Yoga, Yoga, YOGA

29 04 2009

Heyy girlies! Hope everyone has had a mighty fine Tuesday. Mine’s been pretty glorious. I had relatively no homework and I’ve been in a really good mood. Don’t ya just love days like that? πŸ˜€

I went to yoga tonight and it was phenomenal! I am literally rally still shaking from it. Which I love. Tehe, yoga two days in a row feels amazing. All in all, crazy good class. (Btw, it was a vinyasa flow= ❀ )

Oh, check out Megan’s post about LIVING OUR LIVES. She asks you to comment on what makes your life worth living. I think this was such a great question. SO, go over and give her an answer. She’s gonna do a whole post focused on that (and our answers) if I am correct.

Without further to do, TODAY’S EATS.

Breakfast: A new lovely egg sandwich combo! I took a flat out microwaved it with provolone cheese on top (got so awesome-ly melty) for 30 seconds. Then, I cooked two eggs and put them on the wrap and rolled it right on up. GAHHH, this was just SO good. I need to make it again. ASAP.I also had an apple on the side.100_2858





Lunch: A peanut butter sandwich, string cheese, yogurt, and an apple. Pretty balanced, it made me very happy πŸ˜€100_2856

Snacks: Upon arriving home, I had some strawberries and cinnamon applesauce. ThisΒ  applesauce is incredible. (oatmeal ideas anyone πŸ˜€ ) After commenting on blogs, I had a few pretzels with peanut butter. More like AND peanut butter. I always end up eating the pretzels separately first and saving the peanut butter for last. That’s so meeee! 100_2865




Dinner: tortellini topped with a chunky red mushroom sauce and lots of steamed broc and a glass of MILK

Snacks so far: an apple and ice cream πŸ˜€ 100_2874




I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful and kind comments I’ve been receiving lately. They totally brings a smile to my face. And, I really should’ve put- “I’ve never met a fruit I didn’t like” because evidently Durian is gross. A few comments mentioned this and I decided to look it up. I’ve never tried it or even heard of it! Here’s a little insight on this fruit. And some pictures just cuz πŸ˜‰ durian

durian2Umm, yummy? If I ever see one, I’ll definitely get one! And give you a full report. Does anyone know where I could find one of these actually? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a normal grocery store…Thanks again girlsss!

Have a GLORIOUS night!

❀ jess





9 responses

29 04 2009

You can get them in Asian grocery stores. But it is an acquired taste, and an acquired smell. Some people actually hate the smell of it. I find it pretty good! And mmmm durian ice cream is really really tasty! My parents like to freeze the durian pieces in the freezer, and enjoy them like an popsicle. =D They are hardcore durian eaters.

29 04 2009

Oh wow – I’ve totally seen that fruity thang on the Travel Channel but never tried one! I always gotta save my PB for last too, it’s the best part πŸ˜‰ duh! Haha! I hope you’re having a wonderful homework-free Tuesday! Hooray!

Love always, Meg

29 04 2009

I have seen one of those but never tried them…they’re huge! Yay for yoga being fun.

29 04 2009

Hi dollface !

I love eggs with provolone cheese. Such a delicious combo!! I should definitely try that in a wrap. Thanks for the idea!

Mmm.. totally loving the ice cream you had. Looks FABULOUS!

Woahhhh.. I never saw or heard of that before! CRAZYYY!


29 04 2009

hi hun

sorry i missed your last post, i read it just there though, loved the list πŸ™‚

all the eats look good! especially the ice cream! and lunch was very balanced indeed πŸ™‚

thats one crazy looking fruit!!

im glad your having a great, homework free day πŸ™‚ Those are the best!
enjoy it girlie

29 04 2009

Oh, I love eggs/cheese wraps too! I eat them for lunch a lot. Yuuum πŸ™‚

Haha – other people also said Durian is yucky? I’m not surprised! I actually agree with Sharon though.. its mostly bad because of the smell. If you hold your breath while you eat it, its not so bad! I had mine when I was in Indonesia. So maybe next time you’re there…? Hehe!

That icecream looks lovely… save me a spoonful!

29 04 2009

Glad you’re liking yoga!! I haven’t gone to a class in a long time and your post is making me want to hit the mat now!

Mmmm eggy cheesy wrap – delish!

29 04 2009

I’ve never had Flatouts, but I’ve heard so much about them in the blogging world! I need to try them because I think I’m the only person in blogland that hasn’t! πŸ™‚ And your wrap looks delicious!

I love PB sandwiches!

I’m glad you enjoyed the yoga class so much!

29 04 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Yess, make apple cinnamon oats!!! Microwave that apple sauce into the oats & add some peanut butter and more apple or bananas…it will be delish!!! Glad your tuesday was GLORIOUS! πŸ™‚

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