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8 05 2009

Hello!!! What a great day it has been for me 😀 But what about y’all?? Tomorrow’s Friday. Woohoo! Anyone else really excited?

My holey donuts are supposed to arrive tomorrow. At least that’s why the UPS tracking thing said. Let’s hope it’s tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

I loved all your comments on Raw Wednesday. I don’t know if it is too late to join, but you can always contact Gena and/or Jenna. They’re such awesome people 🙂

That being said, plus the fact that it’s Thursday and I’m very tired, commenting will have to be postponed till tomorrow. Sorry girls!!! I will totally go COMMENT CRAZY tomorrow night when I get home from my school’s soccer game. They’re in the finals! 😀 Thanks for understanding!

I didn’t feel like going to the gym today, so instead I did 60 minutes of Dave Farmar Yoga. It was glorious. Love him!

Onto…the eats!

Breakfast: I wanted oatmeal SO BADLY, so I had it. (will be having oatbran saturday morning!) Here’s what was in my bowl:100_3087

  • 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup both water and milk
  • banana
  • cinnamon and brown sugar
  • Tropical (?) Trail Mix–this stuff is amazing–has coconut, dried fruits, cashews, and lots more!
  • Cinnamon Raisin peanut butter



This bowl was pure bliss.100_3092



Lunch: borringggg-nesss 😕 Peanut butter sammy, an apple (make that two!), and a yogurt100_3085

Snack (pre-yoga): an apple and a string cheese100_3096

Snack (post-yoga): Carrot Cake Cliff Bar ❤100_3099



Dinner: We went out ot Pei Wei (also ❤ ) and I got the Japanese Terriyaki Bowl with Brown Rice. Here’s a post about my last visit and I ordered the same thing. It’s delicious. Chocked full of veggies with chicken and a load of brown rice. YUM!

After dinner my mom and I ran into Target and I grabbed some hair products (Root Awakening-shout out to Meg!) and two new bars! I got Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff Bar, and a MOJO Mountain Mix (by Cliff). I’m thinking of putting another page just for bars on my blog 😀 Can’t wait to try these! 100_3117








Snacks so far: Because everyone loved my pb+pretzels combo so much, I just had to have it tonight 😉 This time, with double the peanut butter!100_3132




Blogger Award: The amazing Dulcie awarded me with this award. Thanks so much girl! I tell you, if you have not visited this girl’s site, you SHOULD! She is one cool chic 🙂


The Renee Award is one of the most meaningful awards in blog world because it honors someone who is incredibly inspirational in her intelligent and witty writing. And by doing so, this award celebrates women’s smart, strong and inspirational spirit! It honors women who spread joy and love like an Acorn……a small package growing into a tall and sturdy oak tree which gives more acorns…………..

I know a lot of people have already gotten this award, so I apologize if I give it to you and you’ve already gotten it! I love you all and think each of your blogs are wonderful!!! I really hate having to pick people, but here I go: I tag (in no particular order) Lauren, Jemina, Lisa , Shelby, and Lexi. Thanks again Dulcie!

Have a great night everyone! Sorry about the commenting too!

❤ jess





7 responses

8 05 2009

congrats on the award, jess!
your bowl of oats look mighty delish! and great bars! I’ll be on the look-out for the carrot cake one…

8 05 2009

Congrats on the award! I think I need to just buy pb & pretzels instead of PB stuffed pretzels, probably a lot cheaper!

8 05 2009

Congrats on the award (:

And Holey Donuts – sooooo jealous!

8 05 2009

Aw what a sweetie to give you the blog award! 🙂

I LOVE peanut butter…looks quite yummy!
And a big thumbs up for the Clif bars!! Have a great weekend!!

8 05 2009

Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet!! 🙂 I will pass it on!

I’m excited for this weekend! I’m teaching and playing a show, but also hanging out and relaxing! 🙂 Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Yummy bars, by the way!

8 05 2009

Congrats on your award! I LOVE THE MOJOS!!! I’m so happy they’re back!

9 05 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Ahh your oats and pb + pretzels combo look delish!

congrats on the award girlie! I too picked up one of those mojos bars recently and cannot wait to try them, asap!

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