Soaking Up Those Rays!

20 06 2009



In true summer fashion, I had a delicious bowl of fruity oatmeal! My normal base topped with leftover fruit salad (grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and pineapple) and some brown sugar. I put a scoop of DCD heaven on the side to have when the fruit was all gone. YUM! What a delicious bowl! 100_4759

100_4762 100_4760

Shortly after breakfast, I decided on 80 minutes of Dave Farmar yoga. Man, was this hard! I loved every second of it although there were moments when I wanted to scream. But, I do what he says about a billion times, breathe. Love him and it got the day started out right 🙂

After a quick shower, the boys were here. It’s been non-stop pool action and mario kart (sp? is it cart of kart :P) on our Wii. I am rocking the coconut mall. I know, impressive 😉

Lunch was eaten at separate stages. First up, the remaining bit of fruit salad. So yummy and FRESH! 100_4785

Sweet potato fries with ketchup! Mmmm! 100_4786



And then an un-pictured sandwich thin (whole wheat) spread with crack DCD. Hehe. Sorry no pic, the boys were there!

After eating, we jumped back in the pool and right now there just hanging out and playing on the Wii. This babysitting is super relaxing and lots easier than my last babysitting experience! Right now they’re enjoying pizza and watching a movie.

I’ve definitely gotten my tanning in today. Gotta love that warm sunshine!

In giveaway newsss…

An Apple A Day has a giveaway going on! Check it out here, but don’t 😉

Another awesome giveaway by An Apple A Day. Check it out here

Don’t forget about Lucky Taste Buds HUGE giveaway as well! Check it out here

Oh and before I “go” I want to show you my “new and improved” room. I’ve been working on it with my mom over the last couple days and I’m now in love with it. It’s much more me, much more calming, serene, the perfect yoga room. Every time I enter it it’s like ahhhh! 100_4767

New comforter 100_4768

New curtains100_4770

Painted Desk White/Organized it100_4776

Painted Bookshelf White/Organized it100_4775

Hung up Shelving100_4779

Hung up awards/UNC poster (framed it) 100_4774


And last but CERTAINLY not least, got all my UNC newspaper articles and such together. LOVE THIS! 100_4777


OH! And a new Full Length Mirror 100_4780

Verse of the Day: Acts 20:24

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me.

As it turns out, we’re not having anyone over tonight! So it’s just a relaxing evening for me and maybe a grocery trip?? Hopefully 😀

Have a wonderful Saturday!

❤ jess




25 responses

20 06 2009

Yummm yumm I want your breakkie 😉

20 06 2009

LOVE your room! it’s so CLEAN and pretty. Where do you download Dave Farmar Yoga? do you buy them? I’d love to try them!

thanks for linking back. You’re awesome!

20 06 2009

Oh wow! Your room is adorable! I love it!

21 06 2009

that bowl of oats is perfect for summertime .. love it!

your new room is fabulous! i want to move in =) we can share a bed, right?!

just kidding 😉

much love!

21 06 2009

Your rooom is SOO pretty!! I love the blue color 🙂 And your bowl of oats looks sooo good.. I love the separate bowl of DCD too! Love that stuff! I hope you’re having a fab weekend..

21 06 2009

I love your room! It looks really nice.. and so does your oatmeal! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll- your on mine now too! 🙂

21 06 2009
Katrina (gluten free gidget)

You are so fruity! I mean that in the best possible way!

21 06 2009
Run Sarah

Love your room – it looks great!

21 06 2009

Awesome room. And I love your summer-inspired breakfast oatmeal!

21 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

Oh my goodness! Your room looks soooo amazing love and I am SO happy that it suits you so perfectly! 🙂 I love my room too…my own little sanctuary!

Those oats look so fresh and delicious…right up my alley! Glad you had a good day today 😉

21 06 2009

mmm love sweet potato fries! they are too good for words! yours look really good too!

21 06 2009

Love your room- it’s so peaceful!

I need to make sweet potato fries again- been too long!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

21 06 2009

Your room looks awesome! I love that shade of blue!

21 06 2009

I love your room! It has given me some ideas for mine! I have an all white comforter too, and I have been trying to get my dad to make me some selves like that for FOREVER!…maybe he should for father’s day 🙂 I love the collage of newspaper articles, too. Very creative!!

21 06 2009

Your room looks soo relaxing! I love all the white furniture and the bed just looks so classy and comfortable! Nice job!

21 06 2009

Gorgeous looking room!! I love the calming colors 🙂

Low key nights are my favorite!

21 06 2009

That verse is one of my favorites. I went to church today and the pastor was talking about a lot of people have a vacuum in their hearts. They try to fill the void with anything but Christ…like relationships, food, money, etc. But the vacuum sucks that crap up and makes it worse. Only Christ can make it better.

That was very condemning today and made me think!

I love your blog, by the way!

22 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

LOVE Dave Farmar! Omg, he is such a good instructor!!! I always feel so good (and exhausted) after one of his sessions.

Glad to hear babysitting went well this time. You deserved to have some good kids to look after! 🙂

And your room looks awesome!!! So peaceful and relaxing. LOVE IT!


22 06 2009
Melissa @ For the Love of Health

Nice oats! Yum!
And sweet potato fries are one of my faves!

Room looks wonderful!

22 06 2009

The oats and sweet potato fries look so good!

22 06 2009

I want your room, right now. LOVe the clean and freshness of it, and the matching color coordination!

22 06 2009

yummy oatmeal 🙂 love DCD!!! n sweet tater fries are simply the best!

your new room looks great!!!!!!

22 06 2009

oh my goodness i am LOVING your unc stuff! i just graduated from there!!! please say youre going to be a tarheel someday too?!?!?! =)

um and the oatmeal? to die for.

hope you had a fabulous weekend! xox

22 06 2009

hi hun
i LOVE your room 🙂 so pretty!!
ooo all of the eats look delish! especially those sweet potatoe totally craving them now haha…
glad you had a great weekend, that yoga session sounded awesome!

22 06 2009

Yum num num, I love your breakfast! And sweet ‘tater fries too.

I love your room! It’s so clean and fresh looking. I need to give my room a makeover too. Enjoy your monday, love!

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