Fun-Filled Weekend

8 06 2009

Hello ladies! Sorry for being totally MIA yesterday! After babysitting, the boyfriend and I got together and watched Casino Royale. Fabulous movie! One of my all-time favorites now.

Dinner on Saturday was a LOT of fun. We played with our younger siblings and laughed a lot. I also figured out that I am not as horrible as I had previously thought at Guitar Hero (?). Haha! There was sort of a buffet type set up as far as food goes, so I had some Chinese, shrimp, corn, and lots of veggies! All in all, I had a blast.

I just finished a wonderful lunch. I have sweet potato fries, a ham n’ cheese wrap, and an apple. Lovely!! 100_4449





All this week I am in a basketball camp through my school. It’s from 9-12 each day and it’s intense. I LOVE the guy who’s running it and I already feel like a better player. I start another basketball camp next week that runs through the majority of summer. It’s four days a week (but I’ll probs only make it to three days, but I don’t know)

*insert running downstairs to phone*

Well, I just found out that I’m babysitting tonight from 5 to ?. The couple’s going out to dinner then a movie. Woo! It’ll be good. Babysitting at night isn’t as hard as during the day, plus, I love their kids 🙂

Upon arriving home late on Saturday night, I devoured a blueberry crumb cake (?) holey donut. Yum!100_4423


Lunch after church is where I got my green in. Haha. I had a really good salad from Chipotle that I finally managed to get a picture of. My salad consists of greens, black beans, chicken, tomato salsa, corn salsa, and guacamole. YUM! 100_4432



This morning I awoke needing some fuel so I had two kashi blueberry waffles topped with some mighty maple (running low again… ahhh!) I had a glass of milk as well and a banana half way through the camp.100_4447 




My challenge is going really well, although today and yesterday aren’t going so hot. Today’s going well, I just have to take my dog for a walk and catch up on Proverbs.

Verse of the Day: (found it on my Church pamphlet!) Isaiah 1:18

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

Well, I am off to go comment like crazy and then get ready to babysit. Have an awesome night everyone!!

❤ jess




11 responses

8 06 2009

haha girlie at first i thought you said “after babysitting the boyfriend” .. i was about to laugh and agree. they can act like kids sometimes (er, okay.. all the time!) gotta love ’em!

happy monday Jess!

8 06 2009

Hey girl! Glad you enjoyed your weekend, the get together sounds fun, and man, I love me some Chinese food 😉 hope you enjoyed it! Gaahh basketball camp sounds like a lot of fun, and it makes it even better when the person running it is just as much fun and a pleasure to be around.

Have fun babysitting tonight and kudos for staying on track with the goals. Love your eats, and I’ve recently become an apple-addict, it reminded me of you! Haha 😛 Apples are just so damn tasty!

Love ya!

8 06 2009

LOVE your waffle/blueberry and MM combo! delish!!

bball camp sounds fun! i did it when i was in middle school 🙂

have a great day xoxox

8 06 2009

ahh Welcome back!!! I see that you got my favorite at Chipotle this weeknd!! yayy us, I always ask for extra everything though, and i love that they don’t charge extra!!! 🙂

waffles and blueberries are AWESOME!!! i believe i also had some for breakfast yesterday. muahahah great minds think alike!

8 06 2009

Uh oh you better restock on the mighty mapes!! Your SPs look mighty fine (as I currently am eating my own plate 😉 )!

Glad you had a great weekend, chickpea!

9 06 2009

Hey Jess!

Happy to hear about the good weekend! And way to go on GH – I SUCK. Really. I’m a music major, and I’m so entrenched in notation, that flashing colored buttons don’t connect to my brain, and my fingers just sit there. 🙂

The breakie looks super tasty. A good start to a day full of b-ball (something else I’m not very good at, despite being 6′ tall!)

Have a lovely evening!

9 06 2009

Mmmm soo jealous of the holey donuts!! and your chipotle salad looks so delicious.. i’ve only been there once :/

9 06 2009

man, this reminds me how freaking long it has been since I had some baked sweet potato!
have fun baby-sitting!

9 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

Mmmm those eats look yummy in the tummy! So happy you had fun with the boyfriend and were able to have the greatest time together! And wohoooo for basketball camp…so the greatest sport ever! I miss it SO much you have no idea! So glad you are having a fun time with it and that your goals are going well! Keep it up love!

9 06 2009
The Novice Berker

Basketball camp sounds like a blast! I remember the good ol’ days when I had tennis camp every summer. It was TOUGH but it was SO much fun!!

And Casino Royale is so damn good, wayyy better than the more recent one (Quantum of Solace or whatever). I loved Vesper so much, she was so pretty. 🙂

9 06 2009

Hi darlin,

glad you had a fun night 🙂

that dinner certainly is very green 🙂 all of the eats look delish as aways! especially waffles for breakfast!

have fun babysitting tonight! hope the kids are good for you!

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