I feel SPAcial.

19 04 2009

WOW. What a day. It started with a successful garage sale (made 30 bucks!) with the boyfriend in tow, a NEW laptop (!!), a trip to the SPA (more on that in a sec), some shopping, and ended with a delicious dinner. All in all, just WOW.

The spa was amazing! My friend and I got facials and a sports massage. My skin has never ever felt better. It’s so soft and smooth. I give the facial a 9.9/10 and the sports massage a 10/10. I loved my massage therapist! She was absolutely incredible. IT was absolutely incedible. I told her that I played lots of sports, but primarily basketball. And also that my shoulder has been bugging me. My problem point I told her about as well is my lower back. I don’t have anything wrong with it, but sometimes it gets tight and such. I’m sure everyone understands that! Afterwords she told me that I was exceptionally tight in between my shoulder blades and around my shoulders and neck. She told me to include some new neck and shoulder stretching into my regular routine. I was also told to wear sunscreen by the facial woman. Good idea…haha! I really should wear it moreΒ  often. I am going to make a concerted effort to from now on. Oh and when I’m you’re sixteen, you can work there and get free services. How awesome is that???

Well, I had some yummy eats. But 1/2 of them weren’t pictured because they were either at the spa or out to dinner with my friend and her dad. BUT I do have a delicious bowl of oatmeal this morning. And it didn’t include (fresh) bananas. It is possible to have it without bananas! But I sure to like it with bananas πŸ˜€ They are NOT going anywhere, ever!

Sorry for not posting last night! I had that really fun kid/family event going on at school. It was quite exhausting though. Running around all night, keeping up with little kids, and playing all sorts of games. I had a BLAST! Have I mentioned I love kids? Haha, by the time I was by myself sitting down it was past ten. And I was too tired to post. Sorry girls! I promise I will comment on everyone’s blogs tonight πŸ™‚

The Eats!

Breakfast: This bowl of oatmeal held me over for about 4 hours! And it was sooo good! Double Threat! No, make that triple threat because I had it in the cute bowl. πŸ˜€ Here’s what I had: 100_2639

  • 1 packet banana bread oatmeal, 1/3 cup both water and milk
  • brown sugar
  • butterscotch chips
  • a few pretzels
  • more zucchini bread
  • organic peanut butter

Incredibly incredible!100_2640100_26411100_2642

Lunch: Okay, here’s where it gets scarce. I was under the impression that we were going to get something to eat, and we were, but the ice cream place we were going to stop at closed. How NOT cool. I had only eaten apple right before leaving and was already starving. Luckily when we got to the spa, they had a little relaxation/waiting room and had some treats. I had a sugar cookie with some honey. They also had really yummy tea! I actually stole two packets. I am so bad aren’t I? I felt kinda bad, but if I was going to drink them, what’s the difference? Please Jesus, forgive me! On the way home I drank a bottle of this really yummy “juice.” Here’s the link. I was very dehydrated after the massage, and both our therapists said we would need to drink lots of water. We snatched these little bottles from the relaxation room.

Dinner: By the time we sat down, I was utterly starving. We went to Brio, which is a Tuscan Grill. It was also amazing and so delicious. Everyone loved what they ordered and I got the Wood Grilled Salmon Salad. Here’s how it’s described from the menu–

With Roma tomatoes, asparagus, Feta cheese,
crispy shoestring potatoes and balsamic

I asked for no shoestring potatoes. I finished the whole thing. It was MIGHTY tasty. For dessert, they bring around this plate of little mugs with desserts in them (can you say, ME?!). You say which one you want and they go and make yours. I got the raspbery cheesecake. I loved how perfectly small it was. Wasn’t too much, it was the perfect amount!Β  I left feeling contently full of a great meal. YUM!

And here I am. I’m using my new laptop and I love it! I need to download windows live though. The rest of the night will include fooling around with it and lots of commenting. I feel as though I’ve been gone for weeks! Haha, hope everyone has a GREAT night! Love y’all!

P.S I was gonna post some hilton head pics tonight, but decided not to because I feel like this post is conceited enough. Tehe, have a great and RESTFUL night!

❀ jess πŸ™‚





7 responses

19 04 2009

it sounds like today was definitely one to remember πŸ™‚ I’m glad you had such a SPAcial day πŸ˜‰ [ so clever you are, miss thing! ]

19 04 2009

Whoa, what an awesome day! And dinner sounds sooooo goood!
Love your oats, I love how you’re rockin’ that new bowl!

19 04 2009


I’m so glad you had fun @ the spa! My grandma took me to one last year for my birthday. There’s nothing like spending the day with your grandmother trying to cover you with mud and algae on your big day…

You should name your new laptop! All of my laptops have had names. I find it helps with the bonding process!

Have a good Sunday!

With Love,


19 04 2009

hi hun
it sounds like you had a wonderful, fun packed day πŸ™‚
breakfast looks so good! that bowl is adorable haha!
i always carry a bar of some sort in my bag incase i miss a meal for whatever reason, it keeps me satisfied to a certain extent πŸ™‚
ahahaha i just got the tittle now, your so humourous πŸ™‚

19 04 2009

Holy cow! I am very jealous of your massage!! That sounds incredible!

Woohoo for the new laptop πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it!

19 04 2009

that salmon sounds DELICIOUS! I have yet to go to Tuscan Grille and I live so close to it! but why no shoestring potatoes? that sounds amazing too!
new laptop! is it a mac?
I’ve never had a spa before, and honestly, can’t see what’s so good about it? I’ll be pretty embarrassed being half-naked and stroked by others! haha! but that’s just me, I’m weird like that!
and yeah, still jealously LOVINg your amazing bowl!

19 04 2009

Enjoy your new laptop! That’s so exciting! Sounds like you’ve had an interesting past few days, and spa treatment?! You lucky duck! I am so guilty of stealing tea bags from various random places as well πŸ˜‰ so don’t feel too bad. We all do it.

I can’t get enough of that bowl. Adorable. I also can’t get enough of what’s INSIDE of it as well πŸ˜›

Have an amazing Sunday!

Love, Meg!

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