1 05 2009

Weeeee! It’s practically Friday! My day today wasn’t altogether great–but it’s gotten better as the day went on. I wasn’t feeling very good and had a really bad headache. It’s starting to come back to me so I best be getting on.

Breakfast: Egg wrap with an apple on the side–new favorite breakfast, other than oatmeal of course 😉100_2899





Lunch: Grilled Chicken, an apple, and yogurt–Okay, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, but this totally did not hold me over at all. Like, I was so hungry I thought I was going to eat my arm. Thank goodness my sweet math teacher gave us m&m’s during her class. She’s always been my favorite teacher (no seriously she is!!) 100_2904



Snacks: When I got home I immediately grabbed an apple, and a little bit later had some peanut butter with dark chocolate chips and pretzels–amazing snack–YUMMMM100_2908



I was planning on going to the gym, but I was feeling horrible after school and decided to come home and do the little schoolwork I had then sleep. Ahh, the nap felt wonderful! I am glad I listened to my  body and didn’t go. It’s okay to take rest days. They are GOOD for ya 🙂

Dinner: A peanut butter sandwich (wasn’t feeling up to anything else), veggie chips/kashi crackers, and a yogurt with blueberries100_2913




After dinner I decided to take my adorable dog for a walk. It felt really nice to be outside in the beautiful  weather!

Snacks so far: An apple, pear, and the remainder of my peanut butter jar 😎 100_2917





In giveaway news, Dulcie is giving away some Holey Donuts!!! Delicious–Here’s the post

Have a glorious night! Hope everyone gets lots of sleep!

❤ jess





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1 05 2009

I spyyyy LOTS of peanut butter. And that’s the way I like it 😉 No day should ever be lived without multiple spoonfuls of that goodness. AMEN! Oh, and teachers that give out M&M’s are always the best 😛

I hope you feel better girl 😦 I’m so sorry you’re feeling under the weather. Get some rest and enjoy your weekend.


1 05 2009

your egg wrap looks delish! how do u make it???

love the pretzel and PB combo! i need to try that !! oxx

1 05 2009

Awh, sorry to hear about the headache, hope you feel better soon!
And I love all your eats – tasty wrap, tasty sandwich, and mmmm PEANUT BUTTER!

1 05 2009

Hahaha man…your teacher is the bombdiggety! Ahh, chocolate…

So sad about your (now empty) peanut butter jar ): Oh well, I’m sure you’ve got more hanging around there, right?

Have a good night!

1 05 2009

whoa girl that egg wrap looks awesome! how did you make it?!?!

1 05 2009

hi hun

i love the egg wrap 🙂

its good you took a nap and a day off working out, you listened to your body and what it was telling you 🙂 thats awesome!

woo its almost friday 🙂
have a nice night girlie

1 05 2009

I LOVE the look of your freaking amazing egg wrap…the yolk is just barely cooked and a little runny, JUST the way I like it! you’ve inspired me to make TONS of eggy wraps once I return to America!

1 05 2009

Wowowow! Look at the oozy golden yolk in that wrap… oh man, that’s just teasing everyone! I love eggs. I love your wrap!!!

Your pretzel and peanut butter looks mmmm.

I don’t often have sandwhiches for dinner, but when I’m in the mood, they are the greatest! And you can’t beat a PB sandwich!

Don’t post pictures of empty PB jars please. This makes me very sad 😦

Have a great night girly!

1 05 2009

mmm peanut butter and jelly are my favorite lunch. They are always my go-to thing when Im not sure what else to eat. I had one for lunch yesterday, in fact. haha.

I hope you feel better soon girl!

1 05 2009

I’m glad you listened to your body and took a rest day. They are good indeed!

Egg wrap = yum!

PB is also a favorite of mine! Oh darn–you’ll have to buy another jar now that you finished the one you were on! 🙂

Are the Fiber One yogurts good? I’ve never had them.

1 05 2009

I really just love your blog Jess! It’s so great! Perfect amount of great eats, and fun talk! 🙂
I love just sticking my spoon in the PB jar too…delicious, nothing beats it. Egg wraps are a new love of mine as well, although I usually chow down on mine for lunch! Egg whites & laughing cow in a whole wheat wrap…heaven, all rolled up!

Have a great Friday, hope you’re feeling better!

1 05 2009

I’m glad you listened to your body and let yourself rest!! Hope you’re feeling better!

Your pretzel, dark choc, PB dish sounds amazing! I hate days where I’m just ravenous – well, I don’t because I get to eat more but it’s like, “Earth to stomach, you’ve been fed! Quiet down now!” 😉

1 05 2009

Hi lovebug :]

That egg wrap for breakfast looks really good. I haven’t had eggs in awhile, but I’m definitely craving them now!

I hate when a meal doesn’t fill me up. It’s so frustrating.

I TOTALLY love your snack of pb, dark choc chips, and pretzels. FAB combo ;]

Thanks for the shout out darling ❤

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