Overdoing It

25 04 2009

Hello all! Before I go on, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the blogger tragedy that has happened in blogland. Jenna, who is such an inspirational person, has lost her brother. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this hard time.

Thanks so much for all kind comments. As it turns out, I did not babysit this morning. I called the woman to verify that we were still on, and she said that because I had been sick and she’d had a party the night before that went late, she cancelled. She felt SO BAD about it! We decided that I’ll babysit tomorrow instead. She told me whatever time was good for me, so I think I’m going to call her and tell her from around 1-3. (maybe more) So, after the phone call, I didn’t think I could get back to bed, so I decided to make myself some oatmeal and power out some homework. I did work. all. morning. BUT, I got everything I needed to get done. The rest of the day I’ve been able to not have to worry about homework. It’s going to be a very relaxing night.

About the title of my post, I’ve decided that I might be overdoing it regarding my workouts. I really miss my routine–these last few weeks have been stressful and chaotic. I’ve concluded that I need more variety and want to increase my strength. I’ve been neglecting my knees–not doing my exercises that I do to keep my knees in tip top shape. My knees haven’t been feeling amazing–they are not hurting my any knees. They just don’t feel healthy, if you know what I mean, haha. So, here’s my plan:

  1. Less cardio–sometimes I do up to 45 minutes of cardio and then another 30 of strength training–I’d like to reduce cardio by about 10 minutes
  2. More Yoga–enough said πŸ˜‰
  3. More Strength–I want to continue gaining strength
  4. More Stretching & Foam Roller–After doing the foam roller for about ten minutes, my legs felt absolutely amazing. That invention is killer awesome.

I’ve found that about every six months I kind of need to check in with myself and make sure my exercise habits are healthy. During basketball, my knees were in tip top shape and never bothered me. I often ask myself “Okay Jess, when my knees were best, what was I doing?” I conclude that during the season, I wasn’t working out 1.5 hours most days. Our practices had lots of variety. If we didn’t have a super hard practice, I’d do yoga. Okay, I’m very sorry if none of that made sense! It makes sense in my mind, but I have a hard time putting it down on “paper” πŸ˜‰ Basically, I want to exercise my whole life. I do not want to overdo it while young and have joint/knee/etc problems because of it later in life. I want to be that 55 year old at the gym doing pullups. I guess I’ve gotta work on the pullups then…Thanks for reading this rambling!

Okay, onto the eats!

As said, this morning it was OATMEAL! I took my time and got the oatmeal to the perfect consistency where the banana is all whipped into the oats. YUM! Here’s what was in my bowl:100_2787100_2788

  • 1 packet regular oats (all out of rolled oats in the box 😦 )
  • 1/3 cup both water and milk
  • apple cinnamon trail mix
  • brown sugar and cinnamon
  • white chocolate wonderful peanut butter
  • jelly

I didn’t love the addition of jelly in this specific bowl of oatmeal, but that’s because all the other toppings I had in there. I would definitely attempt peanut butter and jelly oatmeal though! It sounds yummy!100_2789



Lunch: I had a whole wheat english muffin topped with avocado and provolone–it. was. so. delicious. I also had carrots and ketchup. I don’t care about the sodium–I love this combo too much πŸ˜€ 100_2795100_2798100_2799100_2796

This meal kept me full for a LONG time! I did have a banana before going to the gym though.

My workout wasn’t anything special, and I don’t feel like boring y’all with it, haha.When I got home, I had a slice of leftover pizza from last night. I ordered my own little 6 inch (?) garden veggie pizza. It had tons of veggies and whole wheat dough. This pizza is fantastic! I also had some peanut butter along with it. WHAT A SNACK!100_2801




Well, dinner should be rolling around soon because I’m feeling a bit empty!

Have a great night everyone! Be back lata!

❀ jess πŸ™‚





10 responses

25 04 2009

Great tips- I need to be easier on my knees too, I have been trying to streth after every workout but I often forget!

26 04 2009

Peanut butter and pizza! Hah! I love the wacky combo!! I give two thumbs up to strength training! It’s my favorite form of exercise!

26 04 2009

Your oatmeal looks so lovely! Mine is never that photogenic. I’m also loving the provolone-covered lunch. Yum! And the side of double nut butter? No we’re talking!!

Also, I have a similar situation with my knees. My knees don’t track correctly because of my high arches and so when I do too much cardio/running then they start to play up. I also have to be mindful of doing exercise that wont damage them in the long run.

Wonderful blog, by the way πŸ™‚

26 04 2009
Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Glad you are realizing that your body needs a little break!! Sooo many bloggers are getting injured lately, so while we are young we really gotta preserve and build up our body’s strength!! πŸ™‚

The avocado sounds so good, I think I’m going to go pick some up right now!

26 04 2009

Oh wow, your oats are so pretty. They look amazing!
And mmm pizza!

26 04 2009

Mmm that pizza looks tasty! And I agree, your oats look so nice!

26 04 2009

Hi beautiful. Creamy oatmeal.. looks fabulousssss.

Your lunch combo looks so delicious. Apples & provolone=yummy .. sweet taters are always amazing too!!

Have a great night!~


26 04 2009

hi hun

i think its great you step back and take a look at your excersise habits every now and again to make sure you feel they are healthy. i think if you feel like your overdoing the cardio, then your new plan is perfect πŸ™‚

love the eats! haha pizza and pb? crazy πŸ™‚

have a great night sweetie
much love

26 04 2009

That is great that you know how to listen to your body and you do regular “check-ins” to make sure that you are on track with your workouts. I think that for alot of people (including myself) It is so easy to get obsessive over that kind of thing, and that is just not what exercise should be. It should be something that makes you feel better and healthier, not wears you down! Thanks for the tips girl!

26 04 2009

good for you for listening to your body and not your mind to exercise too much! I definitely say less cardio, but more yoga would def be beneficial as it’ll calm you down!

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