Early to bed, early to rise

25 04 2009

Hey ladddiess! Wow, do I feel like a bad blogger! I promise after this week it won’t be so sporadic. I think this week everyone’s been in that “ahhh, when is summer gonna be here” stage. I hope y’all will bear with me. I promise that I’ll be back tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I’m babysitting at eight in the morning. AHHH! Love the kids, hate the time. It’s not for a long time, so I’m gonna count my blessings. Thanks so much for being so understanding! Be back tomorrow!
❤ u all!

❤ jess 🙂





6 responses

25 04 2009

oooohhh have fun babysitting!!!!!

25 04 2009

Have a great time babysitting!

25 04 2009

I’m not like you…I’m very impatient with kids, so I don’t envy your babysitting except the money! how do you like kids? guess i’m just a horrible selfish person…lol!

25 04 2009

good luck babysitting, Jess! then i hope you can come home and get some REST you busy bee!

25 04 2009

Get some sleep girly! And enjoy babysitting 🙂

Love, Meg

25 04 2009

have fun babysitting hun 🙂 and then get a long, wonderful nights sleep!
much love

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