packs and rest help- I ended up on crutches for an entire summer 😦

The oatmeal looks amazing- loooooove melty PB 😀

Hope you have a good weekend!

27 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

aww lover! Thanks for the shoutout…you know I for sure feel you. I def had a lot of ankle problems…I have super long legs but they’ve always been kind of twiggy so the running, jumping, and quick jolting made for some serious pressure on those tiny little ankles of mine. I think that it’s super important to rest your knee when you notice it bothering you. One of the girls on my team had a really bad knee problem and she would play through it but that only ended up doing her a lot of bad in the end. Now she has to wear braces on a regular basis and she has pain that shoots in and out of her knees regularly. Just take care of yourself and don’t over do it. And yes, I know what you mean about loving basketball so much and feeling like you sometimes spend almost too much time with it. Maybe try to rotate it in rather than having it be your only work out. I know you LOVE yoga and spinning and all the other amazing activities that you do but its hard to add those in when you have already had a really hard a workout for the day. You have to be super careful not to take working out to an extreme by doing too many activites in one day.

okay so onto other things haha that oatmeal bowl looks bomb diggity and happy anniversary to the parents! Yay for long happy marriages! 🙂

27 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

That really sucks about the knee!!! It seems like we all have one issue or another that sets us back from our full potential (for me it’s my bunions on my feet that I have to have surgery on – YIKES!), but I guess it only makes us stronger and teaches us to reach beyond our full potential and keep fighting no matter the setbacks. Keep up the positive attitude girl and be sure to take it easy!

Happy Anniversary to your parents! Tell them that you totally expect a gift from one of those stores. 😉


28 06 2009

Oh look at all that chocolate!! yum!!

28 06 2009

So glad to hear you know how to listen to your body and how to treat it after its been strained–I’m sure your knee will get better because you take such good care of it :D. I used to run 25 miles a week, and I just did not want to listen to my body. Yeah, I’m not as smart as you are.

Love all that chocolate and peanut butter going on there ;). Congrats to your parents! Hope they have a great time.

28 06 2009
Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

Sorry about the knee, but your game plan sounds good. Yay for more yoga, spin classes will strengthen both the quads AND hamstrings if you were cycling clip-in shoes. Do you have any? They allow you to pull up on the pedal, not just constantly push down.

Look at that bowl of oats…lovin the PB blob! 🙂

28 06 2009

Thanks so much for the comment Heather! Me and my knee will be perfectly fine. I recently upped my activity by like over an hour on some days due to basketball and I was doing too much. My body’s not meant to work out 2 and a half hours on some days!
Thanks again,

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