My First Green Monster!!

18 06 2009



Hey all! I’m so excited right now. I had my First Green Monster. Thanks so much for all the wonderful recipes y’all gave me! They’re all fantastic! I decided on trying Kiki’s recipe because it sounded great and I had all the right ingredients. I really want to get some soymilk/almond milk because I’ve seen it used in many GM as well as what a couple of you mentioned. I am going to try and try everyone’s suggestions. Thanks again!

What went in my Green Monster:

  • about 2.5/3 cups of spinach
  • a frozen banana, sliced
  • 3 strawberries (HUGE strawberries!), sliced
  • 3 spoonfuls of applesauce
  • a spoonful of ground flaxseed meal
  • splash of milk

Oh my word this was too amazing for word. Green is such a great color 😀

On the side I had a sandwich thin. one side with Dark Chocolate Dreams and the other with Skippy Crunchy. Yum!

I took a good amount of pictures so here ya go!











But let’s recap last night, shall we? After an hour of strength training at the gym, my dad brought us home Pei Wei’s. I got the ginger broccoli with chicken and brown rice. So good! I plan on having the leftovers for lunch today.



One of last night’s was a few small scoops of all natural chocolate, a small scoop of all natural cookies n’ cream. Then crumbled a little piece of zucchini bread and some Dark Chocolate Dreams. This snack was heavenly! 100_4683



Oh and before basketball this morning (which ROCKED. We did this 5 man weave drill which was really cool) I had a banana and a glass of milk.

I am so tired! After four mornings of waking up at 6:15 this girl is looking forward to sleeping in.

It’s been far too long since I up-dated my goals.

  1. Yoga at least 3 days a week–mix it up a bit with my yoga. I love going to classes, and I’d like to try more! There’s one on Thursdays I’m interested in.   — Already accomplished this this week 🙂 But I’m sure I’ll still do more!
  2. Going for a walk (with my poocher) every day for at least 10 minutes. Not only is this good for my mind, it’s also good for my sanity–my dog is SO much more calm when she gets her regular walks. Haha. I need to post a picture of her–she’s such a cutie! – Check, I’ve been really good about this! It’s just all about getting into a routine. You can always say “I’ll do it later” but it’s so rewarding when you do it right then and get it done. My doggie appreciates it too! I promise pics of her are coming!
  3. Try a new recipe/food at least twice a week. There’s so many new foods and recipes I would love to try. And I can’t wait! – Green Monster!! Need something else though…
  4. Try and stick to organic produce (especially apples!) or at least the Dirty Dozen — Organic Apples and Organic Spinach!!
  5. Have something green every day (whether it be green oats or a green monster) – Check
  6. Read a chapter in Proverbs every day – Check

Verse of the Day: 1 John 3:18

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.


Have a wonderful day everyone! And thanks for all the super sweet comments lately 🙂 And to new readers, welcome!!! I really appreciate every (positive—but I haven’t dealt with any negative ones yet 🙂 ) comment I get!

❤ jess





22 responses

18 06 2009

WOW that sundae with DCD looks awesome!! Thumbs up! And I’m glad you enjoyed your first green monster experience…careful, they’re addictive! 😉

18 06 2009

first green monster! so exciting! glad you enjoyed it — i totally need to get a blender =) everything else looks amazing, especially DCD with dessert — i’m clearly a huge DCD fan!!!

you should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing such great goals! what an awesome idea =)

18 06 2009

hi girlie,
yay, your first green monster 🙂 im so glad you enjoyed it!! i still have to try my first one and im feeling more brave too now as so many people are loving them!

lunch looks delicious..all the eats do!!

way to go on achieving all of your goals hun 🙂 im so proud of you, they were awesome goals!!

have a nice night hun and enjoy your sleep in!

18 06 2009
Julia (Jogging My Memory)

Thats so exciting that you tried a green monster! I haven’t tried one yet, I want to try one with my fiance (I’m hoping he will magically love them!)
Great job with your goals! I love goal setting because it makes those feelings of accomplishment so much more tangible!

