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23 04 2009

Heeyyyy! Can you tell I’m feeling better? I’m not 100%, but it’s better than no improvement at all!

This morning I wasn’t up to making stovetop oats, so I instead made them in the microwave. It totally hit the spot and was really yummy. Due to being in a dark-ish room, some of the photos are dark/light. Ermm, sorry bout that! Here’s my oatmeal’s containage: 100_27321

  • 1 packet of maple and brown sugar oatmeal
  • 1/3 cup both water and milk
  • 1/2 a banana
  • cinnamon and brown sugar
  • a few butterscotch chips
  • apple cinnamon trail mix
  • white chocolate wonderful

This was a really tasty bowl! I didn’t want it to end!!! 100_2739




I lounged around for the rest of the morning while watching sports center. This oatmeal held me over pretty well, but I got a little hungry so I had an apple to hold me off until lunch.100_2740

For lunch I tried Dulcie’s famous lunch sandwich: hummus, spinach, and cheese (I used provolone). My verdict: I was not a huge fan. Sorry girl! If you haven’t tried it, don’t let me be the one to turn you away! Try it for yourself! 🙂 Thanks anyways Dulcie! My lunch was basically a trio. I had the sandwich, carrots with ketchup, and an apple with peanut butter. It was a fun lunch!100_2744100_2745100_2746100_2747

Although I only ended up eating 1/2 of the sandwich, everything combined is keeping me contently full. I did have a fruit leather because I wanted just a little something something.100_2753100_2754

After lunch, I realized I was feeling better and decided to act like it! I opened up all the blinds and now the beautiful sunshine is glowing into the room. Doesn’t that make ya feel so good? It also felt good to move around.

In Giveaway News:

An Apple a Day is giving away HOLEY DONUTS! More like, HOLY YUM! I am so excited 😀 Here’s the post

Mom on the Run is giving away some yummy granola! Here’s the post

Have a great day everyone! I’ll (hopefully) be back later for another post!

❤ jess 🙂





5 responses

23 04 2009

Fruit leather!! I haven’t had that in ages- so good!

23 04 2009

I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better – it’s a step in the right direction 😀

Aw sorry your didn’t like Dulcie’s sandwich!! I love hummus, cheese, and spin! Have a great Thursday!!

23 04 2009

Hi sugapie. Love those oats girl.. so delish.

im sorry you didn’t like my sammie combo!!!! i feel like i let you down 😦 oh man.. i need to step up my game!

23 04 2009

delish oats! sorry you didnt like the sammie combo– maybe its the cheese n hummus together that you dont like??
hopefully tomorrows lunch is better xo

23 04 2009

I can’t get enough of that bowl 😛

Sorry you didn’t enjoy your lunch, but I’m sure the carrots, apples, and fruit leather made up for it 🙂

Hooray for sunshine! I also enjoyed it immensly today!

Have a great evening girl!

Love, Meg

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