Lots of Stuff (edited to add verse)

5 06 2009

Happy Friday girlies! How are we today? Hope everyone’s Friday is going well. Any big plans??

I titled this post “Lots of Stuff” because I feel like I have lots of things to say. Haha 🙂

First off, I decided to make an email account dedicated to this blog, so if you want to talk, contact me, or whatever my email is jess.havefaith4ever@gmail.com

My brothers and mom are going out to see “Night at the Museum.” I opted out and decided to stay home and do some yoga. I’ve already seen the movie and it’s not one of those movies you’d wanna see twice 😉

I decided on doing 60 minutes of Dave Farmar Yoga–LOVE HIM! It was glorious!

One of my mom’s friends went through her “cookbook stash” and she gave me lots of cookbooks. I cannot wait to try all sorts of recipes!100_4373


In boredom baking news, there’s some lovely Apple Cinnamon Bread in the kitchen that I finished baking. Unfortunately, I took pictures of the piece I had when the memory card wasn’t in! 👿 Whoops! I will take more pictures later 🙂 It was totally delicious and very pretty 🙂 Super yummy!100_4379



My Friday has been okay. Not fab, but not bad either. I’ve deemed this “Dreary Friday” over here. It’s been raining off and on and while I love the rain, it hasn’t really helped my mood.

On a lighter note, I am loving my June Challenge.

Let’s see how I’m doing for today…

  1. Yoga at least 3 days a week–mix it up a bit with my yoga. I love going to classes, and I’d like to try more! There’s one on Thursdays I’m interested in. —This was accomplished tonight.
  2. Going for a walk (with my poocher) every day for at least 10 minutes. Not only is this good for my mind, it’s also good for my sanity–my dog is SO much more calm when she gets her regular walks. Haha. I need to post a picture of her–she’s such a cutie! —First thing this morning I took her for a little walking action, and we both loved it. Nice way to wake up!
  3. Try a new recipe/food at least twice a week. There’s so many new foods and recipes I would love to try. And I can’t wait! New Recipe: Green Monster Pancakes, Green Oats ; New Food: My hummus’ (does that count?), PB Cookie Larabar (Haha, gotta count this 😉 ..), Naan Bread (the real answer)
  4. Try and stick to organic produce (especially apples!) or at least the Dirty Dozen — Organic Baby Spinach ; Organic Apples (mostly, need to go to the grocery store!)
  5. Have something green every day (whether it be green oats or a green monster) — Need to work on that tonight…
  6. Read a chapter in Proverbs every day — Read it while eating breakfast 🙂

Okay enough chit chat, let’s get down to business!

Breakfast: Organic Honey Toasted Oats cereal, Kashi Waffle spread with M.M, and a yogurt … Tried to balance out this breakfast, and I guess I did a pretty good job. I mean I got my fats, protein, and carb. It’s all good right? 😉 Yes, it was all very good and yummy!





Lunch: After baking for a while, I put the dough in a bowl to rise and decided it was time for lunch. But first, I decided to get my daily dose of carbination (just kidding about the daily dose lol) I don’t know why, sometimes I just crave it. Any who, I made myself a peanut butter sandwich and had some organic blue corn chips with Eggplant Spread (which was very good!). Along with some water 🙂 I got a question about what kind of bread I use–I use Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Sugar Free Bread. Love it!100_4358




100_4361Verse of the Day: Proverbs 1:8-9

8- Listen, my son, to your father’s instructionand do not forsake your mother’s teaching9- They will be a garland to grace your head, and a chain to adorn your neck

Have a fantastic night everyone!



9 responses

5 06 2009

Apple cinnamon bread? YUM! I bet your house does smell delicious!! I hope you have a great evening!

5 06 2009

girlfriend you can boredom bake for me any day 🙂

congrats on doing so well with your challenge, love!! you are rockin’ it!

xoxo, Jenny

6 06 2009
Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

Dave Farmar is so fun with his yoga sessions! I just love how he makes you stay in each post FOREVER, yet makes it easy by joking around and talking. Congrats on keeping up with the goals! 🙂

That Apple Cinnamon bread sounds so yummy! Baking is just so fun!


6 06 2009

man, I love getting cookbooks! I get all excited over all the things I wanna make!
and yay for your good work on keeping up with your challenge!

6 06 2009

yesss i love proverbs..and psalms ( duh!) so beautiful!
and i love me some diet crack…don’t tell on me! 🙂

6 06 2009

I haven’t tried the eggplant spread yet, but I have come to the conclusion that any Sonny&Joe’s Hummus will have my heart! YUMMMMM!

I love how you have a verse of the day! It really brightens my day!

6 06 2009
Learning To Relove :)

sounds like you had a nice little Friday! yay! 🙂 Hope your baked goods turned out nicely…which im sure they did! And way to go with the June challenges! I’m thinking I might want to make my own little listy! Hope the rest of your day is just as wonderful as the start! xoxo

6 06 2009

hi darlin,

sounds like you did great on your goals 🙂 i love walks first thing, super refreshing right!!

I think its great you read the verse first thing..what a great way to start the day with positive thoughts!!

love all of the eats! cheerios always remind me of my childhood!

have a great afternoon

6 06 2009
Alisa - Frugal Foodie

Nice job on thte challenge!

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