Quickie–How To

2 05 2009

Heyy ladies! It’s late Friday night and my eyes are very tired. Hence the quick post. A couple people asked how I make my egg wraps so I thought I’d share!

First, I take a flat out (or whatever wrap you love!) and top it with a slice of provolone cheese (I “cut” it into pieces so the melty-ness is all over the wrap!), then, I put the cheese topped wrap into the microwave for 30 seconds until it’s all melty. Meanwhile, I’m cooking two eggs (with the yolk 😀 ) and when they’re done, put them into the wrap and wrap it uppp! It’s so good. So good. SOOO GOOD. Lol, okay I think you get it 😉

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it!

Sorry about the short post!

❤ jess 🙂




6 responses

2 05 2009

Mmmm eggs! =D

2 05 2009

i made an egg wrap last weekend too 🙂 so good!
enjoy your night

2 05 2009

Thanks for the recipe!!

2 05 2009

Yummy egg wrap!

2 05 2009

thanks for the how-to jess! I’ve been dying to know how you do it 🙂

2 05 2009

Jess, I promise I will try this as soon as I get my hands on some wraps in the U.S. And loving that you use the yolks, too! too many ppl don’t appreciate its golden goodness!

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