Getting out the blender!

9 05 2009

Heyyy! This is gonna have to put really short–gotta go get ready for a birthday party in like 20.

I awoke this saturday craving a bowl of warm oatbran. So here’s what I had:100_3195


  • 1/4 cup oat bran with 1 cup water
  • banana
  • dark chocolate chips, butterscotch chips
  • pretzels
  • Cinnamon Raisin peanut butter



After making the oat bran (without toppings), I blended it! It became SO creamy and smooth. Drooolll ❤ 100_3200



Post-breakfast I went to the gym and here’s what I did!

  • 3 minutes stationary bike
  • 45 minutes elliptical (including cool-down)
  • foam roller and lots of stretching

Felt FAB!

Upon arriving home, I worked on my research paper (got a LOT done today!) and then was off to the hair salon. I just love getting my hair cut, do you???

After running and getting my friend a birthday gift, well, here I am. Haha, I just finished my lunch with was an unpictured apple before the haircut, then a peanut butter sammy with Vanilla Chobani on the side. I topped the chobs with organic honey toasted oats. YUM.100_3207






Well, girls that’s all. Have a fabulous Saturday!! I’ll be back later–I’m thinking sweet potato fries for dinner?

P.S Glad you enjoyed my holey donuts post! I’m sure there will be more consumed tonight!

❤ jess





8 responses

9 05 2009

Oh, totally love the morning oats! Hahaha, I’m not soo happy when people cut the hair in my back. Like behind the neck… the feeling just makes me shiver when the blade is behind there. LOL

9 05 2009

Your eats look so yummy!

And I totally love getting haircuts!

9 05 2009

ah i love that you saved that peanutbuttery bite for last 🙂 thats my favorite part.. i swear, we’re twins :)!!

I loveeee getting my hair cut! it always feels so nice and smooooooth afterwards! what did you do to your hair? id love to see pics, girl!

have a great saturday love!
xoxo, Jenny

9 05 2009

I definitely vote for SP fries 😉 Getting your hair done is sooooooooo nice! I love how my hair feel so healthy afterward!

I’m loving the butterscotch in your oat bran! Yum!

9 05 2009

Mmmm PB sandwich, nothing beats it!! And Chobani is delish; I had some today too!
Holey Donuts those look good! Hope you’re enjoying them!!!! 🙂

9 05 2009

loving your addition of pretzels in your oats!
I just got my hair cut too, but um…not so thrilled about it. I look like a boy now! but I bet you look fab!

10 05 2009

Fabulous oat bran! I LOVE getting my hair done and as if I wasn’t already craving these donuts enough! I can’t wait for my order to arrive now – why didn’t I do priority shipping! LOL. Thanks for the review 🙂

10 05 2009

You blended your oats! Yayay! I knew you’d love it – makes a big difference, hey?

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