18 06 2009

I really want to make zuchinni bread this weekend now! Congrats on your first green monster! I love trying the stuff I see on blogs…my latest has been a “crack wrap” which I HIGHLY recommend! 😀

have a great day!

18 06 2009

congrats on the first GM! everyones lovin’ them.. I think i ma have to jump on the bandwagon soon!!

18 06 2009

Oh my gosh girl I cannot WAIT to try my first ever Green Monstaa! I might follow that recipe you got from Kiki – sounds freakin’ awesome, and I need to get rid of some soymilk/almond milk as well – girls got non-milk overload over here! 😛

I also wanna try to have something ‘green’ each day – sounds like a plan to me! I wanna see how I feel after eating green for a week or so, apparently it’s amazing.

As for trying new recipes – I recommend buying Jenna’s ( E-cookbook she’ll be putting out soon. It’s for quick & easy dinners! I submitted a recipe in there for meatless lasagna for one 😉 and I’m sure it’s going to be LOADED with so much amazing stuff. Plus the funds go to such an amazing cause!

Happy Thursday 🙂

Love always,

18 06 2009

Glad you liked your first green monster! I am still not convinced…well, I am, but my taste buds aren’t! haha Maybe I’ll have to give them another try?!

However, that ice cream treat looks right up my alley! MMM!

18 06 2009
Melissa @ For the Love of Health

That’s so great you enjoyed your first green monster! I have yet to try it myself!

oh my that ice cream looks amazing!! YUMMY!

I highly recommend for some great ideas!

18 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Hooray for your first green monster! I’d definitely try it with vanilla soymilk when you get a chance… YUM!

Congrats on all your goals. It sounds like you’re accomplishing exactly what you wanted to… keep it up girl! 🙂


18 06 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

That’s a beautiful green monster!! I’m so glad I found your blog!!


19 06 2009

That sounds like a great Green Monster recipe. Looks delicious too! Your icecream, zucchini bread and DCD is the greatest though! I’m so jealous of your stomach 😛

Great goals! I need to try some new food too, I think..

19 06 2009

Love green monsters!!!


19 06 2009

Love your green monster! And all that yummy peanut butter too!

19 06 2009

That is a very yummy lookin’ GM and some delish pairings you have with it, as well! A brekkie like that may be in my near future 🙂

Love the goals, especially the last one with reading Proverbs. It’s great to find other people who share the same passion for spirituality. I’m really trying to work on my relationship with God right now because (duh) when things with God are right, everything’s right.

Have a good Friday!

❤ Nell

19 06 2009

Awww, I’m honored that you choose my green monster recipe haha. Glad you liked it!
Oh my words, that zucchini bread PB ice cream sundae looks phenomenal! Enjoy your Saturday, lovie!

19 06 2009

Niiiiiice green monster!! That dessert looks heavenly 🙂

Getting into walk routines is wonderful – I need to get back into my routine! Well done on your goals!!

19 06 2009
Karina Pinzon

I just came across your blog. I love it 🙂
Wow, I keep seeing those green monsters EVERYWHERE. It is starting to bother me that I have never tried one. Alright, enough is enough. I am sending my mom to the super market in a bit to get some spinach!
Oh and that dessert… amazing.
Congrats on accomplishing all those goals!
I’ll be coming back ❤

19 06 2009

they are just amazing!
your doing a great job with your goals too!

19 06 2009

yummy looking green monster!!!! 🙂 yay for doing so well with your goals– love the updates!!! xoxoxo

19 06 2009

congratulations on having your first green monster! i had one this morning. it will be in my post later tonight. 🙂

that dessert looks so incredible. and i love zucchini bread! i’m going to subscribe to your blog! ahhhh that dessert……….drooool.

have a great friday!


19 06 2009
trish (girlatgym)

The green monsters are perfect! Especially now, with the summer heat.

I’m trying to eat new foods too. I’ve just recently tried dates, plantains, agave and naan bread. All have been good!

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