13 05 2009

Hey girls! Sorry for being MIA last night. I was totally bogged down with school and was stressed out. I knew you all would understand so I decided to post-pone last night’s blogging to today. Thanks girls! Hope all is well 🙂

Would we like a recap? 😀

Tuesday: Typical Tuesday–nothing huge happened, I had lots to do and not enough time to do it. The eats were also typical but still very tasty. I had planned on going to yoga, but when I got there I was told it had changed to a different class, and I didn’t feel like going. Luckily, I had my ipod headphones so I jumped (not literally, haha) onto the elliptical and busted out 45 minutes. Felt wonderful–afterwords, I did 100 crunches then stretching and foam roller. A glorious workout!

Here’s Tuesday’s EATS! (not lots of pics–sorry!)

Breakfast: Full Circle Organic honey toasted oats cereal (delicious–my favorite cereal of all time possibly), and some peanut butter100_3321


Lunch: organic peanut butter sammy, pretzels, and an organic apple

Snacks: Mini bag of popcorn, organic apple, oatmeal pancake, and peanut butter–hungry hungry hungry jess 🙂100_3325





Dinner: Garlic Chicken and Broc over rice, glass of milk

Snacks: immediately after the gym, I grabbed the peanut butter jar and finished it. I was starving like crazy last night–so that was not all I had–Trust me 😉100_3335


Wednesday: Today has been relatively low-key. After finishing up basically everything I’ve had due, all I have left is exams next week. I do have a science test Friday–but that’s it. It feels so good to be (practically) done. I escaped with no homework, which feels awesome as well. I’m definitely feeling great!

Wednesday’s EATS!

Breakfast: (my raw meal) An apple, sliced, topped with cinnamon (I hope this is raw!!), and lots of walnuts on the side–this obviously wasn’t enough–all I had for fruit in the house was apples–next week I hope to make my Wednesday more elaborate!!100_3337




Lunch: Leftover broc with chicken, a slice of bread with peanut butter, and an apple (sorry no pic!!)

Snacks so far: (my raw snack) an apple, carrots with salsa (goodness–I hope this is raw too!) 100_3342



Well, that’s all for now. I am headed to the gym (hopefully) soon for a weight workout. Never done just weights–wonder if I’ll like it. Ha, bye loves!

Be back later for a possible post, but most definitely commenting 🙂

❤ jess




9 responses

13 05 2009

Peanut butter straight out of the jar is my favorite ❤

13 05 2009

Mmm carrots and salsa!! That’s one of my favorite combos! You make me so proud with your ability to kill the PB jars! I wish I had those skills!!

13 05 2009

I love carrots and salsa also! Yummy eats, girl.

13 05 2009
Run Sarah

I`ve never tried carrots & salsa together, sounds delish though!

13 05 2009

I eat outta the peanut butter jar too!!!!! 🙂

13 05 2009

hope the school stress has subsided!!! those eats look great! especially that oatmeal pancake!! mmm!

14 05 2009


I love carrots with salsa! So delish. But my friends think I’m totally nutso. ;P

Have a great Thursday. TGIAF!

With Love,


14 05 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Carrots + salsa is such a good combo. My dad always makes fun of me for it too! haha!! Whatever, I like my veggies!

And all this peanut butter is making me hungry….about to go fix myself a snack w/ some right now!

14 05 2009

hi hun,
lovin all the tasty eats…especially the cereal 🙂 and carrots!
have a great day!
much love

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